Yak-42. The causes of the tragedy. View from the outside.

That day I have been watching the news about the crash of the Yak-42 and does not leave a double feeling. On the one hand, the bitterness of the tragedy, and on the other the eternal question: "Who is to blame?" Eighth air crash this year, 119 dead. The first thing to hear after the next accident is that the old Soviet-era machinery, poor eats, yaks, etc. are to blame for everything. And is this true, and who shouts the loudest that our planes are the worst in the world? Who is now profitable to throw mud at the domestic aircraft industry?
I analyzed at my leisure what the press wrote about all the disasters this year. It turns out that there is no reason to believe that the technique has failed. I read that pilots write about it - not one said that our planes are worse (less reliable, more difficult to fly, etc.), on the contrary, they all say that our very reliable planes. But no one hears them, or rather does not want to hear. As soon as on the next TV channel, Magomed Tolboev says that the cause of the disasters is not in bad technology, the leader loses interest in him and his words right away - he does not speak in the right formatI would say poor equipment, poor pilots, and airlines are also bad, then it would make sense to develop a theme. As they say TV people need to be "hot", then the rating will grow.
And after all we (readers, TV viewers) watch all this and, at first glance, everything seems to be true. So the president said: "We will buy new foreign-made aircraft, if its own bad ones." In this lies the whole point - to prevent the revival of the domestic aircraft industry. Aircraft industry is a strategic industry that has just begun to show signs of life. Having buried the aircraft industry, there can be no talk of any independence or security of the state. And the aggressive advertising and marketing policies of foreign airlines (Boeing, Airbas), which in any way try to monopolize the air transport market in Russia, are completely understandable. They pursue both economic and national interests.
Why do we not love our country or our achievements so much and shake hands before the achievements of others? Why do we put sticks in our wheels to our compatriots, and do we open doors to foreigners for bribes?
First of all, we must pay attention to ourselves, how we relate to our work. Most accidents occur due to carelessness and irresponsibility. We didn’t check the engines before departure, didn’t retrofit the aircraft with navigation instruments, etc. They lost three Glonass satellites, the reason - they refueled more fuel per ton. The cargo ship Progress crashed, the reason is also purely Russian - the fuel line is clogged. This is just what comes just from the memory of the news.
The reason for our catastrophes and failures is that confused qualified specialists (workers, engineers, designers) are confused. The control over the work of airlines, etc.
To begin to deal with problems in aviation, navy, astronautics should be with themselves, and then talk about bad technology. Her (technique) was developed and built in those times when working “well” was a matter of honor.

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Yak-42. The causes of the tragedy. View from the outside image, picture
Yak-42. The causes of the tragedy. View from the outside 80

Yak-42. The causes of the tragedy. View from the outside 78

Yak-42. The causes of the tragedy. View from the outside 89

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