With what to wear sneakers? Tips and tricks for stylists

Fashion on casual shoes in recent yearshas turned everyone's favorite sneakers into an actual trend. Many of the world's designers position them as a manifestation of personal freedom and ease of movement. Those who are used to sports style, obviously, do not ask themselves what to wear sneakers. Now they are applicable not only in the training hall or at competitions.

Good combinations with conventional sneakers

with what to wear sneakers

With what to wear sneakers? Optimal combination with them such things: stylish T-shirts, T-shirts, polo, jumpers, sleeveless jackets, as well as capris, shorts and leggings. The style most suitable to the sneakers is, of course, sporty. However, strict adherence of things to this direction is not necessary. In general, in appearance, freedom of expression must be read. This means that you can combine things in different ways. For example, it is not necessary to wear everything: trousers, a T-shirt and a jacket of strictly sports style. Besides, this type is not always appropriate for a certain situation. But the option, when the sneakers, kotonovye trousers of modern cut, combined with a shirt and put it over her shirt, looks much more interesting. In this form, you can go and study, and for a walk around the city, and in the movies, and even on a visit.

Wedge Sneakers. With what to wear

with what to wear white sneakers

Recently, especially relevant shoeson a wedge. This model is more stable, it combines the elegance of the model with a heel and sporty style. With what to wear sneakers on a wedge? This question worries many girls. Now they can be worn with almost any things. This trend today is to combine incompatible. In addition to the idea of ​​a traditional combination, one should also consider an unexpected ensemble of a jacket of classic cut and jeans or a short skirt. So with what to wear sneakers on a wedge? To such footwear will approach:

  • sarafans of mini or medium length, of koton, jeans, staples;
  • knitted long dresses with a figure with vests;
  • Jeans, kotonovye trousers of classical length or truncated;
  • mini skirts, midi, maxi;
  • short dresses or in a sportive style;
  • T-shirts, T-shirts, polos, T-shirts;
  • shorts, breeches, capri.

how to wear sneakers on a platform

The ensemble will be completed by a spectacular large bag or a compact model over the shoulder, as well as headdresses in the form of a cap, a stylish city hat or a panama.

Sneakers on the platform. What kind of shoes are these, and who is the best for them?

with what to wear sneakers on a wedge

Even more stable and very practical modelson the platform. Especially the actual material is lacquer. Such shoes look spectacular, and also become a rescue in the rain. Thanks to the height of the sole of the puddle, the owners of this model are not afraid. With what to wear sneakers on the platform, because they do not fit all? First, the owner of a large foot size is better from this option to refuse. Otherwise, the shoes will look too cumbersome and give massiveness to the general appearance. Secondly, if the legs are too thin. This model will look like large pads on matches.

With what is better to combine sneakers on a platform in everyday life

how to correctly combine sneakers

Excellent fit for shoes for the autumn-springseason. After all, she looks stylish with trench coats, raincoats, jackets without neck and fur vests. With what to wear sneakers on the platform? It is very important that the chosen items harmoniously look at a particular figure. Long-legged young ladies suit slightly shortened pants or trousers with a rolled-up, or denim overalls in a modern cut. This year is also actual combination of sneakers on the platform, skirts in the assembly, a man's shirt tucked into his belt, a round black hat in chaplin style and basilio points named after the famous cat from the fairy tale. This bow is suitable for extravagant youth and creative individuals who want to show their originality.

with what to wear sneakers on the platform

There is useful advice for those who do not want toThe leg in the sneakers on the platform looked visually larger. With similar models, it is recommended to wear a multi-layer top and complement the kit with a medium-sized or large-sized backpack. The blown vest and laconic trousers look harmonious. This combination balances the volume.

Combination with denim

how to wear sneakers with jeans

Usually there is no question how to wear sneakerswith jeans. You just need to put them on and add a sports top to the kit. Excellent style of the cap, bracelet in the form of a wristband and a vest of jeans. Do not forget about the bags and other accessories that make the image complete.

A separate topic - white sneakers

White shoes always look more fashionable andeffectively. Especially in combination with classical denim. With what to wear white sneakers? Best of all, jeans-boyfriends, a shirt on top or dressed for a belt or a bright T-shirt are suitable for this shoe. These sneakers also perfectly emphasize tanned legs. Light colored shorts and a white top will also fit in the ensemble, which will harmoniously correspond with the shoes. It looks good absolutely black set of clothes: top of the free cut and trousers-puff. All this kit is supplemented with white accessories. An ensemble of monophonic and colorful clothes will suit perfectly. Fashionable is a combination of classic red, marine stripe and white sports shoes. Instead of a strip, you can use a deep or dark blue color. Now it is clear what to wear white sneakers. Combinations are very convenient and stylish.

We train sneakers and go for a walk

Thanks to unusual combinationsSports shoes were the subject of complementary clothing in the style of urban chic. Fashion women can quite calmly put on a romantic dress, a wide skirt or trousers-denim in the morning with classic boats. And after returning home, suddenly change them to sneakers and go for a walk. And the legs will be grateful, and the view from the change of shoes will not suffer at all. On the contrary, taking into account modern trends, this looks interesting. The variety of what to wear sneakers is amazing. After all, now there are no strict rules in combination, although it is worthwhile to look at the fashionable recommendations.

How to dress in the hall?

Going to the gym, by itselfof course, with what to wear sneakers. A training form consisting of pants, T-shirts or T-shirts is a great option. You can diversify the look, wearing a dress before the session, like a tennis player, and a fashionable cap. Also a good option is from a sports skirt combined with shorts, and polo shirts. Color sneakers in this case is suitable for almost any. Stylish looks shoes and something one - top or bottom - in one shade. Nowadays, both the floral print, pastel colors, and bright contrast variants are relevant.

A small conclusion

under what to wear sneakers

Today fashion has made a gift for those who are activespends time and wants at the same time to look stylish. Leading designers of the world combined a romantic, classic, urban style with sports shoes. Combine things with each other is not difficult. The main trend of modern fashion collections is convenience. This is so important for the current pace of life, when people often do not have time to change after a day's work to continue the evening. Of special thanks, of course, are the legs. Now their health is not threatened.

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