Why does the dog not eat dry food and how to teach it?

Proper nutrition in the dog's life is importanta place. A balanced diet helps to avoid many of the health problems that will bring a lot of trouble dog breeders and their pets. For this reason, many of them prefer to feed the dog with dry foods that contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Why does the dog not eat dry food: what causes and how to force it to eat?

Health problems

If there was a question "Why the dog stopped eatingdry food, if earlier such a food suited her, then first of all you should pay attention to the health of your pet.It is important to carefully monitor the activity of the animal - lethargy, inactivity, constipation, vomiting is possible.The dog can be affected by mites, fleas, helminths that affect for appetite.

In any of the above cases,show the dog to the veterinarian to find out the reason why the dog refuses to eat dry food. In the event that the medical examination did not find anything, and the pet feels fine, other possible causes not related to health should be considered.

Changes in the life of the pet

For any changes in lifestyle, dogs react more sharply than people. This can be one of the reasons why a dog does not eat dry food. The following factors affect the taste preferences:

  1. Change the brand of feed. When trying to transfer an animal to a more expensive feed, one can meet with a refusal. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that in cheap feeds the lack of natural components is masked by taste enhancers and flavors. When trying to give the dog a feed class lower than usual, it can also respond with a refusal. In cheap food, there is a lot of bone meal or soya, which the dog is keenly aware of.
  2. With regular pet treats from a common tablethe taste of a dog can change. In addition, this harmful habit can gain a foothold, and in this case, no meal will not do without the pitiful eyes of the pet near the table.
  3. With a sedentary lifestyle, the dog needs less feed, so its consumption is significantly reduced.
  4. In hot weather, like in humans, the dog's appetite declines.
  5. A large amount of food, which is poured into a bowl. The dog simply eats and does not feel hunger until the next meal.

why the dog does not eat dry food

Sometimes there is such a phenomenon asdog-manipulators - they will not eat the proposed dry food, begging for something delicious. You should not go on about the animal, because the diet should be balanced.

What not to do

Why does the dog not eat dry food, if earlier it suited her food? There are many answers to this question, as well as recommendations of what should not be done:

  1. Categorically you can not begin to feel sorry for the dog and start feeding it from your hands or a common table. In the future it will be very difficult to get rid of this bad habit.
  2. After feeding, there should be no food in the bowl, otherwise during the day the dog will eat it, respectively, the appetite will disappear to the next meal.
  3. Lack of a diet can also negatively affect the regularity of food intake.

If you follow the recommendations of experts, it is possible to teach the dog to normal nutrition again.

How to make a dog eat

Piteous eyes of a pet and begging for goodiesdoes not mean that he is hungry. A hungry dog ​​will gladly eat the proposed dry food. Also, dog breeders do not recommend raising their voice to an animal and forcing it to eat by force; most likely it will not work, and the dog will remember it and will avoid the owner. You should use these methods:

  1. Mixing dry food with natural food,gradually reducing its number. This way you can "deceive" the dog and make her eat. Using this technique, it is necessary to stop feeding the pet from the general table, if such was previously practiced.
  2. Hungry rations for 1-2 days. On such a forced "diet" the dog should leave only access to a bowl of water, completely removing all the food. After that, the hungry dog ​​will pounce with pleasure on the proposed dry food. This method can not be strictly applied to puppies and pregnant dogs.
  3. When the teeth are destroyed, the dog begins to experience pain and discomfort when chewing dry food. You should try adding a little water to soften the granules.
  4. Some dogs can be persuaded. Strangely enough, after soft persuasion in a quiet, quiet voice, some pets obediently go to eat.

why the dog does not eat dry foodWhy does the dog not eat dry food? What to do in such cases? It is important to focus on the nature of the pet, the owner, who knows his dog well, will necessarily find an approach and make him eat food.

Prevention of refusal of food

In order to prevent the rejection of food and not to think about the question: "Why does the dog not eat dry food", the following rules should be adhered to:

  1. Producers of feed produce productsseveral price categories, and also the quality of feed. It is not recommended to transfer the pet sharply from one food to another. You should mix them, gradually reducing the concentration of old food.
  2. When choosing a dog's diet, one should focus onthen, for which category of dogs the food is intended. There are feeds for different breeds of dogs, for pets with different mobility and different ages. All these points are important to consider when choosing feed.
  3. When feeding with dry food in free access, the dog should have a bowl of water in order to drink solid food.
  4. It is important to walk the dog not only toshe coped with her natural needs, but also to play and play. With such a daily routine, the appetite rises, so the portion of food after the walk should be slightly larger.
  5. It is important that the dog eats all the proposedfeed. If 15 minutes after feeding in the bowl left the food, it should be removed, so that the dog did not have the opportunity to finish it in the intervals between feeding.
  6. Too often the dog's refusal from dry food can be the reason for switching to natural food.

why the dog stopped eating dry foodExperienced breeders carefully monitor the diet of their pet and try to prevent food failures, which can be harmful to the health of the dog.

Features of puppy feeding

It often happens that the puppy at the breeder eats feed, and after moving to the new owners he stopped. What is the reason why a dog does not eat dry food at all? How to feed a puppy?

  1. Sometimes it helps to mix dry and liquid feeds, but most puppies just lick the liquid, and the granules themselves spit out.
  2. If the rejection of feed is due to the large size of the pellets, they should be crushed.why the dog does not eat dry food what to do
  3. It is necessary to individually select the food in accordance with the preferences of the dog. You can understand them by offering alternately different feeds.
  4. In rare cases, you can sprinkle dry foodfood-bait, for example, crushed beef scar, which is sold in pet stores. The flavored food like dogs much more. However, do not get carried away, as the puppy can eat more than necessary.

Puppy is important to accustom to the feed immediately after the mother's milk, experienced breeders know this, so the first time after the purchase the owner should also offer the puppy the usual brand feed.

Feeding errors

Some errors in feeding pets can lead to problems with food. Why does not the dog eat any dry food? A sharp failure can occur in several cases:

  • alternation of food with natural food;
  • frequent and sharp change in feed;
  • absence of water in free access;
  • inadequacy of feed for canine needs.

why the dog refuses to eat dry food

You should consider all the options, as well as ask advice from a veterinarian.

The natural reasons for not eating

Why does the dog eat dry food badly? There are a number of natural causes for this:

  • teething in puppies;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;

why the dog does not eat at all dry food

  • teenage years;
  • the period of mating;
  • vaccinations or taking medications.

If there are suggestions that the dog does not eat food for the reasons described above, then there is nothing to worry about, after some time the diet will be restored.

Dogs and cat food

Some owners of dogs mistakenly think that oncedogs and cats are predators, then the diet and diet are similar. The danger of delusion is that by buying one food on two different animals you can cause irreparable harm to health. The cat's diet should contain much more protein, besides the cat should eat a little, but often. A dog, whose need for proteins and glucose is much lower, receives a surplus of these substances. Over time, improper feeding leads to problems with the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, allergies. It is important that the fodder is suitable for a particular type of animal, then do not worry about the health of the pet.


Thinking about why a dog does not eat dryfood, and how to accustom it, you should check all possible reasons for failure. The reasons for refusing food are so diverse that it is not necessary to lead a dog to a veterinarian for every reason, most often problems in the wrong feed.why the dog does not eat any dry food

Most often a dog, in whose life a minimum amount of stress, rarely refuses any food offered by the owner. It is important to love your pets, and then they will not bring unnecessary problems.

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