Why do we need gaskets?

Gaskets - one of the main means of feminine hygiene. Few girls can imagine themselves without these gadgets on critical days. However, for very young teenage girls, this question may be new and incomprehensible. Therefore, we propose to consider why we need gaskets.

Modern women are incredibly lucky, as these hygiene products make you feel comfortable and look neat during menstruation.

Feminine hygiene pads - just an indispensable attribute, designed to absorb secretions during the menstrual cycle. If it were not for these devices, women would have to sit at home for a few days or suffer with various improvised means that could somehow replace them with cotton, sheets, etc.

Having understood the question of why girls laying, you should pay attention to their diversity and features of the application.

Varieties of women's pads

Currently, many companies are engaged in the production of these hygiene products, but despite the use of various fillers,different shapes, variations of design or size of all packages can be divided into several types.

  • Regular pads. They are designed to absorb the average amount of discharge and are great for use during the day.
  • Maxi or super-liners can be used on the days of the most active discharge, usually it is 1 or 2 day of the cycle.
  • Night pads. This species is excellent for night time as it is long in length and provides the best absorbency and lack of leakage in the prone position. The amount of absorbent gel contained in the pads allows the woman to feel a sense of comfort throughout the night and avoid leaking onto bedding or sleeping clothes.
  • Ultra thin pads. They are very compact and easy to use. However, their ability to absorb is much lower, which is why they are suitable for days with an average amount of menstrual flow, otherwise a woman risks changing hygiene products very often or finding leaks on her clothes.
  • Panty liners. Many are interested in the question of why women use daily pads.Their direct purpose is to absorb daily mucous secretions that cause a certain feeling of discomfort. They can also be used for minor bleeding in the last days of menstruation or for additional protection while using tampons.

Often, instead of gaskets, women use hygienic tampons, as this is quite simple and very convenient. You will learn more about this tool in the article Why tampons are needed.

Terms of use

Before you use the gasket, you should pay attention to its capacity, it is indicated by the colored droplets.

  • 3 drops - for scanty discharge;
  • 4 drops - for the average amount of discharge;
  • 5 drops - for heavy discharge.

The recommended time for use of gaskets is from 2 to 6 hours. Theoretically, it is possible to walk with them more, but this is uncomfortable and rather harmful, since blood is an organic substance that has the peculiarity of decomposing, emitting a huge amount of harmful microbes and an unpleasant smell.

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