Why do they want to get married?

The most common and traditional formrelationship between a woman and a man, marriage is considered. Previously, marriage and family creation were perceived by society as a way of continuation of the family, and simplification of housekeeping. But now, in the age of developed technologies, the family has lost its original meaning, so there remains the last reason for marriage - feelings. In fact, there are many more reasons, but the most obvious is the romantic feelings and respect between partners.

Also the reason why women want to get married,becomes simplification of a number of household issues. Although cohabitation without a stamp in the passport is currently very popular, many find marriage a better alternative. Because, in the event of a rupture of the relationship, the disputed issues can be settled in the ship's order, as an extreme measure.

Main Motives

Partner Retention

In this case, why they want to get married is dictatedinsecurity in the feelings of men. And marriage is seen as a way to keep the relationship for a longer period. The method is not always correct, because if you want to break the relationship, the partner will not stop the fear of bureaucratic proceedings in the divorce.

Herd instinct

This decision is connected with the fact that all the acquaintances alreadyhave created a family and you need to follow their example. Here the reason why girls want to marry is the desire not to stand out against the background of friends and not be the object of ridicule or condemnation. Usually such herd instinct is observed in those women who are not accustomed to follow their own opinion, but rely on the public. With such a motivation for creating a family, the role of a partner is taken to the background.


A spontaneous decision to marry one's ownThe current partner can be dictated by simple excitement or curiosity. Therefore, when these feelings are satisfied, the meaning of marriage will be exhausted. Routine and household responsibilities, which will eventually lead to an imminent divorce.


People who are inclined to plan their lives andClear steps are usually planned and stages of personal life. Marriage is included in this number. If in the five- or ten-year plan of life there is a marriage, then after reaching the right age all forces will be directed to finding a partner and creating a family. The very personality of a man is not particularly important, the very fact of having one is important. Usually such marriages are also not very strong, because the characteristics of the nature of the partner may very much not correspond to the "plan" and destroy the marriage.

Observance of traditions

The decision to enter the marriage here is dictatedthe need to follow the path of "ancestors". Age, which is considered the society as the most suitable, dictates the need for a family. Not the relationship, nor the character of the partner is not important. The main thing is the approval of relatives and the absence of public pressure.

Continuation of gender

This is due to the patriarchal traditions of oursociety, where legitimate children are preferable to those born out of wedlock. For many contemporaries such a motive has undergone changes due to legal aspects. Because when the child's maintenance relationship is broken, it is decided by the courts.

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