Why do I like autumn?

Why do I like autumn?

  • I likeautumn, because this is the most neutral time of the year, it's not hot, but it's not cold yet. The sun still continues to please us with its rays, and even if not so scorching, but they are friendly and kind and warming.

    Very beautiful nature in autumn, golden cover from afar, when the fallen leaves from the trees lie on the ground like a big carpet. This year, in general, I was lucky in my region in the fall, it is dry and warm.

    With pleasure I walk in the park, and enjoy fresh in the mornings almost ringing air. The barking season this year was delayed and it pleased in any case.

    Nature has no bad weather and autumn tells us about it.

    Why do I like autumn?
  • I also really love autumn, especially early, as this is a transitional time between warmth and cold. The days are noticeably shortened, the twilight is lengthening. The foliage of the trees is painted in green, yellow, orange colors, in harmony with the clear blue sky. At this time, I do not want to run anywhere, hurry, hurry, I want to hide myself with a rug and with a cup of fragrant tea to indulge in memories of the past summer.

    Autumn is the time of the flowering of feelings, but at the same time it is the approach of the cold pore of the extinction of nature, and this tragedy catches the soul.

  • Autumn is such a time when the whole nature is preparing for the winter period. And you can watch these incredible transformations. Animals diverge through the burrows, trees drop foliage. All forests become variegated from different colors. Walking in nature at this time of year is simply incomparable to anything, it's wonderful. I love autumn for its beauty, for the feeling of beauty.

  • Autumn is not a hot season, but not very cold.

    In autumn, rainy weather and low-salt weather are most common.

    Autumn is when the trees begin to turn yellow (blush) and discard completely their leaves.

    No more events of the autumn come to mind.

    So you like something from this list.

  • The answer must be sought in yourself. And since all people belong to the same genus, some answers may well coincide.

    So, autumn is the eye of fascination. Indeed, bright trees: yellow, red. Autumn is a calm after a bright and dynamic summer, autumn is a time for thinking about what a person came to ...

  • Poets praise autumn as a golden age. Brilliant threads of rain, the rustling of golden foliage, the wind that breathes cold reminds of the imminent arrival of winter. Autumn is an off-season, between summer and winter. It's an amazing time of the year, when in the summer it's summer, and at night it's winter knocking at the gate. I love autumn for quiet days, for a rare glimpse of the sun, for the flutter of bird flocks, for the fragrance of a dense forest preparing for long cold days.

    In the autumn there comes a pacification of all living and not living, people and beasts are reconciled, nature changes colors, there comes silence. The aroma of apples, bright shine of tomatoes, colorful pepper fill with strength and energy.

    I love autumn for the variety of feelings!

  • Simply) Romantic and beautiful.

    It's time to think about something, well, to philosophize naturally. As without it)

  • I, too, from all the seasons prefer autumn. Winter - cold. Spring - a lot of slush. Leto - I do not like because of the abundance of mosquitoes and other biting animals, especially since I work in the forest. Like Pushkin

    "Oh, summer is red, I would have loved you

    If it were not for midges, mosquitoes and flies .. .quot;

    Autumn is the cleanest air. Slush is also there, but it is not the same as in the spring. First, the "Indian summer";. Now the height of the "velvet autumn"; / the air is frosty, the sun is clear, there is no slush, and most importantly, there are no mosquitoes, flies and midges

    "Velvet autumn"; In the foliage there are a lot of mice and our cat that at work hunts

    Why do I like autumn?
  • Because I'm not in a hurry anywhere)

    Earlier, when I was younger, I did not like autumn and winter

    Too gloomy, cold, wet

    Because it was necessary to hurry, to hurry, to be afraid that you will not have time

    Because the transport does not go, and it's hot, stuffy, wet

    Now not so

    Now I was able to stop and look around

    Also I understood why poets so loved autumn

    Well, what - in the carriage, then, under a warm blanket, why not rejoice in the beauty of the world ...

    Why do I like autumn?

  • Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. It's not cold yet, but it's not so hot. The air is fresh than in spring. Trees are preparing for the cold, the leaves are painted in colors pleasant to the eye, the nature is so bright. In one word Beauty!)

  • Because it's beautiful, yellow leaves fall around. The air smells different. When it's clear and the blue sky is nice to walk. In recent years, autumn comes quite late and is a pleasant replacement for early winter. We are soon November, and the temperature is + 8.

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