Who is more dangerous, who is faster and who is stronger - a lion or a tiger?

If you even ask the child about who is the king of animals, the answer will be unequivocal: "Of course, the lion." Yet there is another opinion. Many experts give the palm to the tiger, and they are sure that it is he who will emerge from the battle of these two titans. But to determine who is stronger, who is faster and who is more dangerous - a tiger or a lion, you must provide the basic characteristics of these two animals.

a lion

Now lions are found only in Asia and Africa, although earlier the range of their residence was much wider - from Europe to the Middle East. But over time, people pushed them aside, and now in the wild, lions are found only in the south, east and west of Africa, as well as in India. African and Asian lions differ in their appearance and basic characteristics from each other: a different habitat affects.Who is stronger - a lion or a tiger?

These representatives of the cat family live in small groups - prides, the number of which varies from four to thirty and more individuals. Usually two or three males enter the pride, one of which dominates, and several females with offspring.Large dimensions do not prevent these animals from overcoming even a three-meter height. In general, jumping is their strong point. While hunting, the lion freezes in the grass in anticipation of the victim, and then knocks it to the ground in one calculated jump. Although, by the way, the main getter is the female, and the male is more responsible for protecting the territory of the pride from unwanted invasions. It is quite simple to distinguish a lion from a lioness: a male has a magnificent mane, but a lioness does not.


There are different subspecies: Amur, Bengali, Indochinese, Malay, Sumatran, Chinese. All names correspond to the habitat.Who is more - a tiger or a lion?

Tigers are lonely hunters. They do not live in a pack, but in isolation. The male covers an area of ​​700-800 square kilometers, and the female with the offspring is enough and 500 square kilometers.

Who is more - a tiger or a lion?

The weight of an adult lion comes from 180 to 240 kg, and the body length reaches three meters. Females are slightly smaller: the average weight is 140 kg, and the length of the body is shorter by half a meter.

The length of the body of an average adult tiger is not inferior to the length of the body of a lion, on the contrary, it is slightly longer. As for body weight, then there is a difference of 50 kg in favor of the tiger.Representatives of the Amur subspecies are even heavier: their weight reaches 350 kg.

So who is bigger - a lion or a tiger? It turns out that the striped representative of the feline family beats a little of the grivatous congener in its dimensions.

Who is bigger - a lion or a tiger?

Comparison of the power of two predators

And who is stronger - a lion or a tiger? The answer is far from clear. It depends on what is considered strength indicators: either the characteristics of the type, or the number of won rounds The tiger's claws are sharper and longer (10 cm) than in a lion (7 cm). Since the tiger is on average heavier than a lion, it means that it has more muscle. The force of compression of the jaws is about the same, and they kill the victim in a similar way: they dig their fangs into the neck. But the success of the fight depends not only on who is more tiger or lion, but also on the tactics of combat. For example, the blow of a lion is more crushing. With one swing, he kills a hyena or zebra. If you take the external characteristics, the tiger is stronger than the lion. But if we take as a basis the concrete results of the clashes of these two animals, then the king of animals does not give up his position and proves that such a title was deserved.

Who is faster - a lion or a tiger?

There is an advantage on the side of a striped cat.An adult tiger can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h, and a lion is only 60 km / h. True, both of them are unable to run at such a speed for long distances.Who is faster - a lion or a tiger?

Who is more dangerous?

By its behavior in a fight, the tiger seems more aggressive than a lion. He immediately rushes into battle, while the lion can join the battle as if reluctantly. Sometimes it seems that he plays first rather than trying to strike. It's all about their social nature. The tiger is used to fighting alone, he knows that he has no one to expect help from. And a lion who mostly hunts with members of the pride may out of habit think that there is a support group behind his back, ready to join at any moment, and therefore behaves less intimidating than the enemy.Who is more dangerous - a tiger or a lion?

Who is tougher?

Definitely a lion. It seems that he does not even care about deep wounds and pain. He will fight to the end. The tiger, after several injuries inflicted on him, usually runs away. In a fight, the tiger makes more active, but unnecessary movements, and from this its forces are quickly depleted.

Who wins the conflict?

The answer to the question "who is stronger - a lion or a tiger" requires facts and documentary evidence, and not just unsubstantiated reasoning. There is a lot of real video, which captures the battle of two titans.If in a nutshell, the conclusion is: the initiator of the conflict is more like a tiger, but he retreats after the lion shows who is the master of the situation. The latter holds more confidently. And the lion has more fighting experience, because adult lions are constantly fighting for territory, and a tiger in its entire life can take part in a fight only a couple of times.

The fight itself first looks as if the tiger still does more blows to the enemy, and this creates the illusion of his victory. But mostly these blows do not reach their goal, because the lion has time to evade. The tiger does a lot of unnecessary movements, and it gets tired faster. In battle, he stands on his two hind legs and tries to fight with the front, and at the same time harder to keep balance. In addition, his strategy is not well thought out: he tries to hit the neck, but the lion has a powerful mane that absorbs these blows, and in total they do not do much harm to the lion. The blows of the lion are more calculated, and if he beats, then so that the tiger falls for sure. This predator strikes with one paw, standing on the other three, and tries to get into the unprotected neck or snatch a piece of skin from the sides or back, and he succeeds quite often. If the blow is strong, but not fatal, then the tiger shamefully escapes, whimpering like a little dog.Amur tiger or lion

In fairness it should be noted that there is another side to the coin. Perhaps the tiger is running away not so much because he is tired or chickened out, but because more than the lion is afraid of wounds and does not see the need to stand to the death in everyday clarification of relationships. After all, if the injured lion has to rest, then the other members of the pride will take care of it, and the tiger can only count on itself, and severe severe injuries condemn it to hunger. Therefore, he can choose a retreat.

Fighting in ancient Rome

Interestingly, the expression "king of beasts" stuck to the lion in the days of ancient Rome. A great number of architectural monuments, where this magnificent predator is depicted as a winner, testify to his attitude to him as to the possessor of enormous power. The question of who is stronger - a lion or a tiger, and interested the ancient Romans. For the sake of thirsting for the bloody spectacles, the spectators set off various animals. Very often it was precisely lions and tigers who had to measure themselves by force.Who is better - a lion or a tiger?Who basically won in such fights? Almost all historical reports speak in favor of the lions. For example, the predominant victories of these predators over tigers are recorded in Plato’s "Dialogues" and Cleopatra's Memoirs.Moreover, there is evidence that the lion tore even an elephant due to its grip and technicality.

Another additional answer to the question of who is stronger - a lion or a tiger, are the monuments of architecture of ancient Rome. It is the lion depicted on the sculptures as a symbol of courage and strength. Therefore, eyewitnesses of animal battles considered him so. There are few monuments where the tiger is immortalized.

Skirmishes in zoos and circuses

In wildlife, individual fights would never have taken place, because the habitats of some subspecies do not overlap. For example, the Amur tiger or lion living in Africa would never have had the opportunity to measure themselves by force. Whether business of zoos where they live in the next cages.

With numbers you can not argue. In most fatal cases, tigers fell. When they and the lions are together in a confined space, for example, in an aviary or a cage, the tigers panic because they have nowhere to escape. They behave rather irrationally, and this is the main reason for their defeats. Leo, on the contrary, until the end bends his line, and the final outcome is the death of the enemy.

One animal trainer described a case with a lion named Sultan the First. During one performance at the circus, he threw a challenge to all the tigers.They approached him in the arena, and he defeated them all in turn. And it was only the big young and strong animals. Sultan I, like an experienced boxer, delivered false blows, bluffing, forcing the tigers to miss, and then delivered a crushing blow. The defeated tigers crawled around the arena, and the winner triumphantly finished them off. Nobody could drag them, all the tigers died. Ill was a sight to behold.

Having considered these facts, each reader can decide for himself who is better - a lion or a tiger - will manifest himself in a fight. Although it would be much better if they never fight among themselves and attack a person.

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