Should I buy an iPhone?

When a technological novelty appears on the market, there is always a desire to buy fashionable clothes, but at the same time many far-sighted buyers start searching the Internet for an answer to the question whether it is worth buying? Iphone for many modern guys and girls has become a desirable gift, very expensive, but let's see, is it necessary? So buy iphone 4s or 5?

  • So, you can’t even imagine that having bought an iPhone 5, you will have to purchase new accessories as well. The fact is that for earlier models of iPhones and iPads, all the accessories are identical and fit to the same dock. Apple decided to show originality and invented, instead of the usual and all of us widely used connector, a new, incompatible with anything. Therefore, car adapters, chargers and all other accessories will have to be updated. In addition, some accessories have not yet passed Apple's licensing and have not switched to the outlandish connector.
  • If you don’t change old accessories to new ones, you can purchase an adapter for each connector, the average cost of which is about $ 29.But! There may be problems with the fact that the new accessory does not support the adapter, or they will turn out to be short-lived, and just the look of your handsome iPhone 5 will suffer from the clumsy neighborhood.
  • So the advertised LTE does not work for all operators. You will be sure that in your iPhone 4G or LTE, but LTE translates from English “Lots to Envy” and in many parts of the USA, for example, there is no mention of this envy that we are talking about.
  • If, however, you are a lucky LTE owner, I advise you to closely monitor traffic as with such traffic you quickly use your limit and will have to pay for traffic overspending.
  • Sometimes advantages can become disadvantages, as is the case with an enlarged screen. The big screen is nice, but when the applications on it do not look very good, this is bad. The reason is that for the fifth size of the extended display, the iPhone has not yet developed adapted programs. Naturally, this is a matter of time, but for the time being you will have to go with a fashionable device, but the applications on it will look like ballet flats on an elephant.

Now let's talk about whether to buy iphone 5 to owners of older models of iPhones and whether to buy iPhones to owners of other phones.

The device has not changed enough to change it.But externally, the design has become more sophisticated and the screen size is larger. Instead of the old processor, the A6 chip is installed in the new iPhone 5 device, which, according to the manufacturer, gives the right to assert that the performance has doubled. Updated application Siri, which has become even more informative. Everything else remains unchanged and innovation. The cost of the device due to these minor changes has increased and is approximately around 1000-1200 cu

Therefore, is it worth buying an iphone 4s or spending money on a new model, the question is purely individual and the decision to accept the buyer.

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