Where to relax in the winter on the sea: tips and tricks

It has long been sunk into oblivion those days when vacation in the winter was perceived as punishment by the authorities. Yes, and where it was to go inside the "Iron Curtain" on the dear expanses of the USSR? Winter, though not as fierce as in Salekhard, still does not have to swim. All that remained was to walk along the embankments of Sochi or Yalta, planted with palm trees, breathe iodine, which brings a storm to the land, and after the unobtrusive service of the Soviet boarding houses, come home healthy. But now the situation has changed radically. What new trends have not been discovered by the Russian tourist! It turns out that there are blessed lands where the sun warms all year round, and where you can splash in gentle waves at a time when snowstorms rage at home and there is a bitter cold. Here is an overview of these tropical countries, we now take up. Here you will find tips and advice if you have not yet decided where to rest in the winter by the sea.Where to relax in the winter at sea


Let's start with the most democratic direction. Egypt can afford even a budget worker. A weekly tour will cost the tourist three hundred fifty - six hundred US dollars. The advantages, in addition to cheapness, can also be counted as a short flight. But the main thing that attracts tourists from all countries to Egypt is the delightful Red Sea with its corals and tropical fish. The temperature in it never drops below + 20 degrees, and in December it still keeps at around +23 C. Egypt is among the countries where it is warm in the winter to the sea and hot in the depths of the mainland. It is easy to notice, going on a trip to Luxor. When in Hurghada + 22 C, in the Valley of the Kings, the air temperature is five to eight degrees higher.

When is the best time to go to rest on the sea in Egypt? This is the first half of December and February. In the first winter month, the sea is still warm, and spring begins to be felt in Egypt from the end of January. On Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day prices are rising significantly, which is understandable. Suppose we decided on the choice of time and the country where we will spend the winter vacation at the sea. Where exactly should we go? In Egypt, there are two large resorts, overgrown with satellite towns. This is Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. The first resort is located on the west coast of the Red Sea.From there it is good to make excursions deep into continental Egypt.

In winter, at the seaside

Sharm el-Sheikh is located significantly north of Hurghada, in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. In winter it is cooler there. But Sharm el-Sheikh enjoys the fame of a refined and chic resort. In addition, its satellite is Dahab - the place where the most beautiful corals. Divers from all over the world come here to dive into the Blue Hole - a hundred meters deep underwater abyss. And everywhere, that in Hurghada, that in Sharm el-Sheikh, vacationers are waiting for luxury hotels with All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive catering.

United Arab Emirates

Another country where to rest in the winter at sea will not be disastrous for the family budget is the UAE. True, this country is more expensive than Egypt (prices start from $ 600 per person), but it's worth it. This oriental luxury, the latest technology in the construction of intricate high-rise buildings, a lot of water parks, dizzying shopping - all this can be found in the United Arab Emirates. The achievements of modern Western civilization coexist in a surprising way with strict norms of Muslim morality.Therefore, going beyond the gates of the hotel, you need to dress decently. The ban on smoking in the street and in public places is strictly observed here.

Some emirates have imposed restrictions on the use of alcohol, and in Sharjah, alcohol is not even poured in bars - there is a strict “dry law”. In the summer, it is unlikely that Europeans will be able to relax in the UAE, because the heat there is too high for over +50 in the shade. But winter is the most comfortable time. The air temperature in the daytime reaches +28 ° C, and the water - +22 ° C. However, the winter nights are cool here - bring a jacket or a warm sweater with you. Popular resorts in the United Arab Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah.


In this country, you need to clearly know where to go to the sea in winter. After all, a state that stretches along the Pacific Ocean from north to south lies in different climatic zones. In the winter months in northern Vietnam, temperatures can be compared with the weather in Sochi. Plus ten or twelve, drizzling rain, the feeling of coldness is aggravated by the locals who dress in down jackets. In the center of the country is much warmer, but the wet weather gets here. But from December to March South Vietnam is experiencing the peak of the season.There just reigns dry monsoon. Those who do not like the scorching heat, fit the resorts of Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. In January, the air temperature here is comfortable for hypertensive patients + 25 C. The water can be one or two degrees cooler.Where to go to the sea in winterThe hottest thing on Phu Quoc Island, almost near the borders with Thailand, is where the sea and the air reach + 27. The advantages of Vietnam include a rich excursion program, good shopping, and excellent surfing. Since this country in Russia is not yet so much promoted in terms of tourism, the flight there is usually long, with transfers. Transfer from the airport to the hotel also takes a lot of time. This should be taken into account when choosing where to fly to the sea with small children in winter.

India, Goa

There are legends about this region. Say, a European after a week of staying in this tropical paradise wants to burn his EU passport and meet his old age, enjoying the rest of his life with a splash of waves, the fragrance of fabulous colors and doing ayurveda. Goa was the last to gain independence. Former colonizers, the Portuguese, left behind high European standards of customer service and beautiful architecture. Conventionally, the state is divided into two parts.North Goa was discovered and chosen by itself in the 70s of the last century hippies. Now it is a place of rest for informal youth. If you crave for parties, foam discos right on the beach, free love and wondering where to rest in the winter on the sea, go to North Goa.Where is warm in winter at seaThe southern part of the state is more fashionable and, as a result, expensive. Here, older people and families with children prefer to relax. On the famous beaches of Goa Mobor, Benaulim, Colva and Vagator in the winter months there is a truly summer heat - air + 30 C, and water + 25 degrees. The lion's share of the trip's budget is flight, so it makes no sense to go there for a week. Count on $ 600 per person.


“The Kingdom of Smiles” is another direction where flying to the sea in winter will be a win-win option. In November, the rainy season ends. In December, short, but stormy rains can still grab travelers on the Andaman Sea coast. Therefore, in the first month of winter, choose the resorts of the Gulf of Siam. These are the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Samet, Phangan, as well as the mainland city of Pattaya. In December, the air temperature is + 32 degrees. January in Thailand is the “high” season.Chance of rain is low everywhere. However, prices soar, especially during the Christmas-New Year period. The air temperature in the middle of winter + 30, and water + 28 degrees.Where to fly to the sea in winterIn February, the influx of tourists continues unabated, because the country is celebrating the Chinese New Year in a big way (the beginning of the month). And closer to March, tropical rainfall may occur in some regions. Where to relax in the winter on the sea in Thailand in February? Choose the resorts of the Malacca Peninsula (the south-west of the country) - Lantau Islands, Phuket, Phi Phi, Yaoyai, Samet, Krabi province. It is also not likely to rain in the southeast region - on the island of Koh Chang and Pattaya. In the last month of winter, the air temperature even at night does not fall below + 21 degrees. The main component of the price of the tour to Thailand is an air ticket, so the minimum period of the voucher is two weeks.


The archipelago of atolls in the Indian Ocean - a first-class place to relax in the winter at the sea, where to go you fly into a lot of money. But you need to pay for excellent service and comfortable conditions. As a major bonus, travelers in the Maldives are given a feeling of complete privacy. You can forget about the hustle and bustle and feel like Robinson Crusoe, or even better - Adam and Eve in the paradise of Eden.What is the weather like in the winter in the Maldives? In December, there are still brief showers that only refresh the heat. The most ideal weather for rest is set from January. This is the iruvai (northeast monsoon) period. It continues through March, and in some years to April. Not the slightest cloud in the sky, no storm at sea. Air - + 30 degrees, and water - well, like fresh milk (+ 28 ° C). Since the prices of tours in the Maldives are so high, there is no big jump in the peak season. Diving here loses to Egyptian, but the level of service is several times higher. Each atoll is its own unique and closed world, a paradise on the edge of the world. A sea of ​​inexpressible shades of blue and green, white sand, fabulous birds and the ancient culture of the locals create a delightful surroundings for a calm measured rest. The climate is similar to the Maldives Mauritius and Seychelles. In Bali, the summer season is warm in summer, but in February rains and tropical cyclones are possible.

Canary Islands

Do not underestimate Europe. Here, too, there are countries where it is warm in the winter to the sea. We do not consider here the south of Spain, the Costa Blanca, etc.It is warm there, but only hardened swimmers can swim in the Mediterranean in winter. No, it will be about the Canary Islands. They are located so close to the west coast of Africa that the climate is completely tropical. By the way, in the archipelago it is not bad resting in summer: the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean soften the heat. So the islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fortventura are waiting for holidaymakers all year round. The air temperature in winter here does not fall below + 18 degrees. In general, it is even higher - on average, +21 C in the shade. Well, the Atlantic, though refreshing with some coolness, is still not cold.

Winter Canaries give tourists a lot of new and vivid impressions. A rich excursion program, which includes a trip to the mouth of a volcano and trips to small cozy towns, the vibrant nightlife will not get bored. If you are still thinking where to go to the sea in Europe in winter, this is on the island of Tenerife. After all, the local carnival is not inferior in popularity to the Venetian. Rest on the archipelago can not be called budget: count on $ 1,200 per person per week.Where to fly in the winter to the sea


Another direction where to fly to the sea in winter will be expensive, but the rest will be very cheap, this is Liberty Island. So the locals call Cuba themselves.For European tourists, this island country is a real earthly paradise. Rum ten-year exposure here costs about ten dollars. In addition, real Havana cigars, a lot of Latin American music, the fiery nightlife of Cuban streets, beautiful beaches, virgin tropical jungles and excellent diving await you. All vacation blowjob, as an unusually joyful and noisy carnival. Holidays in Cuba have the specifics that a tourist should stock up on a large amount of local currency. Credit cards that belong to the American banking system do not want to accept any local patriotic ATMs. And if you change US dollars to Cuban pesos, you will be charged a ten percent commission.Where to fly to the sea in winterBut the weather in winter is especially good. This country belongs to the promised land, where it is hot in the winter at sea. Air and water, which near the shore becomes like paired cream, warms up to + 26-30 degrees. The probability of typhoons is low, and the sky and the sea compete in the depths of the blue. You can cheapen a trip to Cuba by buying a “last minute” at a travel agency.


This state occupies half of the island in the Caribbean.But Russian travelers are not afraid of the close proximity to the dysfunctional country of Haiti. In the Dominican Republic, tourists are waiting for the magnificent white beaches, diving, surfing, snorkeling and many other outdoor activities. The level of service will not disappoint even the most biased and capricious tourists: here you will find luxurious hotels of the highest level, wonderful animation and a rich excursion program. Having chosen the Dominican Republic in order to go to the sea in winter, you will not need to think in which part of the country you should go. The whole island nation is one continuous resort. The tourist season lasts from November to April, so do not be afraid of bad weather. The air warms up in January to 25-30 ° C, and in February to + 32. The unusually warm sea becomes calm. The surface of shallow lagoons is similar to a bathroom - + 25-27 degrees. However, if you are wondering where to go to the sea in the winter with the whole family, you should seriously consider the choice of hotels. Many of them do not accept clients under sixteen, or even eighteen. Often, hotels specialize in organizing a honeymoon for newlyweds or position themselves as "gay friends."

Countries of the Americas: Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica

In recent years, the choice of countries for a Russian tourist to the sea in winter has noticeably expanded. Cuba is gradually being ousted from the place of the leader by the continental states of Central and Latin America. Mexico is always beautiful, but with an increased level of service so special. This is a country where eternal spring reigns. Rains are possible only at night. The air warms up to 26-35 degrees, and the water of turquoise color with cream - up to + 24 ° C. The beaches of the country are covered with a small shell rock. He does not get hot under the sun, it is very pleasant to walk on it with bare feet. But to devote the entire vacation to a beach holiday will be an unforgivable folly, because Mexico is a country with an interesting history. You can, of course, find resorts where the Mayan pyramids are visible directly from the beach, but you should go to places of worship, such as the ancient city of Chichen Itza.

Brazil is known not only for Copacabana. In addition to the beaches, winter guests are welcomed by the famous carnival. In Costa Rica, you are waited by ecological rest. In this country there are no factories, traffic jams, but only the jungle, the sea and beautiful beaches.In winter, the air temperature is about + 27-28 degrees in the shade, and the water warms up to + 24 ° C.

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