Where to find a helicopter in the "GTA-5": ways to get transport

Given the cost of transport in the game, many users are interested in where to find a helicopter in the "GTA-5". The open world in the project is quite extensive, and the journey without knowledge of the direction will not bring results. You must know exactly how to get flying equipment with minimal time and money.

The first and cheapest way

To no longer ask the question of where to find a helicopter in the "GTA-5", it is worth going through the storyline. After the mission of Merryweathe, a new contact will appear in the phone of the protagonist. A call to him will allow for a thousand dollars to call a helicopter in the form of support. He will land near the player.

where to find a helicopter in gta 5

After that, it remains only to kill the pilot and capture the transport. This can be done at almost any time except for a few missions from the main line. At the same time, a rather strong combat vehicle arrives, which can be used to spread more than one area. You can save another $ 300 if you call the pilot through Leicester, and therefore it also costs him to call from time to time.

Comrade helicopter or codes

If you want to know where to find the helicopter in the "GTA-5", but thefts do not fit the style of the game, then it is best to use the Trevor transport. At its site near the hangar will be a good fighting machine, which can be taken at any time. It will become possible after the mission of the main plot, where it is necessary to kidnap a suspected person from the Office of the Office. After completing the mission at any time, you can go to the site of a friend and take a helicopter for yourself. To keep it at home, you must buy an equipped platform.

helicopter code in gta 5

If this does not suit the user, then in a single game, you can simply use the codes. A powerful military machine Buzzard will appear using the code on the helicopter in the "GTA-5" - BUZZOFF. Call the tilde console and enter the command. You can also buy an aircraft inside the game, but it costs prohibitively much, and it is better to spend money on acquiring buildings or other objects. These methods are also simple, and players do not need to try to get a helicopter.

Theft from points on the map

On the game map there are a number of places where any user can find a helicopter in the GTA-5.The first of these is the Buzzard model already mentioned above. You can try to steal it from the Zankudo military complex, where access is denied. At the entrance to the closed territory, the guards will start shooting and pursuing, which should be prepared for. A simpler way to find a police helicopter in the GTA-5 is to steal from the roof of the central hospital. There is a kind of news, patrol or ambulance transport.

cheats on gta 5 on helicopter

You can get to the roof in different ways inside and out. The same model called Maverick can often be found on the roofs of skyscrapers. It is enough just to fly over the central area of ​​the city, and several options will be discovered. If there is no helicopter at the indicated points, then it is worth turning, running 50 meters and returning back. Transport after this should appear, and you can pick it up for yourself.

Buying a vehicle

If you do not want to use cheats on the helicopter in the "GTA-5", then you should use the purchase function. This can be done through the in-game Internet, for this there are two special sites. The way to get the car is honest, but it has two significant drawbacks. The first is the great cost models.For example, the most nondescript helicopter model "Rogue" costs 780 thousand dollars. You can collect this amount in the game in different ways, but you will have to spend it on mediocre vehicles with poor combat characteristics. A good helicopter with four seats model Frogger costs 500 thousand more. The second problem is the delivery of products. You will also have to spend money in the company Pegasus, which takes delivery of all types of machines. It is not enough to make a purchase and go to the hangar. Without delivery, the helicopter could not be used. The developers specifically did this so that players understand the difficulty of fair play.

Other information about the helicopters in the game

Despite the fact that the code for the helicopter in the GTA-5 is only for the military model Buzzard, the total number of varieties is ten. There are ordinary vehicles for transportation and powerful military equipment. This list includes: Savage, Skylift, Valkyrie and others.

gta 5 police helicopter

The developers have completely changed the management of this mode of transport. Take-off, landing and turning are done with the keys for the character’s walk, and the direction for movement is selected with the Num Lock 8, 5.4 and 6 keys on the keyboard.You can use the helicopter for a variety of purposes. Most of all, it is useful for simple flights over long distances. By air, this can be done much faster than in a car. In the air there are no restrictions and the need to follow clearly on the roads. Each of the above methods works and is tested in practice. It is enough for the user to purchase the site, and then to get a helicopter for themselves. After that, you can enjoy the open world from above.

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