Where are the most non-punctual trains

What do you think - in which country are trains most often late? In order not to go far, let's take Europe. I will say right away, we delete Russia from the list right away. Who stays? In Italy, the train is late for 5 minutes - this is the norm. In France, Belgium, too, there are delays. But the biggest problems in railway traffic in Germany! Do not believe? Here are the facts.

In Germany, I was 5-6 times and constantly moved there by train - it’s so convenient to watch the country. It came as a shock to me when I noticed that there is no vaunted German punctuality at the railway stations and it does not even smell. I will say confidently - 50% of trains in this country come late. And it's not about a trivial 1-3 minutes, I was more than an hour late for each of my trips.
First, when moving to Berlin - Dresden, my train began to be late, missing someone for 20-25 minutes. Another time an hour before the departure of the train from Trier to Düsseldorf, I received a notification in the mail that the train was 30 minutes late, and I did not have time for connecting.In Hannover, I got into a situation where the entire departure board contained information about delays from 25 minutes to 2 hours. And I did not have time to train I needed to Hamburg. On the way from Lübeck, my train suddenly began to smoke. The train stopped, people started jumping out of the cars, but then they decided to go further. 20 minutes late in the end. In Stuttgart, quite recently, half the trains left with a delay, and the Stuttgart-Ulm train I needed was canceled altogether, and this was the last train of the day. How do you like this punctuality?

15 minutes delay

Almost all delayed, one of the trains for 60 minutes

15 minutes late

Train canceled
That is, if you clearly describe the time, hurry somewhere or plan a transplant, then the probability of not being in time is about 50%, or rather not “not being in time”, but to be nervous looking at the clock, and then how lucky it is, depending on how long was in stock.
And this is always in Europe, but in Germany the worst of all.

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