When is it better to be a woman: now or in the USSR?

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“Fifteen years ago, there was no such thing as a RSP ... most men had no idea to say that a dear lady was a burden and illiquid ...” a man writes to me.
15 years ago, the assertion that a man should provide a woman with everything and always, it was generally an axiom ... now at the mere mention of "a man should" they send any kraal .... no talking…
But in some places on the Internet there are still some ladies claiming that nothing has changed, everything is as before ... and even better ... the oligarchs are increasing every year, and women are more attractive with age ..
I thought - was the life of a woman in the USSR really so rosy? What has changed, what has become better, and what is worse? Here's what I got.
The first thing that is very striking is that Soviet couples are much more average than Russian ones. Husband and wife are peers. Met at school, or at the institute, or at the factory. Earn the same (and like everyone in the country).They look the same - like Soviet people. The exception to the rules immediately attracted attention.
Now is a time of contrasts. The old business leads under the crown of the young. Oligarch plays a wedding with a schoolgirl. The size of a man’s neck is equal to the size of a woman’s waist.
It does not bother anyone.
I prefer the model "on equal terms". Trade in young butcher seems to me disgusting. That's what I'm writing about, and not about the fact that men are “for” old and terrible.
Personal life is controlled by society
In the USSR, this pressure was very significant. Offended wife could come to work with her husband and make a scandal there, if he intends to divorce. A villain would be judged by a comrades' court, and only a few were able to resist the pressure of the masses.
“Who wrote me a complaint service, eh? Not you? Yes, I read them! ”
At the same time, she tightly wondered whether a virgin bride. Now even a hint of it seems offensive to women.
In general, it seems that the personal life of people is extremely rich and diverse, if compared with Soviet times, when the appearance of a mistress should be discussed by the whole plant. Or maybe they just talk about her more in public?
Shorter terms of female attractiveness
With appeal, everything is clear. Fitness, cosmetology, easier work in the office - and voila. 35-38-year-old women look like girls compared to our great-grandmothers. This is not our merit - it is difficult to look good after two shifts in the post-war devastation. And now the beauty is not all, and pleasure costs money. But still.
With the potency of men, the situation is more complicated. Of course, men as a whole began to live easier and longer - progress. And Viagra they appeared. But I saw a study that, despite this, the sexual health of men became worse. Sperm in semen is 10 times less than after the war, more cases of erectile dysfunction.
Shortened reproductive period
Also, the requirements of society are related to the reproductive period of the woman, and the appearance of offspring. Now, on average, they give birth a dozen years later than before. I don’t like this tendency; I believe that parents should be young. But you can’t argue against trends. If in the 90s they married and got married at 18-25, now the average age of marriage and the birth of children has shifted to 30-35 years. Accordingly, already well-behaved husband and wife marry. In not the best age for reproduction.By the way, the ability to get pregnant modern women compared to their grandmothers was also very interesting in that study. In short, their chances of pregnancy were much greater.
By the way, is it necessary to say that childfree and unmarried people feel better now than then?
Divorced women with children
The fact that in the USSR marriage to such women was welcomed by relatives is not true, of course. The concept of "razvedenka" and then it was with a negative tinge. Perhaps even more negative than now. Single mother - too.
“They say, mermaid, I'll understand everything. And with the child I will take you ... And she went to him, as if in prison. ”
Give my wife a salary!
The fact that my commentator is confused with the provision of women, namely, the delivery of her salary - this is not about providing at all. Both work. This is about distribution. The thing is that the wife should have done the first, the second and the third from the standard Soviet salary. And compote. Yes, and find for this product in stores. And not about the fact that she is a housewife. The Soviet woman, basically, worked, and pulled on herself the second shift in the form of children and at home. Now women are trying to strike against such an unfair distribution of roles.This is the main meaning of feminism in Russian.
The value of a man
Already many times at various resources, the fact was discussed that after the war, husbands suddenly became a special value, a sign of happy luck, a super prize. And the generation is still alive, having found such an attitude towards their fathers.
For a Soviet woman, a man is valuable on his own to be. For the Russian - is also valuable. But not any, but significantly improving the standard of living. For these men is still fierce competition. Ordinary men turned out to be thrown overboard, they are of little interest to anyone. While women are dreaming of princes, they are writing angry comments about divorcees and women over forty.
Woman's value
However, you have to pay for everything. Sometimes too expensive. The value of a woman as a wife and mother also fell below nowhere. A woman is now valued by young myasky, hassle-free sex and the presence of her own apartment. Alas and ah.
What happened in general? But capitalism turned out. Successful, wealthy and famous feel better. Normal, not rich, unsuccessful - worse. Everyone decides how to live, himself. Sometimes - decides unsuccessfully. Reproductive issues are also left to the individual, not the state.But at the same time, the public is much less sticking its nose into the window of your bedroom, which is certainly a positive moment.

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