What to feed the sphinx?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
January 12, 2015
What to feed the sphinx?

Many admire the sphinx cats, only not all become the owners of this wonderful animal. After all, the majority thinks that his diet consists of some delicacies. However, this is not so: below it will be possible to find out how to feed the sphinx.

Feeding sphinx

The first thing you need to know is that sphinxes are omnivorous animals, and if they are not spoiled, then their diet will be quite modest. Moreover, cats of this breed love to eat. This is explained by the fact that the Sphynx is almost a hairless animal, so it has an increased energy exchange and high heat transfer, and this leads to a loss of calories that only good nutrition can compensate. For this reason, sphinxes should be fed 4 times a day. This must be done at the same time.

As for the amount of food, it should be calculated individually for each animal. It is not necessary for the cat to overeat, but it should not be kept hungry either.

What you need to feed the Sphinx

For an animal to delight you with its appearance, you need to provide it with proper nutrition. The word "correct" should be understood as a balanced diet, it should contain the necessary for the normal functioning of the animal substance. Sphinx can be fed not only natural products, but also feed. It all depends on the preference of the owner. As a rule, the feed contains everything you need, and there is no need to cook. But if preference was given to natural products, here it is necessary to monitor the usefulness of the diet, otherwise the animal may get sick.

The diet of the sphinx should be in the required order of meat (lean beef, lamb, poultry), because it is the main source of protein. An adult animal needs to be given 120-150 grams of raw meat per day. You can also sometimes feed the sphinx with offal, they also have a lot of nutrients.

Seafood is allowed to be given twice a week, but here you should increase the portion, because the fish does not have as many calories as in meat. Cottage cheese and dairy products should be given to the Sphinx every day. It is better to refuse milk as it can cause a liquid stool. Also do not forget about eggs and vegetables. To feed the animal you need only water.

How to feed a sphinx kitten

Sphynx kittens need to start to lure as soon as they turn 4 weeks old. Their diet should consist of boiled and raw beef. To saturate the young body with vitamins, you need to give the kittens also cottage cheese. When they are 3 months old, you can enter in the diet pies, herbs, fish. Feed babies should be 6 times a day. When they are six months old, you can transfer the kitten to three meals a day.

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