What to do on the train: useful tips on the road

Currently, there are many types of transport, such as: cars, airplanes, trains. Each person chooses the most convenient way to travel for themselves. By train you can travel a long distance. Despite the relative comfort of this type of transport, travel in most cases turns out to be boring. About what to do on the train, read the article.

What should not do?

There are certain rules of decency that passengers should be aware of. First, it is important to respect the people who travel with you. You should not make too much noise, for example, playing cards, as this may interfere with other travelers.

What to do on the train

Secondly, it is better not to drink alcohol during the trip. Also consider the preferences of fellow travelers. If you want to listen to music, but the composition does not like most people around, put on headphones or turn on another song.

What to take with you?

Preparing for the trip does not mean collecting a bag with things and taking documents. You need to think about what you can do during the trip, and buy some things that will help brighten up the pastime. So here are some helpful tips:

  • On the road, you can take a book. Get what you’ve never read before. If you like fantasy and action movie, read a work about love, and vice versa. In addition, on the road, you can learn your monologue, poem or a whole story.

Useful tips on the road

  • Crosswords. Try sudoku. For this activity, time will fly very quickly. In addition, with the help of crosswords, you can expand your horizons.
  • Technique: tablet, laptop, phone and chargers required. What to do on the train? You can download a movie, music, or even a book. The main thing is to make sure that the battery lasts until the end of the trip.
  • Travel board games, such as checkers or cards. There will always be fellow travelers who have nothing to do. In this case, both games and puzzles are useful.
  • Food. Before any trip should stock up brewed noodles or cookies, as well as tea or instant coffee.


Time for conversation flies very quickly.Therefore, you can make the trip less boring: you just need to get to know fellow travelers. What to do on the train? To tell jokes to each other, to discuss movies and books, or even to share your own experience in some matters. With great likelihood you will never meet with a fellow traveler, so why not tell him about some problems? On the other hand, you can become good friends with a companion or acquire a new hobby.

What to do when bored in a train

There is another option - to flirt with a neighbor in a compartment or a reserved seat. It is not worthwhile to persistently pester a person, but attracting attention to oneself can amuse oneself. And the time on the trip will be much faster.


What to do on the train? Before you go, download your favorite music to your laptop, tablet or even your phone, download an interesting movie (or even two). If you do not want to communicate with fellow travelers, you can listen to audio recordings and watch a series of exciting series.

During the stops, communication will most likely work. This means that you can call your close people and share your impressions of the trip with them, check your email or post a photo on social networks.

Another option is to do the work. Start writing a report or make any calculations. Thus, after returning from a trip, you will free yourself time.

Games, crossword puzzles

You should always take a pack of cards or a road version of checkers in order not to wonder what to do on the train. Even if you are traveling alone, you can find people who do not know what to do.

What to do in a reserved seat train to a teenager

Then the time on the road will fly by. You can even solve crosswords all together, surely one of the fellow travelers will help find the answer to complex questions. Puzzles are another great way to have fun on the train. Try, for example, to solve the problem of Einstein.


What to do when you are bored on the train? Creativity! Take stitches and a hook or knitting needles, print the pattern and tie, for example, socks. You will be able to improve your skills, as well as make a pleasant one to your loved ones if you donate the resulting product to someone from relatives or friends. Embroidery is also a great way to spend time on the road.

If you have other hobbies, dedicate your time to the train. Make a sketch in your sketchbook, write a poem or write a song. By the way, the photos taken on the trains are very unusual.On the road, you can take a guitar. Fold the origami figures, and then present them to young children. They will be delighted.

Walking during stops

Before you go on a trip, find out which localities will be stopped. Find information about local attractions and take photos with them.

What to do in the train 2 days

During small stops, you can breathe fresh air, buy vegetables and fruits or buy pastries. In the end, just watch the people on the platform.


If you are a schoolchild or a student, you can scroll through the notes or read the necessary paragraphs of the textbook. Do your homework or answer a few questions in advance. Thus, upon returning from a trip, it will be easier for you to learn, because you have increased your knowledge.

What to do in the train (in the reserved seat) to a teenager in the summer? Are you lucky and there is no noisy company around? You can read the book for the holidays. If your peers travel with you, meet them and join their company, for example, during the game.


Strangely enough, the measured knock of the wheels of the train acts soothingly, so you can sleep through most of the trip.Many people do not get enough sleep, because they have to get up too early.

What to do in a train with children

In this case, travel by train is the best reason to sleep off. In addition, you can just lie down with your eyes closed and dream.


If you are accustomed to train, you should not abandon classes for the trip. In fact, in the train you can spend a little workout that will support your muscles in good shape. Perform push-ups or exercises on the press, try to pull up.


What to do on the train? 2 days is a long time to travel. You need to properly use it if you have such a long journey. For example, you can plan the whole trip. Decide what sights you want to see in the first place, where you need to go, with whom you need to meet. If the trip is already planned, make plans for the future.

Remember the events that happened to you in the last month. Rethink the most serious situations, make a conclusion about yourself and others.

What to do on the train? 2 days is enough time to fill the diary. If you have never done paper planning before, get started.This will help bring order not only in thoughts, but also in life.

What to do on the train with the kids?

This question interests many parents. In fact, do not worry, because there is a lesson in any case. If the child is small, he will probably ask a lot of questions. Most likely, other families will go in the car. You can get to know them and spend time together, telling funny stories or playing any games. Many children like to climb on the top shelves. They will be happy to sit on them with a book or coloring book.

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