What is the object of study?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 27, 2013
What is the object of study?

Any science studies some entities or phenomena that exist in nature and in the world as a whole. Scientists are making their efforts to find out the composition and structure of these entities, the relationship between them and the causes of certain phenomena. The combination of these entities and phenomena is the object of study in science. What is the object of study? Definitions can also be found such:

  1. A certain reality and its various facets to which the research is directed;
  2. Any unknown phenomenon or part of it that science studies;
  3. The subject or phenomenon to which any activity is directed;
  4. The object or phenomenon that a person seeks to know and to which his activity is directed.

Object example

The fact that such an object of research, it is best to understand the examples. The object of physics research is the entire material world. The various branches of this science have more specific objects of study.Thus, the object of the study of physical optics is the process of the propagation of light in various environments. The object of research in nuclear physics is a set of processes and interactions that exist inside atomic nuclei and determine their structure and behavior.

In the course of scientific experiments, the studied samples are always subjected to some tests and their properties change. However, since the object of study is not experimental samples, but the laws that determine the properties and behavior of the studied samples, it is confirmed that the subject of research cannot change the object.

The object and subject of study

Without an understanding of what is the object of research, no science can exist. New areas of study or branches of science appear at the same time as scientists learn about the existence of unknown phenomena, which were previously unknown. In addition, in addition to the subject and object, any specific study has also a subject. These two concepts (object and subject of study) should not be confused. In scientific terminology, a philosophical category is used to define the subject of research.In philosophy, a subject is a specific property of an object of research that is observed by a subject (in science, by a researcher or a group of researchers).

For example, the object of research in medicine is the human body (in this case, we do not affect veterinary medicine). Accordingly, in the broad sense, the object of the aggregate of all medical research is man. Separate studies specify their object: cardiovascular system, liver, tendon tissue, etc. The subject of research may be, for example, the effect of alcohol on the brain, color perception in color-blind people, the effect of a mobile phone on the state of the body, etc.

Thus, an object is a field of activity for scientists to study, a subject is a studied property of an object, this is their main difference.

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