Why do we need communion in the church?

The Orthodox Church was founded by Jesus Christ and since then has been preserving everything that he has ordained. And the Son of God in his gospel commanded communion in the church. He even claimed that he who does not join this Holy Mystery cannot inherit his Kingdom. Only a participant can be saved and unite with God.communion in churchConsidering that wine and bread are used in the Church for the Eucharist, this requirement seems to be completely meaningless. Many even ask: "Well, how can this piece of God bring me closer to God?"


These doubts are understandable, because we are heirs to the era of rationalism. And the Orthodox Church preaches a completely different approach to the spiritual life of a person. Many believe that in order to be a good Christian, you should do good deeds and not do bad things. This is a somewhat simplified scheme, which is more characteristic of Catholicism. Orthodoxy demands much more from its followers.

It's impossible!!!

An Orthodox person who lives a spiritual life treats himself very carefully. Not only deeds, but also words and thoughts can be sinful.If a person is able to keep himself from doing bad things for a while, then he has absolutely no control over his thoughts. Any mortal is mistaken and slips almost every hour. The Lord said that even the one who has sinned cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. How to be a person who sincerely wants to be better, saved?

It's really impossible

Even if a Christian makes every effort to cultivate himself, he will not reach the required height.communion of children in churchIn addition to God and man in the world there are angels. These are special creatures. They are very smart, fast, almost magical, but still limited by time and space. And not all perfumes are kind and bright. There are a huge number of evil messengers who have fallen away from God and have been fighting with man since the first temptation. Fallen angels are called demons (demons, devils). To offer a person all kinds of bad things and sins - this is their main job. They are cheating people, trying to tempt them. Demons can communicate with a person without his consent, non-verbally, so that a person does not suspect that it is not his own thoughts. Since the demons are much smarter than man, no one can defeat them on their own.

Dangerous mistakes

If it seems to a person that everything is going well, then there is a high probability that he develops exorbitant arrogance. And since “God resists the proud,” the work of saving such a Christian in a very deplorable condition. You can not rely on their strength in this matter. If salvation were possible without the intervention of the Son of God, He would not have come, did not suffer, did not die, and would not command communion to people.

Holy Communion is the only hope

Bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. Only by eating the Blood and Body of Christ, connecting with Him in this way, can a person overcome all temptations and truly take a step up. There is no other way, and if he were, the Son of God would not embody and give his life on the cross.

Tradition of the sacrament

communion in the church rulesCommunion in the church - the main thing that saved the first Christians. Then they communed everything often, almost every day. Now the spiritual life is rarely so active. Communion in the church requires special training. It takes place at the end of the morning service, which is called the Liturgy. The Orthodox communion of children in the church is also traditional, while Catholics and Protestants do not.The Orthodox, from infancy, accustom children to the Holy Mysteries. If there is a desire to take the sacrament in the church, the rules must be read, the confession is first made. Preparation for the Eucharist is a separate topic, very voluminous.

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