What is the most expensive motorcycle in the world?

Some bikers are faithful to their "iron horses" for almost a lifetime, repairing them, improving and carefully storing them. But there are those who strive to get the best and most expensive motorcycle in the world at any cost. The spirit of adventurism, the thirst for adrenaline, the desire to have only the coolest equipment and, of course, a "heavy wallet" - all this makes some bikers from year to year to follow the ratings of the latest developments, study the hardware and change the transport.

The title "The most expensive motorcycle in the world" more than once was handed over, as they say, from hand to hand. Many models claim this title every year, because the price often determines the prestige of not only a certain brand, but also a brand as a whole. Difficulties in determining the undisputed leader of the top arise mainly because of the circulation. Piece exclusive goods are always more expensive. That is, the price is determined not only by technical characteristics, but also by PR. Nevertheless, such a rating exists. Consider the 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world.

Confederate B120 Wraith

the most expensive motorcycle in the world

At the tenth position of the top is Confederate B120 Wraith, the cost of which in the base configuration reaches $ 92,500. This bike is designed using a unique technology that incorporates the latest achievements of science and design art.

The rigidity of the structure provides a body of innovative material. The weight of the motorcycle is only 177 kg, and it can accelerate to almost 300 km / h. In its class, the Confederate is the most expensive and fastest motorcycle in the world. It is equipped with a V-shaped engine with a power of 125 horsepower.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V

the most expensive sports bike

The premium version of this bike, which occupies the ninth step of the rating "The most expensive production bike in the world," will cost 105-115 thousand dollars.

The motor "Ducati", which is equipped with this bike, really sports soul. Rapid acceleration to hundreds, low weight, huge power - all this makes the "Virus" the subject of the adoration of the owner.

NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood)

the most expensive motorcycle in the world photo

This contender for the title of "The most expensive sports bike" was released in small editions in 2009 in honor of the thirty-year anniversary of the legendary triumph of Mike Helwood in the race Isle of Man TT.

Motor power of this bike with a volume of 1120 cu. cm reaches 130 "horses". There are only 12 motorcycles of this brand in the world, nevertheless it ranks eighth in the top ten of the most expensive and prestigious bikes.

MV-Augusta F4CC

The MV-Augusta rating continues - quite a worthy bid for victory in the nomination "The most expensive bike in the world." Photos of this bike are more like illustrations for a fantastic novel. The developers have relied not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the cool design.

the most expensive sports bike in the world

The bike engine exceeds the liter capacity and delivers a power of 200 liters. from. This model also came out in a limited edition, and only 100 people all over the world could get such a bike, paying $ 135 thousand for it. This is the seventh place top.

MTT Turbine Superbike

The sixth place in the World's Most Expensive Motorcycle ranking is MTT Turbine Superbike, equipped with an aircraft turbine. This is not just a bike, but a Hollywood star. It is on such a model that the main character has traveled to "Torque." Spectators admired the powerful apparatus, the acceleration of which was accompanied by a sound resembling the roar of a fighter. But at that time no one knew that this was a real motorcycle, and not a beautiful hack for filming.

10 most expensive motorcycles in the world

And it is not surprising that today there are quite a few people willing to spend $ 200,000 to buy such a bike. However, not everything is so simple - after all, the manufacturer produces only 5 such motorcycles per year. Aircraft engine Allison 250 from Rolls Royce has a capacity of 320 liters. from.

A person who can cope with such a flow of power and torque can accelerate to 365.3 km per hour by MTT Turbine Superbike. The motorcycle's equipment is quite extended: a rear-view camera that displays a picture on the display, a complex of radio and laser radar detectors, 17-inch carbon wheels. A bike can be filled not only with kerosene, but also with diesel fuel.

Macchia Nera Concept Bike

the most expensive serial bike in the world

The fifth place in the ranking “The most expensive motorcycle in the world” is taken by the concept with the strange name “Black Spot”. Serial production of this device is only planned, but some details are already known.

The bike will be equipped with a sports engine from "Ducati", the dry weight of the device will be record low - only 135 kg. Predicted power - 185 "horses." The cost of 201 thousand dollars is quite capable of turning the Macchia Nera into the most expensive sports bike in the world, which is mass-produced.

Ducati 1198S Scuderia

In fourth place top is Ducati 1198S Scuderia from Red Fenix. Light saw him in 2009. The market price of the device is 204 thousand dollars.

Dry weight does not exceed 170 kg, motor power - 180 l. with., and the volume - 1.2 liters. The maximum speed that this device is capable of is 400 km / h.

the most expensive and fastest motorcycle in the world

Ecosse Heretic Titanium

"Titanium heretic" - this name carries a bike, settled in third place top of the most expensive and prestigious motorcycles in the world. Titanium is really used in its production - it is made from the frame. The assembly of this bike is done by ECOSSE craftsmen by hand, all the parts are numbered.

The motorcycle is equipped with the most powerful engine with a working volume of more than two kilograms. Each engine also has its own number engraved on the surface. The manufacturer promises to make the same engraving on the gift hours, which will go to every customer.

This model did not get into mass production, and today there are only 10 such motorcycles in the world. Currently, the manufacturer does not give any hints on a possible re-release. $ 273,000 - that was the amount that each of the ten lucky had to spend.

the most expensive motorcycle photo

Dodge tomahawk

The big name "Dodge" speaks for itself. It is not surprising that their offspring occupies an honorable second place in the ranking of "The most expensive motorcycle." Photos of this handsome man spread all over the world long before the premiere, held in 2003. The design of the Dodge Tomahawk has a number of features.

First of all, it is worth noting that in fact this bike is a four-wheel.The wheels are paired, located at a small distance from each other, but each of them has an independent suspension. Motor "Tomahawk" ten-cylinder, its volume exceeds 8 liters. In his heart live half a thousand "horses", which makes Dodge Tomahawk not only one of the most expensive, but also one of the most powerful in the world.

This filling allows the motorcycle to accelerate to 480 km / h. At the same time, the manufacturer assures that the declared value is theoretical, but in practice this superbike is capable of even more. Calculations show that it is possible to disperse the Tomahawk even up to six hundred kilometers per hour.

The cost of this legendary motorcycle is $ 550,000.

the most expensive motorcycle in the world

Ecosse Spirit ES1

Intrigue with the first place did not work. It is expected that it takes Spirit ES1. This model was developed by Eccosse in close cooperation with leading Formula 1 specialists. The premiere of the bike has already taken place, its serial release is currently only getting better. On the world market "Spirit" has not yet hit. Nevertheless, fans of motorcycle culture are already aware of some technical details.

This bike will have special ergonomic devices, a unique structure of an advanced composite structure, control of the engine operation parameters, a variety of electronic control systems.The buyer will be able to choose a wheel model for his bike from the two proposed. One of them is designed for high speeds and is more suitable for professional racers, the second one is designed for driving in the usual conditions of a city or highway.

Another feature is aerodynamics. The design of the bike was designed in such a way that the pilot's landing was as comfortable as possible. The legs of the rider will be located much closer to one another than it does on standard bikes. In addition to convenience, it also greatly reduces drag.

The serial "Spirit" will not be - the manufacturer plans to release only ten units.

Impressive and technical specifications. A powerful engine for 200 "horses" is able to accelerate the bike to 400 km / h. Despite the impressive appearance, the weight of the motorcycle will be only 120 kg.

Marketers of the company say that the cost of Ecosse Sprit ES1 will reach 3.6 million dollars.

the most expensive motorcycle in the world

Outside the top

Of course, with the presented rating it is possible to argue. After all, it has hit a few limited models. The list of the ten most cool bikes included those that were initially delivered to the market in a rather extended configuration.Therefore, some owners of serial motorcycles can confidently say that they have invested in their pets amounts that exceed the initial steps of the rating.

How can you not remember, for example, about the "Honda Gold Ving", "Harley" or "Kawasaki Ninja"? Often, their cost with additional equipment reaches 150-200 thousand dollars.

Another category - motorcycles, released in a single copy. It happens, for example, for filming movies. We should not forget about rarities, because an old bike can cost much more than a super fashionable novelty precisely because of its age and biography. Frequently, motorcycles from World War II are sold at auction just for fabulous money. So, around the world are known BMWs equipped with powerful opposites that were in service in the German army.

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