What is the largest passenger plane in the world?

These giants plow the heavenly expanses with ease and grace, and, looking at them from the ground, no one thinks that these steel birds are such an enormous design that the tail height of one of these liners - A-380 - is five giraffes set Each other. The Airbus A-380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world, but the article will focus not only on it.

"Boeing 747"

boeing 747

Among passenger planes, the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 have the maximum size. These are airliners that can simultaneously carry more than five hundred passengers. In particular, the A380 is able to lift 853 passengers. Before the appearance of this giant, the Boeing 747 aircraft with a length of 70.6 meters and the Boeing 747-8 with a length of 76.25 meters (the longest passenger aircraft) were the most spacious airliners in the world (the maximum number of passengers carried simultaneously reached 600). The Boeing 747-8 is more economical in terms of fuel consumption than the Boeing 747, which first flew on February 9, 1969.The designers initially planned a two-deck aircraft design, but the upper deck was shortened due to technical problems. The Boeing 747 became the first liner in the world, the cabin of which contained two passes between the seats. This aircraft is certified to fly on three engines, and if one of the four fails, the vessel fully takes off, flies and lands on the three remaining engines. In this case, the cruising speed of the passenger aircraft "Boeing 747" is 913 km / h.

Giant A-380

the largest passenger plane in the world

The giant double-decker "Frenchman" - the A380 airliner, the first instance of which rolled off the assembly line in 2005, is the largest passenger aircraft in the entire history of world aviation. And indeed, its creators have something to be proud of - the cabin of the Airbus A380 accommodates 853 passengers. To date, more than 110 machines have already been built and commissioned. The monthly production of these aircraft is 2.5 cars. Today these giants are used by 20 airlines, the largest fleet is owned by the airline Emirates.

Cruising speed passenger aircraft A380 reaches 1020 km / h. Each liner consists of about four million individual parts and components.which are manufactured in thirty countries around the world by one and a half thousand manufacturing companies and are delivered using a unique logistic system developed by Airbus, including water, air, and road transport. Each landing gear withstands loads of about 260 tons (200 cars). For comparison with its predecessor, the wing area of ​​the A380 is equal to one and a half areas of the Boeing 747-400 wing and is 845 square meters.

Salon Airbus A380

The largest passenger aircraft in the world can be equipped with two types of low-noise engines: either the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 or the Engine Alliance GP7000. At the same time, the A380 is the most economical airliner in its segment - fuel consumption for passenger transportation per 100 km with cabin layout of 525 seats does not exceed three liters.

The size of the passenger aircraft is impressive, the cabin area of ​​the A380 is 554 square meters. The liner has two decks - the main one, whose width is record high - 6.5 meters, and the upper one with a width of 5.8 meters.

The air volume of 1,500 cubic meters every three minutes is replaced by an air-conditioning system, during the flight there is a pleasant silence in the cabin of the cabin, the roar of turbines is almost unheard of.

Russia is proud of them

And what does the domestic aviation industry offer us? The largest turboprop aircraft in the world - Antonov An-22. Its length is about 60 meters, the flight speed is 580 km / h. The first airliner was released in 1965.


Russian passenger aircraft

The legendary Tu-134 is a passenger airliner for medium-haul flights, up to 2,800 meters. It is designed for a maximum of 96 seats, its cruising speed is 850 km / h at an altitude of 11000 m. The Tu-154 is a larger aircraft, 158 people are accommodated in the cabin of three classes, and the economy class is 180. The maximum speed of this airliner is 950 km / h, and the modification of the Tu-154M is able to cover distances up to 5200 km.

The Tu-204 seats 214 passengers, and the cruising speed is a little less than the previous “fellow” - 850 km / h.


dimensions of passenger aircraft

The dry “Superjet” -100 is not the largest passenger aircraft in the world, but it is renowned for being the first Russian airliner designed using digital technology. It is designed for flights up to 3000 kilometers on low-loaded airlines. The maximum number of passengers is 98 people.


Speaking of domestic aircraft, it is impossible not to mention the "Ilyushins". Russian passenger planes represented by these design bureaus have several main types that are well known to us. We will tell about each of them in more detail.

Let's start with the simplest - "IL-62", the liner, which is produced since 1971 and is designed for flights over medium distances - up to 10,000 kilometers. This aircraft accommodates 198 passengers and five crew members. Its top speed at cruising altitude is 850 km / h.

As for the IL-86, it is also designed for medium-haul flights; a cabin containing two classes can accommodate 234 passengers, if the plane is three-class, then 314 people. In this case, customers are served by 11 flight attendants. The aircraft are equipped with twelve emergency ladders and all the necessary modern rescue systems. The IL-86's cruising speed is 950 km / h, the distances over which it flies do not exceed 5000 kilometers with a maximum flight duration of eight hours.


Now about the largest representative of the Ilyushin family - the Airbus IL-96. It is designed for flights over long distances. Three hundred people in economy class and 262 passengers in the cabin of three classes - this figure practically does not differ from the previously described model of this family. The liner flies with a maximum cruising speed of 900 km / h and is able to cover a distance of up to 12,100 km.Its improved "model" - IL-96M - accommodates a greater number of passengers - up to 435 people in a charter version.

Immediate Perspective, or Domestic Development

passenger aircraft speed

Today, the largest Russian aviation project is the Irkut MS-21. Within its framework it is planned to release short-medium-haul passenger liners. Now the company "Irkut" are developing and building, the first copies of the aircraft according to the plan will be certified in 2016, then flight tests will begin. Start of production of serial scale MS-21 is expected from 2017-2018. In the Russian passenger aircraft market, these airliners should change the Tu-154 and Tu-204 and will be operated on domestic and international airlines.

The project does not develop the largest passenger aircraft in the world, but the family of airliners being created will have three different types of aircraft in terms of passenger length and capacity - for 150, 180 and 210 seats. The model range will contain aircraft with increased flight range. The height of the cruise of the vessel will be 11,600 kilometers, the speed that the liner will develop, will be 870 km / h, the maximum length of the fluorescent is 39.5 meters. The crew will consist of two people.

Regarding the progress of work, the base of the project is the Yak-242.The development of the new wing is owned by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, the fuselage work is carried out directly by the Irkut Corporation and the Yakovlev Design Bureau.

It is assumed that the new liners will be more economical due to the use of modern composite materials, as well as engines of the new generation. The aircraft will be equipped with Pratt & Whitney gearbox turbofan engines, and in the future, it will be possible to install domestic PD-14 Perm engines.

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