What is the biggest building in the world?

Sprawling on the coast of Dubai attracts travelers not only the eternal summer and numerous resorts. In this largest city is the largest building in the world in size and height. It is called Burj Khalifa. A mega-tower of glass, concrete and metal, resembling a stalagmite, can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. It includes 163 floors, which accommodate residential, office and office space, as well as one of the best hotels in Asia.

Dubai's largest building in the world

Opening Tower in Dubai

Almost 6 years built the largest building in the world. Dubai has been in the spotlight of the media all this time, because everyone wanted to see how a unique skyscraper would turn out after construction. The grand opening of the tower was planned for autumn 2009, but due to cuts in funding, its construction took longer than originally planned. As a result, the skyscraper was presented to the public 4 months later - in January 2010. The title of the tallest structure ever existed on the planet, he received even during construction, 19 months before the opening.

The size of a skyscraper

The height of the largest building in the world is 828 meters. Before him, the title of the record holder was worn by a 646-meter radio mast in Warsaw, collapsed in 1991. The creator of the tower is a famous architect from the United States Adrian Smith. In addition to the Burj Khalifa, many other high-rise buildings were built according to his designs, the most famous of which is the Jin Mao 420-meter skyscraper of Shanghai. The fact that in Dubai, conceived the construction of the largest building on the planet, has been known for a long time. But the height of the skyscraper creators kept in secret until the last moment.

what is the biggest building in the world

Burj Khalifa: a view from the inside

Dubai Tower, the construction of which took almost 1.5 billion dollars, was designed as a city in the city. It has its own flower beds, parkland and even boulevards. For convenience, the building has 3 entrances: one of them leads to residential premises (there are 900 apartments in total), the second to offices, and the third to a chic hotel designed by world-famous designer Giorgio Armani. In addition, in the Burj Khalifa there are gymnasiums, swimming pools, a jacuzzi, about 1,200 shops, numerous cafes, restaurants, a huge aquarium, and everything that the most capricious guests and tourists may need.On the hundredth floor of the tower there are apartments of a millionaire of Indian origin B.R. Shetty. About half of the premises in the skyscraper are occupied by offices.

Once in the largest building in the world, tourists immediately rush to the observation deck. One of them is located on the 124th floor of the building. It allows you to see the panorama of the largest city in the UAE from a height of 452 meters. The second observation deck is the highest in the world. Located on the 148th floor, it allows you to admire the beauty of Dubai from a height of 555 meters. For a better tour of the city, visitors are offered to use an electronic telescope. On the 122 floor of the tower is located the famous restaurant "Atmosphere", where tourists can combine admiring the panoramas of Dubai with the absorption of delicious oriental dishes.

the largest building in the world by area

To make it comfortable for guests and guests to climb up, 57 elevators were installed in the building, which are going up at a speed of 10 meters per second. Despite the unbearable heat in the street, and in the summer months the thermometers reach 50 degrees above zero, a pleasant coolness always reigns in the Burj Khalifa. It was achieved thanks to a modern air conditioning system and special glass that reflects the sun's rays from its surface.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Now you know what the largest building in the world is. But in addition to the skyscraper in Dubai on our planet, there are other buildings, famous for its height. The second largest after Burj Khalifa is the Japanese TV tower, known as the Tokyo Sky Tree. Opened in 2012, the structure rises 634 meters high. This is not just a television tower. It attracts tourists with boutiques, restaurants, theater and viewing platforms located on its territory. The lower part of the building is equipped in the form of an entertainment zone, on which large shopping centers, a planetarium and an aquarium with exotic fish operate.

the height of the largest building in the world

Shanghai Megabye House

The building, the third highest in the world, is also located in Asia. It is the Shanghai Tower, just 2 meters behind the “heavenly tree” in Tokyo. The construction of a skyscraper in Shanghai ended in 2013, but its internal and external decoration continues today. Although the official opening of the tower has not yet taken place, it already now bears the title of the tallest building in China. The skyscraper will have 121 floors and two-level underground parking, capable of simultaneously accommodating 1,800 cars.

Even before its opening, the Shanghai Tower broke several world records at once.It is known that it installed the fastest elevators on the planet, lifting people at a speed of 18 meters per second. Also in the skyscraper is planned to open the highest hotel in the world. For her in the tower allocated area from the 84th to the 110th floor. Another record will beat the observation deck. It is set at 557 m above the ground, which is 2 m higher than in Burj Khalifa.

the largest building in the world

Abandoned mall

In addition to the giant buildings that attract crowds of tourists, there are houses that for some reason have been forgotten. The largest abandoned building in the world is the New South Shopping Center in Guangdong, China. Opened in 2005, it covers an area of ​​650 thousand square meters. Such a huge territory can accommodate 2350 boutiques. Such dimensions made the structure the largest shopping center in the world. The inner courtyard of the mega-building was decorated with numerous fountains, statues, palm trees and canals along which one could ride on real gondolas.

But fate was unfavorable to the shopping center: its premises are practically not rented. There are only a few shops in the building. The rest of his territory fell into neglect.Dirty corridors, peeling paint on the walls, dull signs, abandoned amusement rides and mountains of garbage - this is what is left of the Chinese shopping center today.

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