What is stimulation?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 26, 2015
What is stimulation?

Most often the word stimulation is used in medicine, namely in gynecology. In this case, with the help of stimulation, they increase the efficiency of certain organs (uterus, ovaries).

Although this word can be used in other areas and meanings, it is therefore necessary to understand what stimulation is.

Meaning of the word

In general, stimulation is the effect of a stimulant on someone or something.

Also, do not forget that stimulation is a stimulus or encouragement that leads to action (“You need a little stimulation in the form of a reprimand, and then the work will boil”).

This concept also indicates the result of a stimulating action: "Stimulation has benefited him - now he quickly and with pleasure achieves a goal."

Stimulation in medicine

In gynecology, the stimulation of organs with special preparations is used in several cases: either a woman cannot conceive a child or cannot give birth during labor activity.In the first case, the ovaries are stimulated in order for them to develop additional follicles for the earliest maturation of the egg. Do it to women if there are signs of infertility in women. In the second case, the walls of the uterus are stimulated for more active labor.

In addition, other organs can also be stimulated, for example, the pancreas. If she or her systems work poorly or not properly, the doctor may prescribe stimulation. You can also stimulate and potency in men.

Stimulate and the brain, acting on the cortex through the visual analyzer, presenting him with flashes of light.

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