What is relevancy and ranking?

Very often, when reading an article on SEO, users are not very well aware of what relevancy is. And for some reason it is implied that absolutely all readers know the meaning of this concept! As a result, any article can be misunderstood, because relevance and ranking are extremely important concepts, the explanation of which cannot be neglected.

what is relevance

Relevance, meaning of the word

So, relevance, which is synonymous with "compliance", is used not only in the computer field. This word is derived from the adjective "relevant" and indicates the subject's ability to correspond to something, to be quite important. Knowing the meaning of the word "relevance", it is already possible to suggest how the concept will be determined in the field of website promotion.

SEO Relevance

If you are developing your own website, then it is much more important to understand what relevancy is from the point of view of SEO, than to consider the book value of the word.

relevancy synonym

Relevance is the page matching the search query. In other words, it is this indicator that allows you to issue a huge amount of advice, veterinary clinics and any other suitable pages to the request “how to treat a cat”.

If search engines believe that some article is more relevant than another, then in the issue it will put the first page above the second. Accordingly, the first issue link best matches the search query. The goal of any SEO optimization is to raise the relevance score.

What is ranking

What is relevance, has already been discussed above, now it's time to introduce a new term. Ranking is a process that results in search results. In addition to relevance, the process takes into account the age of the site, the number of articles indexed, the uniqueness of the content, the availability of the site for search robots, and behavioral factors. The latter was taken into account quite recently, but plays a significant role: the number of failures, the average time spent on the page and similar indicators.

How to make an article relevant

That search engines define your article as the most appropriate query,you need to understand what relevancy is, and be able to work with third-party tools. Among them - a huge number of sites, up to Advego.

Relevance scores are influenced by keywords, their location, naturalness, and meta tags. For example, search engines will give preference to the page where it says “horoscope for archer”, even if the search query was “horoscope archer”.

relevance value

With the number of keywords a little more difficult. It is considered that the optimal indicator is 4–5%. Such text is easy to read, it looks natural, but it also meets the requirements of the largest search engines (Yandex and Google).

On the arrangement of keywords also written a lot of articles. Somewhere it is recommended to insert them in the middle, somewhere at the beginning of the text. All agree on only one thing: keywords must be entered evenly.

For a very long time it makes no sense to write the keywords meta tag: several years ago, search engines refused to take it into account because of the huge number of non-relevant pages. However, there is a description meta tag, the correct filling of which directly affects the ranking.

Semantic tags that have been added to HTML 5 can also affect the output, because they tell search robots exactly where the article is located (<article> </ article>) or any other important information (<section> </ section>) .

Increasing page relevancy is an important and responsible process. The easiest way to do this is to post an article that reveals the meaning of the search query.

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