What is important for women? Very Important Tips for Men

5-04-2017, 12:00
I know women who have a lot of money, but they don’t feel happy either. They all talk about the lack of love and attention. Feel unnecessary, abandoned and unloved. What is the reason for their dissatisfaction? Why is this state of love and desire so quickly disappears in a relationship?
What is important for women? Very Important Tips for Men

I will reveal to you one secret, using which you will always be for your beloved the best and most desirable man (this does not mean at all that you can lie on the couch and not earn).

There are many ways to enable a man to achieve a high rating from a woman without investing much effort. The main thing here is the reorientation of interests and efforts. Although most men have an idea of ​​these signs of attention, they do not turn to them because they do not understand the meaning given to them by women.The man sincerely believes that such "little things" are insignificant and can not be compared with those powerful manifestations of love, which are directed to his efforts.
Some men resort to these small signs of attention, but do not go beyond one or two attempts, as if some mysterious force makes them concentrate energy on more significant ways of expressing love. And then women lose those “trifles” that are very significant for them, because they bring a feeling of satisfaction. To give a partner the opportunity to experience this feeling, it is important for a man to know what a woman needs in order to feel her love and support.
The principle of evaluation that guides the woman is based on her true needs. To feel loved, it is important for women to periodically receive signs of attention. They cannot be satisfied by one or two manifestations of love, regardless of their significance.
What is important for women? Very Important Tips for Men

Men are often hard to understand.
A woman feels that she is loved when she is regularly fed with attention. And then she is able to show reciprocal love, trust, can appreciate the efforts of the man, encourage him and support.
Here is a sample list of such "little things"
He will help you to show your love.
Just read it, these are the most common wishes of women. So say "Menu", the choice is yours.
- The first thing that is important for you to do when you return home is to hug your wife.
Ask her about the past day. Your questions will show her that you are aware of her plans. (For example: "Have you been to the doctor? And what did he say?")
- Learn to listen and ask questions.
- Sometimes bring your wife flowers for no specific reason. Let it be a pleasant surprise for her.
- Do not wait for Friday to ask your wife how she would like to spend the weekend, plan it together.
- If your wife needs to cook dinner, and she is tired or very busy, offer to help her.
- Give your wife compliments, probably your woman has a lot of advantages.
- Respect her feelings when she is angry or upset.
“If your wife’s feelings are hurt, express your sympathy to her:“ I am very sorry that you are so worried. ” And say nothing more. Give her the opportunity to appreciate your attention. Do not offer advice, do not try to prove that her experiences are not your fault.
- If you need to be alone, tell your wife that it is not related to her, you just need time to think about some issues.When you come to your senses, explain the reason for your concern.
- If the wife usually washes the dishes, offer her services from time to time, especially if she is tired.
- Hug your wife more often, touching with love has healing power.
- Call your wife from work to find out how things are going with her, or to share the news, and sometimes just to say: "I love you."
- If someone brought your wife out of balance, take her side.
- Offer her a massage.
- Do not forget about caresses not related to sex.
- Be patient when your wife shares her experiences with you. Do not look at the clock. Show attention.
- If you watch TV together, do not constantly switch channels, ask what is interesting to her.
- Show to the wife attention in people.
- Order tickets to the theater, philharmonic, opera, ballet or other places where she likes to go.
- Find a reason for which you could dress smartly.
- Treat with understanding if the wife is delayed or decides to change the toilet.
- Being with your wife in society, pay more attention to her than others.
- Prefer wife over children. Let the children see that your attention, first of all, is given to their mother.
- Make your wife small gifts: candy or perfume.
- Photograph your wife.
- Take short romantic walks.
- Kiss her.
- In solemn occasions, such as an anniversary or birthdays, write a letter or a postcard to your wife.
- Pay attention to how the wife looks, and do not forget to comment on this. Notice: “You look great today,” or “You look tired,” and then ask, “How was your day?”.
- Attend dance parties or take dance lessons with your wife.
- Write a love message to your wife or dedicate a poem to her to surprise her.
- Give her the same signs of attention and try to behave with her as you did at the beginning of your acquaintance.
- Open the door to his wife.
- When the wife cooks, appreciate her culinary art.
“When your wife talks to you, look at her.”
- Talking to your wife, touch her hand.
- Show interest to her friends, hobbies, books that she reads.
- Try to go to bed at the same time as her.
- If the wife did her hair, give her a compliment.
“Find time to be with her alone.”
- Do not answer the phone in intimate moments or when she shares her experiences with you.
- Show your wife that you were bored while away.
- Buy your favorite wife cakes or pies.
- If the products are usually purchased by the wife, offer to do it instead.
- Thank her when she does something for you. It is very important to her.
- Leaving, kiss the wife.

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