What is formatting?

Alina Alexandrova
Alina Alexandrova
January 11, 2013
What is formatting?

The word formatting itself already formulates the answer to your question. Formatting is the casting of something to a specific format. You can format not only disks, but also texts, floppy disks, optical media (CD / DVD / Blu-ray-disks), solid-state drives (flash memory, SSD) and so on.

Why do I need to format disks?

This point can be explained in an accessible language: a hard disk without formatting consists of a crumpled sheet of paper. When a disk is formatted, a sheet of paper is a smooth flat surface on which information can be easily and easily recorded. How does formatting differ from disk defragmentation? Formatting data destroys. Defragmentation does not destroy. So much for the difference. When formatting a disk, all information is completely destroyed.

Text formatting

Reduction of the text to a specific format. That is what is meant. Be sure to set a specific font (bold, italics, underlined). Choose a font theme and font size.When formatting text, we can use text color and other available functions. In other words, we elementary draw up a document. The formatted text is stored in text files in the computer itself.

Three formatting processes

  1. Low-level formatting (this is the basic markup of the storage tier);
  2. Splitting into stages (the volume of the hard drive is divided into logical drives C and D);
  3. High-level formatting (this process forms logical structures).

Now you know what formatting is. We hope that our article was useful for you.

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