What is camping?

December 19, 2014
What is camping?

The word "camping" came to us from the English language: "camping". It is formed from the noun "camp" (camp) and has already become international. So what is camping?

Camping is a special type of outdoor recreation, when tourists are accommodated in tents or in cabins on wheels (the so-called trailers). For the Russian-speaking person, the word “hike” will be much more familiar, but it does not quite correctly reflect the meaning of “camping”.

Also, camping is called not only the event itself, but also the camp itself, the place.

Typically, camping is a prepared area where you can park for several cars, set up a lot of tents, folding tables and chairs, etc. As a rule, this is a beautiful place in the midst of nature: for example, on the shore of a lake, the sea or in the steppe. There is even a road sign indicating the location for camping. For those who love to travel and does not sit in a day, the campsite will be a real boon.

Some hotels and recreation centers are built according to the type of campgrounds: in the same area there are many small houses (their design resemblesNif-Nifa's house from a fairy tale about three pigs). Usually in such hotels infrastructure is well developed.

Camping - the dream of an active tourist

Camping is quite an exciting and inexpensive form of recreation. You can go on a trip with your family, grab your friends and stay in a beautiful place, set up camp, spend the night under the open sky, and go fishing or play badminton the next morning. After a short break from the long road, you can go exploring the country further.

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