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In order to make the mortgage more affordable, for individuals, in 1997, an organization called AHML was created. What it is, what offers and programs it offers will be discussed in this article.

The legal form and concept of activity

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This organization operates in the form of a joint stock company and is state-owned. Through AHML in the Russian Federation, mortgages are provided to individuals through intermediary banks. The agency redeems the rights of claims on mortgage loans from financial organizations, allocating funds generated when high-liquid assets are placed on the stock market.

Thus, the answer to the question “What is AHML?” Will be approximately as follows: “This is an agency engaged in housing lending to the population.”

Objectives and mechanisms of organization

These loans could be obtained not only in banks, but also in branches of this organization throughout the country. However, the goal, the equivalence of conditions in obtaining a mortgage for all individuals in the country was not achieved.This was due to the fact that not all regions had banks working with AHML, and the branches served only those living in the territory where the branch is located.

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In 2015, the state created on its basis a single institute for the development of the housing sector. Currently, AHML is able to stimulate the start of construction and form effective demand for it, reducing the risks in mortgage lending, stimulating the construction of affordable housing, and developing the market for financial instruments and banks.

Real Estate Loan

AHML and mortgage refinancing. This organization participates in the state program "Housing for the Russian family." If a citizen entered this program in 2017, he paid a down payment in an amount that was at least 50%, or if housing costs from 40 million rubles, then the AHML refinancing rate was 9%. If the down payment is 30-50%, the rate increases by 0.25%. Another 0.25% increase with 20-30% payment of real estate before receiving a loan. In some regions, the rate is reduced to 7.25-7.5%.

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This organization in the matter of providing the population with a mortgage follows the path of the banks.In case of non-fulfillment of some additional conditions, the rate increases. These include:

  • personal insurance of the borrower;
  • wage confirmation certificate form 2-NDFL;
  • submission of documents only a passport and one of the other documents.

To get a mortgage refinancing in AHML, you must have experience on the last job from six months, age from 21 to 65 years, the PI should not have losses over the past 2 years. At the same time, co-borrowers may participate in the loan agreement in the amount of up to 4 people.

The previous loan should be repaid regularly during the last half year, there should be no arrears due to arrears, and also the last within a month, the loan should not be restructured.

Refinancing is provided for up to 30 years in the amount of up to 80% of the value of real estate. The maximum amount in Russia is 10,000,000 rubles. For Moscow - 20,000,000 rubles. The minimum amount for all subjects = 300 000 rubles. When refinancing it is assumed compulsory insurance of the property going into pledge.

Refinancing Documents

What is AHML need to provide in order to be able to refinance a mortgage?

First of all, you need to fill out a questionnaire, which is also a statement.

Next, you need to collect and submit the following documents:

mortgage refinancing

  • Russian passport;
  • for men up to 27 years old - a military ID or a document providing a deferment;
  • copy of employment record or employment contract (must be certified by the employer);
  • certificate 2-NDFL for the last six months (sometimes a form of lender is required);
  • for individual entrepreneurs - certificate of state registration and tax return for the last 8 reporting periods (2 years);
  • for pensioners - a pension certificate or certificate confirming receipt of a pension, as well as a certificate of the amount of the pension;
  • on real estate transferred as collateral - a report after the evaluation of the object; if the seller is not a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, you need an identity card; if the age of the latter exceeds 65 years, then you need a driver's license or a certificate from the IPA.

If an apartment is purchased in the primary housing market, a contract of equity participation or assignment of rights is granted; if in the secondary market - then the documents establishing and approving the rights to real estate, and technical documentation.

Understanding Mortgage Borrowers Support Program

ayzhk program assistance to mortgage borrowers

This program was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2015, and it was assumed that it will be valid until May 31, 2017. However, due to the early spending of funds allocated for this program, in March 2017 it ceased to exist.

In 2017, the Russian government allocated 2 billion rubles. on the program of assistance to mortgage borrowers. AHML is currently engaged in providing it to the needy, according to the criteria specified in this document.

Type of assistance provided

It is provided in AHML loan restructuring. The latter can be carried out by concluding an additional agreement between the borrower and the lender on changing the terms of the loan. A new loan agreement may also be entered into. To implement the restructuring, the borrower must submit an application to the agency.

Amount of state support

It should not exceed 30% of the remaining loan amount, and not more than 1.5 million rubles. There is an interdepartmental commission that can make a decision when a creditor contacts it to increase the maximum amount of restructuring up to 2 times.

Restructuring terms


What does AHML offer to borrowers for restructuring? First of all, it should be noted that the agency operates within the framework of a government decree,which involves the provision of assistance while meeting the following conditions:

  1. Borrower category - citizens who have or are guarding or guarding minor children or children under 24 years of age, provided they receive higher and postgraduate education in full-time education; having children with disabilities or being disabled themselves; who are veterans of hostilities.
  2. The borrower has undergone negative changes in the financial plan - it is determined not only in relation to the borrower, but also to joint co-borrowers. The average income of their families per month for the last 3 such periods before the date of filing an application for restructuring, minus the planned payments for the loan, should be 2 times the minimum subsistence level for each family member for each family member. Here, a new compared to the previously existing program was that the size of the planned payment increased by 30% or more compared to that calculated on the date of the loan agreement, which implies priority assistance for individuals who have taken a mortgage in foreign currency.
  3. The territorial identity of residential real estate - the Russian Federation. The object must be issued as a pledge.
  4. The area of ​​a one-room apartment should not exceed 45 square meters. m, two-room - 65, three-and more room - 85.
  5. This should be the only housing. Up to 50% share in 1 other residential property is allowed. AHML is checked, the applicant does not have to confirm anything.
  6. The term of the loan agreement - it must be concluded at least 1 year before filing an application for restructuring.

Reviews of AHML

aizhk reviews

If we analyze the reviews, we can note that most of them are positive. Borrowers like the fact that there is a relatively low rate and a good attitude towards young families. However, there are negative reviews. AHML was denied a mortgage to some potential borrowers without giving a reason. In fairness, it should be noted that such a clause in the mortgage agreement, as a waiver without explanation, is provided for in the contracts of many credit institutions.


The answer to the question "What is AHML?" suggests itself from the abbreviation - this is the agency of mortgage lending.It was created by the state, through a number of banks ensures the provision of citizens of countries with affordable mortgage. It provides for refinancing and debt restructuring under certain conditions.

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