What is a duplex?

May 13, 2015
What is a duplex?

Quite often in our lives we have to deal with the concept of "duplex". Translated from Latin, duplex means "double", which already tells us about the general meaning of a word - something consisting of two equivalent parts or performing a double function. Let us consider in more detail what duplex is in various areas of life.

Duplex in real estate

Recently, duplex-type buildings have become popular - a two-section home for two families. Each section has its own entrance and, as a rule, two floors with a common side wall.

Duplex in networks

In networks, the concept of duplex is used in the exchange of information between the receiver and transmitter.

Full duplex data transfer. In this mode, the communication device can at any time and transmit and receive information. Reception and transmission of data are carried out on two different communication channels. For example, a telephone.

Half duplex data transmission. The device at any time can either transmit or receive information.For example, a walkie-talkie.

Simplex data transfer. One-way transmission of information over a single communication channel. For example, broadcasting.

Duplex printing

A printing method that makes it possible to make a single-color drawing more expressive by using two inks - color and black or gray.

Duplex in MFP

MFP - multifunction device. In this context, duplex refers to the capabilities of the printer itself, allowing duplex printing, that is, the printer turns the sheet of paper on its own.

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