What is a catalyst?

Elena Kasyanova
Elena Kasyanova
January 25, 2015
What is a catalyst?

Previously, air pollution was not paid so much attention. But in recent years, due to a sharp increase in the number of cars, the problem of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere is one of the most important in the world. And it was solved using a catalyst.

About what it is, consider more.

Catalyst - a necessary part of the car

A catalyst or catalytic converter is a chemical substance (barium, platinum, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel), which changes the reaction of substances, but does not change itself. Under the catalyst of the car understand the exhaust system, including an oxygen sensor and a regulating device. In the case of the catalyst is a honeycomb structure, metal or ceramic. In the process of chemical transformations, harmful substances and toxic exhaust gases are converted to harmless ones.

The catalyst resource is about 100 thousand km. However, not enough quality fuel can lead to misses in the ignition of the spark, and consequently to overheating and breakdown of the catalyst.Periodically, it requires replacement. It is expensive - from 30 to 150 thousand rubles. But there is an alternative option - to install a universal catalyst or flame arrester. Under the universal catalyst understand the replacement of only part of the exhaust pipe, failed. The flame arrester removes only extraneous sounds without cleaning the exhaust fumes.

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