What are birthday flowers?

Birthday is a special day for every person. This is a celebration of one person, which is expected a whole year. We receive gifts and flowers on this day. It is easy and pleasant. And when we are invited to such a celebration, we are confronted with the problem of choosing gifts and do not know which birthday flowers to give to friends, loved ones and loved ones.

The most important thing to remember when buying flowers is the person for whom you actually do it. Who is it: a man or a woman? Age of this person? All this needs to be taken into account.

It is advisable to know which flowers the birthday man prefers. Communicating with this person, find out about his tastes and better make yourself a note somewhere, for example, in a notebook or calendar, so you will definitely make your task easier.

Flowers for a man's birthday

If you want to give flowers to a man, do not hesitate - this is normal, but only if he is older than the woman or is her teacher, teacher or mentor. Men also receive flowers for anniversaries. In other cases - he should give a woman flowers, and not she to him.Give a classic bouquet. It can be monochrome carnations or roses, but not small bouquets.

Flowers for a girlfriend's birthday

For girls more suitable cream, pink, yellow or white flowers, that is, light shades. It is very original to present light tender lilies of the valley, which are recognized by the colors of the kings after the bride of Prince William married him in 2011 and used these charming flowers in her wedding bouquet.

You can also please the girl with a bunch of alstroemeria, carnations, callas, freesias, lilies or peonies.

If you choose a deserved flower queen - a rose, then give the young woman white, cream or light pink roses.

Beloved girl buy red roses. Do you want to convey an avalanche of your feelings through a bouquet? Make a bouquet of multi-colored roses, it will look great.

A woman is better to give a classic set of flowers: chrysanthemums, orchids, dahlias and, of course, roses.

Flowers for mother's birthday

Mom is undoubtedly the most expensive person, I want to please her in a special way. More recently, florists have created several compositions of flowers that are distinguished by elegance and particular originality. You can use these ideas too!

Create bouquets, and attach a sweet surprise to them, you can sign, for example, "Gift for your beloved mommy." Looks elegant composition of white lilac, sweet peas, bright tulips, complemented by a small box of her favorite chocolate. You can give a bouquet with a beautiful vase in the set. Florists invented a wonderful composition - a lot of coral peonies and small apricot roses, the whole bouquet in a porcelain amphora vase.

In this case, mothers are different.

  • Give your business mom yellow roses, lilies or chrysanthemums to relieve her stress and bring more light to the house.
  • Mom-housewife fit bright motley tulips, bringing diversity and showing your love.
  • Conservative mothers like the classic: garden roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas.
  • Active moms will make a compliment to lilies and orchids, telling her that her figure is just wonderful.
  • Mothers with a sophisticated taste will love the chic large bouquet of roses, carnations or lilies with long legs. The bouquet should be elegant and elegant.

To help you, let us tell you which flowers are suitable for different signs of the zodiac.

  • Aries: peonies, chrysanthemums, geraniums, daffodils.
  • Taurus: lilac, orchid, tulip, rose, lily of the valley.
  • Gemini: rose, poppy, freesia, orchid, mimosa.
  • Cancer: irises, lily, geranium, lilac, white rose.
  • Lion: orchid, isstroemeria, lily of the valley, gladiolus.
  • Virgo: rose, gerbera, chrysanthemum, aster.
  • Scales: freesia, orchids, eustoma, molicel.
  • Scorpio: pansies, trachelium, carnations.
  • Sagittarius: tulips, peonies, daffodils, mimosa.
  • Capricorn: poppy, jasmine, orchid.
  • Aquarius: Protea, narcissus, calla lily.
  • Fish: orchid, lilac, freesia, white tulip.

Choosing a bouquet of flowers for your birthday, listen to your feelings, maybe they will help you to understand what you want to convey to a person with your gift, what words you want to say not out loud, with which flowers your birthday person associates. You can make a bouquet by yourself, without listening to anyone's advice.

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