What do women like in men?

Today we will talk with you on a very interesting topic that will be interesting for both men and women. After all, not everyone knows that women like men in fact. And this question worries many men, because they want to attract the attention of women. And this is absolutely normal. Someone asks such questions to their mothers, someone to their friends, but most want to know the truth on the Internet.

Positive qualities of men

Suppose that there are no universal criteria to determine which men like women. But still, let's try to highlight some of them:

  • A man must be strong. Despite the latest fashion trends for frailty and effeminacy, the ability to protect and help the weaker sex is still appreciated. It is very good if a man goes in for sports, goes to the gym, or at least exercises in the morning. It is nice to see a muscular and developed body against which a woman is simply Thumbelina;
  • Honesty, kindness and sincerity. Combined these qualities in one category is not casual.And they can be continued with an endless list, because this is the standard of behavior in society from the moral side. Agree that no one will like an evil sly liar with whom it is impossible to communicate. If these qualities did not bring up in a man, then he is unlikely to take himself in hand, although everything can be.
  • The manner of behavior, gallantry, gentlemen's set - call it what you want, but the spit-headed spit who did not give you a hand, as a result of which you fell into a puddle, it is very easy to get around female attention. But do not get fooled by the first impression: it is possible that he cursed because I was tired and angry, and so - women do not like this, it is definitely.
  • Care, attention, caress, kind words - something that a woman will certainly appreciate! After all, the words of support in a difficult moment, but also a smile and a hug, can melt any heart.
  • Girls easily subdue their hobbies, showing himself in it with the best hand. You take a great interest in poetry - read your favorite verse, love fast riding a motorcycle - offer a ride, swim well - give a master class in the pool.
  • Generosity - this characteristic of men like many women, although the stingy should not be confused with the economical.But it is no secret that girls love surprises. It sounds very mercantile, but where without it: donate flowers or a soft toy. And if you do not want platitudes, then go to an unusual place that will really surprise. This could be a dolphinarium, a flower gallery, an exhibition of live butterflies, or water skiing. It is good that in the modern world is full of what can surprise and bestow a girl. Beloved woman do not take the money, words, attention. From the material choose jewelry and clothes - what you wear every day. After all, it is impossible to forget about a person if his gift is always with you. Smoothly proceed to the next item.
  • Be attentive to everything that concerns a girl. Teach yourself to ask about the health of her grandmother, be interested in her cat and do not forget about important dates for her: birthday, the day of your first kiss. If a man starts a relationship with a woman who has a child, then undoubtedly it is worthwhile to pay a lot of attention to the child, pamper him and be friends with him.
  • Without options, what will be left behind in those who are cruel to children, animals and people with disabilities. By showing his complicity to the grief of a little bird that has lost the house, the man will be forever higher in the eyes of the beloved lady.

Inflated women's demands

What do you think, does a woman like a man if she has too high demands on him? Always remember that too demanding women are usually alone. Because there are no perfect men. This also applies to women, by the way.

We hope that our article has brought you some benefit. Remember that each person has his own drawbacks. If a man has much more good qualities, then one should simply close his eyes to such defects. And if a man has at least some of the qualities listed above, then you can only congratulate you. Some qualities will come with time, while others will bring a woman who will appear in his life. After all, as they say: "love will change your life." We hope that the men who have read the article will also draw their own conclusions on the topic. Try to meet the above criteria, and then, every woman will appreciate it.

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