What distinguishes a well-groomed girl from the usual?

For me, a girl's grooming is three signs that are impossible to fake, pull down or hide. They are still visible! The first is healthy hair. It should be damaged, burned - you will recover for years. The second is good skin, the whole way of life is immediately visible on it. And the third sign is beautiful teeth. Moreover, modern technology is now almost working wonders! Rate what a cool thing I'm testing!
In total there are three types of toothbrushes: regular, with which we mechanically brush our teeth, electric and ultrasonic. The latter, however, is not for many. This invention appeared relatively recently and is expensive. Compare them?
Ordinary toothbrush is known to us since childhood. She needs to thoroughly brush her teeth for at least 2-3 minutes, although usually no one can withstand this time, and her movements are not right. The tartar does not remove, in case the bristles are of poor quality, can damage the gums.
An electric toothbrush is considered an advanced option. It sweeps particles more efficiently, making much more small movements and vibrations. Due to the fact that you do not need to put a substantial effort, a toothbrush is more popular than usual, although it costs more. Until recently, I preferred it. Until she faced the queen of toothbrushes - an ultrasonic brush.

Look, here she is. This brush is called Asahi (Asahi) Irica (Irika). It is based on the latest Japanese developments and is recognized as the most technologically advanced toothbrush this year. You can say the best of the best.

The meaning of such a complex system with ultrasound is that it does work that cannot be done mechanically.
I will give the facts:
1. The brush performs 16,000 mechanical vibrations per minute. It is 16,000, because it is a verified, optimal combination for better tooth brushing.
2. Brush generates 1.6 MHz ultrasound. This is equivalent to 96 million pulsations per minute. It is clear that you never clean it yourself.
There is another advantage, it concerns people with hypersensitivity gums. Strongly mechanically press the brush, do not press on! Everything makes an ultrasound.Thus, a rather unpleasant bleeding problem is solved. Research can be found here: asahi-irica.ru.
No special cleaning technique is required with one exception. It is necessary to close the mouth, because ultrasound is most effectively transmitted through water. It is important that when cleaning you do not need to force the brush against the teeth mechanically - ultrasound will do everything. Brush your teeth with sweeping movements in a radius of 2-3 cm.
Three nozzles are included in the package. Long bristles sweep food from the gaps between the teeth, short brush off the plaque and there is a massage nozzle for the gums. Also included are caps for nozzles and a charger.
Here, by the way. Since the brush has a charger, you can ask how safe it is. In principle, the brush has a rubberized body and can be used in the shower without fear of wet hands. The charger is also protected against ingress of water.

When I brushed my teeth for the first time, I noticed a significant lightening of the enamel. It even seemed to me that this is a whitening effect. Because I heard on TV - the brush just very effectively removes plaque. A true leader for those who can afford it.Of course, such a miracle is more expensive than a regular brush - from 9,500 rubles. But having tried it once, you will not return to the usual one.

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