Wax depilation: reviews of the procedure

Removing unwanted hair from the face or body for a giventhe moment is almost the only procedure that is practiced by eight women out of ten. Even the statistics of the use of decorative cosmetics among the adult female population is several percent behind these indicators. Naturally, the techniques to get rid of unwanted hairs do not stand still. But, as well as many years ago, the most popular (after the bored all shaving) remains wax depilation. Comments on the current procedure of salon procedure and its traditional "home" analogues read on.wax depilation reviews

All pluses of wax depilation

Studying the procedure before the first removal experiencehair this method, it seems that the pros and cons of a relatively not pleasant process and a satisfactory result are divided equally. About the wax depilation, the reviews are so contradictory that the opponents come to an agreement only at the final point of disagreement, namely, the effect of the procedure is really high, incomparable neither with shaving, nor with the work of an electric epilator.

Let's try to analyze all the statements "for" that can be considered undeniable:

  • The technique is available in the salon presentation, if the speed of hair regrowth does not force to contact the master twice a month - then it will seem expensive.
  • Skin after waxing and for at least two weeks remains smooth. Wax strips for depilation (reviews from the network) give a guarantee less, but they are convenient to use at home.
  • With regular procedures, the hairs on the treated areas are thinned, and after a few years the hair follicles degrade completely.
  • The procedure promotes the renewal of the epidermis by removing old dead cells that accumulate around the follicles.
  • The speed of depilation of individual parts of the body varies only from 20 to 40 minutes, and complete depilation (hairy areas on the legs, hands, bikini, above the upper lip) takes only one and a half to two hours.
  • It is completely safe, if it is a question ofsalon procedure, and minimally risky at home - allergy components of the wax mass will not cause for certain, but the burns are excluded only with a competent approach to the hot method of removal. Cold or warm ways are safe even with the most amateurish approach.

Unfortunately, all the pluses from the procedureIt negates the wrong skin care after wax depilation. Comments on irritations that do not occur for a long time, ingrown hairs, unpleasant itching - all this is nothing more than the consequences of an illiterate approach to caring for a delicate, renewed skin after the procedure. Be attentive to this process, and most of the negative points listed in the following list will not affect you.wax strips for depilation reviews

All the disadvantages of wax depilation

Voxation is done on various parts of the body, and,Of course, there are sites where painful sensations cause severe discomfort - it is a question of wax depilation of the face (feedback on the procedure and its progress in details read further) or the "bikini" zone. With this discomfort will have to accept - the salon master will make maximum efforts to reduce pain when removing the frozen mass, but completely avoid negative emotions will not succeed. This is one of the minuses of the procedure, which is considered the main one. Other disadvantages include the following:

  • Correctly removed only hairs longer than 0.4 cm, and therefore, within 4-6 days after the follicles begin to germinate, it will be impossible to correct the position.
  • If the procedure is performed according to all rules, thenRedness at the treatment site wax passes in a few hours. However, girls with particularly sensitive skin sometimes have to face two to three days of irritation.
  • Often in the reviews of wax depilation "bikini"is called the record holder for the number of growing hairs, and this is true if one simple rule is not observed - regular use of careful scrubs for the body.
  • Inattention to the composition of the finishedwax paste sometimes leads to an allergic reaction, but to avoid this is very simple - you need to thoroughly study the component set of each of the proposed masses and choose one that does not contain allergens.
  • At home procedures, errors in the preparation of the substance are possible, which then is severely removed from the skin.
  • The whole day after using depilatoryThe skin that has undergone treatment should not be exposed to direct sunlight, apply creams, tanning sprays or any perfumed products.

And yet, the master will refuse to depilate, ifat the supposed site of hair removal, there are: rashes, purulent formations, protruding veins, fresh abrasions, cuts, bruises, papillomas and large relief moles. This concerns the procedure of any kind of wax depilation. The opinions of many specialists add one more item to this list that is not specified in the list of prohibitions, but refers to undesirable ones - this is a lot of tanned skin. The fact is that after the procedure the epidermis glows 1-2 colors, and the sharp difference between the treated and untreated surfaces may look unaesthetic.wax strips for depilation reviews which

Varieties of wax for the procedure

In the salon, when choosing a method of depilation, the master suggests choosing from three options for completing the procedure:

  • A hot method is a wax mass for this methodis made up of resin from coniferous trees and products of oil distillation. Often in the hot substance there are natural oils, which are especially important when removing hair on the delicate skin of the face.
  • A warm method - in mass for fast-coolingThere are also pine resins, but natural beeswax is also added. This method refers to the most optimal for home use - properly cooked pasta falls well, does not flow, cools quickly and leaves no burns.
  • The coldest way is the most painful, but because ofaccessibility is most often used for self depilation. The effect lasts for a relatively short time - about a week. This method does not require melting wax or its preparation from scratch - the right amount of funds have already been applied to special strips available for sale.

A closer look at the recommendationsspecialists about wax strips for depilation in the bikini zone. Reviews of most salon craftsmen are very categorical against using a cold method of hair removal in this highly sensitive area - because of strong pain and high percentage of remaining hairs.

When the procedure is contraindicated

In addition to the features of the skin relief, which were mentioned above, a good master will be forced to refuse to conduct the procedure under the following circumstances:

  • presence of herpes infection;
  • allergy to one or more ingredients of the formulation;
  • warts, hanging moles, closely located to the surface of the skin capillary vascular network;
  • porous, acne prone skin;
  • fungus;
  • current disease associated with fever.

In addition, the master must be informed aboutdiabetic disease, if any, about problems with blood coagulability, a low pain threshold. You should not come to the procedure if the scheduled day began menstrual bleeding or there is a pregnancy at any time.wax strips for depilation face reviews

Preparing for hair removal

To minimize the unpleasant sensations,accompanying the procedure in any case, you can start with simple calculations relating to the hormonal activity of the organism, as is known very responsive to any tactile manifestations on certain days. The most optimal days for any depilation will be 4 or 5 days from the last day of the month, and the best time of the day - from two o'clock in the afternoon to five o'clock in the evening. Categorically it is not recommended to perform the procedure during menstruation, as well as three days before and within three days after - during this period, women become aggravated by sensitivity, and the body can respond to rude interference with a severe pain reaction.

To the procedure for removing hair preparation is necessarystart 4-5 days before the appointed date. First of all, you need to make sure that there are no lesions or painful formations on the selected site, then start to gently cleanse the skin with scrubs, and this applies not only to the face, but to the legs, and the groin area.

Two to three days before the procedure should be limitedstay in the sun, do not apply to the body means for tanning, do not eat foods saturated with carotene - carrot juice, for example. In advance, you need to decide on the procedure, what type of wax - hot, warm or cold, is planned to be processed. Make a sample if depilation is performed for the first time.

Going to depilation of the face, do not needto apply makeup, on the contrary, it is desirable to cleanse the face as much as possible and even to steam it on the eve, having carried out a deep peeling (without mechanical cleaning). If the wax depilation of the legs is planned, reviews of girls with a low pain threshold will come in handy an hour before the procedure, they recommend taking an anesthetic pill and making sure that the master also performs local anesthesia.best wax strips for depilation reviews

Depilation of the bikini zone - secrets and features

The groin area and the area between the buttocks are the bikini zone- called the most traumatic. Independently such a procedure is better not to conduct, or, if you decide, do not use the hot wax application technique, otherwise the consequences of inept application of a burning substance may be deplorable.

What do I need to know before I go to the procedure?

  • The length of overgrown hairs should not beless than 0.4 cm. The exception is the procedure for using wax strips for depilation. The reviews of cosmetologists make an amendment that in this case it is enough 1.5 mm of the length of the grown hair.
  • Salon, in which you go, should usefor each individual customer an individual one-time package with tools - the package should be opened at the client immediately before the procedure.
  • It is necessary to specify in advance with the master the moment of anesthesia - it is possible that the salon uses the means not suitable for you, and you will have to put the necessary ointment at home.
  • It should not be, going to the wax depilation of the bikini zone(reviews of the girls speak eloquently about this), wear tight jeans, shorts or lace underwear. After removing hair, rubbing against a synthetic fabric or restraining clothes will cause a lot of unpleasant minutes.

Having come home after depilation, immediately apply a suitable remedy, which stops rapid growth of hair.

How does bikini depilation with hot wax

What will happen in the office of a cosmetologist andwhat needs to be prepared? First of all, even if the client has carried out an independent peeling of the problem area, the expert will still duplicate exfoliation with a special composition on fruit acids or other effective means. Then, if a hot wax hair removal method is chosen, the wizard will heat the wax paste and the spatula quickly distribute the desired amount of the substance according to the previously agreed perimeter of the pubic region. When the wax cools, the cosmetologist will remove the frozen substance with a sharp movement against the growth of the hair.wax depilation face reviews

How to use wax strips in the bikini zone

If you decide to use wax strips fordepilation "bikini", reviews of experienced "victims" of fashion and beauty will help you in choosing the best means. The procedure can be carried out independently at home, for which you must first buy the appropriate kit for depilation, and then do the following:

  • Extract the finished strips from the package and cut them into pieces corresponding to the size of the problem areas.
  • Each strip is heated according to the instructions - between the palms for at least 10 seconds.
  • After reheating, the tape quickly separates into a sticky part and a protective one.
  • The sticky side should be tightly applied to the desired area of ​​the skin and it is well to smooth over the growth of the hairs.
  • After a few minutes, the wax will cool down and the tape is broken by one strong movement against the growth of the hair.

Be sure to use a soothing cream after the removal of hairs.

Choose wax strips

What are the wax strips for depilation reviewsconsumers identified as the best? First of all, you will have to choose from two options - disposable (preferably) and reusable. A reusable option will help save money, but will oblige to some additional actions, such as buying a wax or preparing it. Disposable, made in a simple paper version, suggest a quick and reliable process with the maximum of convenience, since the manufacturer often invests in the packaging and the necessary means to care for the treated area.

Let's name those wax strips for depilation of a bikini, responses about which more often meet in a positive key:

  • VEET strips are available in three lines: for normal (with shea butter), sensitive (with almond oil) and dry (with aloe vera) skin. The manufacturer guarantees smooth skin for a month and a sense of comfort right after the procedure.
  • Strips BYLY include a wide range ofnot only on the degree of sensitivity of the epidermis, but also on the trends inherent in age. The tenderest effect is promised by the kit for young skin, which is created on the basis of the innovation "tins".
  • Strips CLIVEN are produced exclusively for sensitive epidermis and not only remove unwanted hairs, but also take care of the skin, saturating it with the strength of jojoba and almond oil.

By the way, CLIVEN is named the best wax strips for facial depilation. Reviews about this product collected a greater number of grateful votes.wax strips for depilation bikini reviews

How to Make Home Wax

Many women who do not consider it necessary to contactsalon for wax depilation, the best stripes (reviews and recipes are taken from the forums) are those that you can cook yourself. Here are the two most popular recipes that have found a lot of fans among lovers of smooth skin:

  • In the non-metallic container, the followingcomponents: beeswax (0.1 kg), paraffin (0.05 kg), rosin (0.2 kg). In a slightly boiling water bath and with constant stirring, all components melt to a liquid state, then cool to a temperature that the skin can tolerate. The finished substance is applied to a fabric strip of the correct size and is used.
  • For particularly fine and delicate skin, a mixture is usedon two waxes - carnauba is taken 0.35 kg, bees - 0.15 kg. Both waxes are melted in a water bath, and at the end of the preparation, a tablespoon of glycerine and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil are added to the mass. This mixture can be applied to the skin, cooling to 37-400FROM.

Do not be embarrassed if the finished pastawill remain a lot - the mass is well stored in the frozen form in the refrigerator, and if necessary, the desired amount of solid is separated from the general piece, heated and used for its intended purpose.

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