Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features

Volkswagen Sharan - the car producedGerman concern Volkswagen since 1995. The machine is equipped with both petrol engines for 1.8-2.8 liters, and diesel engines for 1.9-2.0 liters. The installed gearbox can be either a mechanical (five or six-speed) and a 5-automatic transmission. A new generation of models can be completed with a 7-step robotic gearbox.

Volkswagen Sharan Volkswagen Sharan, the characteristics of the latest generation model with an i VR6 24V engine

This car is produced in the form of seven-seatfive-door minivan. Its length is 463.4 cm, width - 181 cm, and height - 173 cm. The ground clearance of the car is 150 mm, the diameter of the turn is 9.9 m. The equipped weight of the Volkswagen Sharan is 1752 kg, the total weight with passengers and cargo is not exceeds 2470 kg. The minimum volume of the trunk is 256 liters. The volume of the fuel tank of the machine is 70 liters, the consumption on the city cycle is 14.6-16.6 liters (depending on the type of checkpoint). On the suburban highway the machine spends about 8.3-9.2 liters per every hundred kilometers of the road, and on a mixed cycle this figure is equal to 10.6 liters.

Volkswagen Sharan, specifications The car exists in three trim levels: base Trendline, Comfortline and maximum Highline.

Volkswagen Sharan: Feedback

The main advantage of this car is a largesalon. It is easy, comfortably accommodates 5 people, if desired, the number of seats for passengers can be increased to 7. Preschool children can safely stand inside without bending down. High and massive passengers have enough space, both in width and height. A large trunk is another advantage of the Volkswagen Sharan. When all the seats are installed in their places, it is not very large, however, if you transform the space and remove the rear row of seats, the volume increases by a factor of ten. In terms of fuel consumption model is quite economical. A decent ground clearance ensures good cross-country ability of the Volkswagen Sharan. The car climbs on to the curbs without much difficulty, rides along the snow-covered road. Very stable at low speeds, especially when the cabin is loaded. This model boasts good handling, it obediently changes the direction of motion when turning the rudder. Appearance is quite solid. Volkswagen Sharan does not have the elegance of cars, but it looks modern, confident and assertive on the roads. Because of the specific size and appearance is not popular with hijackers, it is clearly visible on the road. Another plus - it's a good start in the cold.

Volkswagen Sharan reviewsHave a car and flaws. First of all, the owners note that its reliability leaves much to be desired. For the first year of use, they have to repeatedly face minor and medium breakdowns, and repair costs a pretty high price for spare parts and expensive after-sales service. Dynamics of overclocking the car is also not particularly praised, it rides confidently and leisurely, more than 160 gaining with difficulty. At negative temperatures Volkswagen Sharan warms up slowly - the big volume of salon affects. The owners are also complaining about crickets, which especially often appear in the cold season. Not a bad regular audio system with good sound. The car is quite demanding on the quality of gasoline, consumes a lot of oil.

In general, it is a comfortable, roomy and passable car for the whole family.

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Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features Volkswagen Sharan, reviews and features