Vladimir Molchanov before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Vladimir Molchanov became the symbol of the era of free television and change for the generation of the 70s-80s. The position of the presenter of the program “Before and after midnight” and those who came to his studio was determined by public opinion. And today Vladimir Kirillovich is one of the best journalists in Russia. Perhaps, the overwhelming majority of TV viewers remember the charming smile of a popular presenter, his soft timbre of his voice, his manner of gesticulating.

Biography of Vladimir Molchanov

The future brilliant journalist grew up among people whose names can be seen today on plaques or in encyclopedias.

Molchanov with colleagues

He was born on October 7, 1950 in Moscow. His father, Kirill Vladimirovich Molchanov, was a composer, author of the operas “But the Dawns Are Quiet Here”, “The Unknown Soldier”, the songs for the films “It Was in Penkovo”, “We Will Live to Monday” and so on. Mum, Marina Vladimirovna Pastukhova, was an actress of the Soviet Army Theater.It is noteworthy that the legendary Olga Knipper-Chekhova became the little Volodya's godmother.

His half-sister is the USSR Twentieth Tennis Champion Anna Dmitrieva. Vladimir Molchanov, like his older sister, was actively involved in tennis and won the junior competitions in doubles; he was the USSR champion among juniors sports and athletics.

In 1967, he entered the Moscow State University in the Faculty of Philology (Department of the Dutch language and literature). Knowledge of the language helped Vladimir Kirillovich to work as an editor for the Novosti press agency in the Netherlands. In those years (1973-1986), at the request of his Dutch colleagues, he conducted a journalistic investigation into the biography of the Nazi criminal multimillionaire Peter Menten.

TV host Vladimir Molchanov

As a result, the book “Retribution should happen” was written, for which the author received a literary award named after Maxim Gorky. The Nazis were arrested and sentenced to ten years in a maximum security prison.

Work on television

In 1987, a young journalist, Vladimir Molchanov, came to the national television to the editors of the Vremya program. And two months later, in March of the same year, his first show “Before and after midnight” was released.

For the Soviet audience it was something unusual. Guests in the studio Molchanov more often than others were historians, politicians, economists, philosophers, who talked about existing problems. The second part of the program was devoted to music. The success before and after midnight was deafening. For the first time, the Soviet audience was able to see popular Western performers, foreign video clips. Such famous people as Vasiliy Aksenov, Bulat Okudzhava, the emigrant Polonsky who accused Lenin, Igor Talkov, who spoke with the banned song “Leafing through the old notebook of the executed general” and so on came to Molchanov’s studio. And most importantly - the program was not in the recording, but live.

Molchanov with Garry Kasparov

As a TV presenter, Vladimir Molchanov interviewed Yoko Ono, Yves Montana and other celebrities, and he managed to include the recordings on the air. He believed that the project has changed not only the audience, but also himself. If, prior to the release of the program on the screen, Vladimir Kirillovich loved informal clothes (sweaters and jeans), then, having become a TV presenter, he turned into a real dandy. The viewers remember his costumes from a needle, a clean shaven face, a white jacket with a handkerchief in his pocket.The women were delighted.

Project closing

He did this in 1991. Vladimir Molchanov wrote a letter of resignation and threw out his party membership card. He did this for one reason only: publicity, about which so many people were shouting, began to be trampled in the country. They began to arrest fellow journalists and close all more or less freedom-loving projects, leaving only “Before and after midnight” as “evidence” of the existence of freedom of speech. Perestroika was over, the program of Vladimir Molchanov was closed (you can see the photo of the presenter in the article).

Journalism in the life of Molchanov

But the career of a talented journalist is not over. For some time, Molchanov led a program on the REN-TV channel, where he talked about famous Soviet composers. The program was called “I remember ... I love ...”.

popular TV host

Vladimir Kirillovich in this period of time shot a dozen documentaries. At the beginning of the millennium he led the program “And Longer than a Century”, where, without changing himself, he talked with interesting people. On the TV channel "Nostalgia" often show his program "Before and after with Vladimir Molchanov," he also led the show "Rendezvous with the amateur."

Currently Vladimir Kirillovich teaches students. He has 120 students, of which 110 are girls. Being a journalist today is a disadvantage, says a former broadcaster who loves freedom of speech. But in our time, journalism is an unfree profession.

Personal life

In 19 years, Molchanov entered into marriage. His companion was the Spaniard Consuelo Segura, who studied with him in the same department. And they met on the "potato". At that time, students had to help agricultural workers in the harvest on a vacation.

Consuelo was born and raised in Moscow. Her father, at the age of eleven, in the 1930s, was brought from Spain to the Soviet Union with other children. The girl charmed the young man so much that on the very first day he made her a marriage proposal.

A week later, she agreed. Despite this, the marriage was successful. The wedding was great, the parents did not spare the money for the guests and food. Twelve years later, they had a daughter, Anya. The secret of their family happiness is simple - love and mutual respect.

Vladimir Molchanov and his wife

According to Vladimir Molchanov, in his life he was afraid of only two women - his sister Anna Dmitrieva, who was engaged in his upbringing, and his wife (joke). Consuelo is not only a charming woman, but, like her husband, she is a sought-after journalist.She worked in the newspaper "Soviet Culture", was deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine "Capital".

But her main work has always been considered joint projects with her husband, as she was the editor-in-chief of all his programs.

Vladimir Molchanov. Poems

In addition to the popular leader Vladimir Kirillovich Molchanov, there is another Molchanov. This is a poet and prose writer Vladimir Efimovich Molchanov. He released a collection of children's poems, wrote a lot about the war, about nature and so on.

For his activities, Vladimir Efimovich was repeatedly awarded honorary titles, including "Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation", and he also has medals, orders and is the winner of the All-Russian Prize "Prokhorovskoye Field". For TV presenter Molchanov he has nothing to do.

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