VAZ-2110: starter, its device and possible damage

On cars VAZ-2110 the starter can be both the old sample and the new. The latter is characterized by the presence of a gearbox, which is made on the basis of the sun gear. The whole device consists of several parts - electric motor, gearbox, bendix. Also, it consists of front and rear covers, inside of which there are bronze bushings. Such starters are increasingly used in cars, as they have advantages - small dimensions and high speed, when compared with predecessors.

What is the starter

vaz 2110 starter

The main elements that make up the starter VAZ-2110, whose price is 2300-2500 rubles, were discussed above. But it also has a number of details that affect the performance of the device. The stator winding located on the fixed part of the device is necessary for the generation of the electromagnetic field with which the movement is created. But it is impossible to create it without an opposing field that forms around the rotor winding.

Consequently, there is also a winding on the motor rotor, which is powered from the on-board network by means of a brush assembly. This is the most vulnerable node, as the brushes are made of graphite. Although it is durable, but do not forget that it constantly rubs on the lamella, between which there is a small gap. Hence, significant wear and tear, and the result is a loss of contact between the starter feed inlet and the rotor lamellas. In the back cover there is a bronze bushing, with which the rotor is centered and powered from the battery minus.

Retractor relay

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If the VAZ-2110 starter does not turn, then you need to look for the reason for this behavior. And there may be several of them, among the first - the failure of the traction relay. It is installed directly on the starter case, it has two functions - it supplies power from the battery plus to the windings, and also moves the bendix along the rotor axis, connecting its teeth with the flywheel ring. Consequently, the crankshaft rotates from the electric motor.

With a retractor relay, a lot of trouble can happen. For example, often its winding simply burns.Consequently, there is no movement of the armature of the traction relay and the starter does not turn on. The second, not less widespread breakage - pollution of power contacts. When switching high current destruction occurs copper plates, they are covered with soot, causing contact is lost. Therefore, the retractor will click, but the starter will not roll.

Wiring diagram

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The starter is connected to the onboard network of the VAZ-2110 car in a standard way. It is working and proven, does not require any intervention. The ignition lock has two contacts that close when the key is turned to the extreme position. Now we should not say that the power is supplied to the computer, fuel pump and other elements of the car. We are talking exclusively about the starter, so only his work should be considered.

So, the contacts closed when the key was turned to the extreme position, power was applied to the electromagnetic relay. It is installed under the dashboard. A positive terminal is supplied to its switching leads from the battery through a fuse. The voltage is removed from it and fed to the winding of the VAZ-2110 starter relay.The result of this is that the anchor retracts, moves the bendix and closes the power contacts. The latter are connected as follows: one directly to the plus of the battery, and the second to the starter power wire.

Replacing the starter on the "top ten"

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On injection cars, this procedure will be slightly problematic. The reason for this - the air filter, which is located in the engine compartment above the clutch housing. Changing the retractor relay starter VAZ-2110 will also be problematic. Little space, and if you remove the filter, it is not a fact that after you can install it in place. The rubber bands on which it is attached are so uncomfortable that when installing them in the holes on the brackets you can not only cut them, but also get hurt.

In general, after the removal of the air filter, there will be only a few cases left for dismantling. First, turn off the battery. This action is necessary, without it you can not do. After that, unscrew the nut on the pull relay and pull out the wire from the connector. That's all, now unscrew two or three nuts from the studs (depending on which model of the starter). It remains to slightly pull the body towards the left wheel and lift it so that it goes up.But it will be quite easy to pull it out through the top.

How to repair a starter

retractor relay starter vaz 2110

For repairs you will need to disassemble the device completely, literally cogs. In this case, the traction relay, which drives the starter on the VAZ-2110, is generally checked and serviced separately. New models are not subject to repair, they are enclosed in a one-piece case. But if you look at its cost, it turns out that the repair will cost a small amount. When you disassemble the starter, you first need to put a new brush. If the old length is less than 12 mm, then they have already become unusable.

Cleaning the slats - without it, too, in any way. First, clean the gaps between adjacent contacts from dirt, then arm yourself with a polishing paste and rub the metal surface. At the end of this procedure, rinse with a solvent. Use sandpaper is not worth it, because it will make the surface of the slats abrasive, as a result - quick wear of the starter brushes. And at the last stage, you replace both bushings. One is located in the back cover, and the second is in the clutch housing. When repairing, change both, otherwise the rotor centering will be disturbed.And there will be no contact between the minus of the battery and the rotor. In the end, you get that just does not turn the starter VAZ-2110.


It is worth noting, concluding the discussion of the starter "dozens", that its maintenance is very simple, no skills are required for this. Yes, and to restore the car VAZ-2110 starter - this is literally a half hour. True, there are cases when the destruction of the case and covers. Because of this, the alignment is lost, the wear of all elements increases. In this case, either the purchase of a new starter or the search and installation of damaged parts will help.

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