Valeria Kudryavtseva: life before and after plastic surgery

Not only the life of the socialite Lera Kudryavtseva excites people's imagination, but also her plastic surgery, which, according to plastic surgeons, she has a great many. Today we will talk about how Valeria’s life changed after the first plasty.

Valery Kudryavtseva

Career dream

Kudryavtseva Valeria always dreamed of a luxurious life. But unlike many girls, she wanted to achieve everything herself, not to depend on rich husbands and their protection.

In the nineties, Lera's name was not yet known among the masses, as she worked only on vocals with performers such as Bogdan Titomir, Yevgeny Osin, Igor Sarukhanov.

But life in the shadow of Valeria did not suit, although the salaries allowed to lead a comfortable existence. Valeria Kudryavtseva dreamed of the glory with which all her familiar celebrities were surrounded.

Friend's advice

Lera tirelessly followed the intended path, but still without useful acquaintances, she could not independently climb those peaks where she is now, since in the nineties there was fierce competition.

Vernick Igor, her good friend, helped Lera to meet the right people. He was able to prove to the girl that her career as a singer does not shine, as there were too many new faces on the stage, and all of them will not be able to occupy the top positions in the top ranking for a long time, because the youth simply rushed into show business. Thus, Valeria Kudryavtseva got on television, which is absolutely no regrets.

Kudryavtseva Valeria

TV career

Since 1995, Valery Kudryavtseva is the darling of the public. Initially, she began working on TV channels MUZ-TV, TV-6 and only then got on TNT. The name of an attractive blonde thundered all over the country, she professionally and peculiarly conducted entertainment programs.

The producers liked the girl so much that soon she was invited to host various festivals, she had a lot of concerts, such as "Jurmala", "Song of the Year", Muz-TV Award, "New Wave".

Over time, changes in the appearance of Lera are noticed, and everyone understands that the woman began to use the services of plastic surgeons.

Kudryavtseva Valeria plastic

Further career

After the plastic surgery that Valeria made to increase her lips, her career began to rise sharply.In 2008, the girl was offered to leave her leading role for a while and switch to participation in rating shows. Thus, Valery Kudryavtseva appeared in the show "Together with the Dolphins", "Dancing with the Stars", "Star Ice", where she took the first place of honor.

The popularity of a fun and beautiful woman grew, and she had the chance to play small roles in comedy films. Of course, lip plastic has become an important criterion for choosing the role of Lera. She starred in "The Best Movie", "Short Course of a Happy Life," "Very Russian Detective", "Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon." And each time Lera appeared in the image of a stupid blonde with plump lips.

Valeria Kudryavtseva before and after plastic surgery

Kudryavtseva Valeriya: plastic can affect personal happiness

Everyone knows that the socialite is not so young, but crowds of young fans follow her, ready to lay the whole world at the feet of a beautiful lady. A popular TV presenter has never suffered from a lack of male attention, and the constant transformation of Lera played an important role in numerous novels.

For the first time, she married Valery Kudryavtsev, a musician from "Affectionate May". Son Jean appeared precisely in this union, which lasted only two years.

The second spouse of the TV presenter was a businessman Matvey Morozov.No children were born in this marriage, and the union fell apart three years after the marriage.

The next lover of Lera was Lazarev Sergey. The guy is 12 years younger than her, and many considered their connection to be advertising, as people did not believe in the sincerity of the couple’s relationship with such a gap in age. However, Sergei assured the press that Valery really loves. But this relationship was not destined to last forever. Four years later, the lovers parted good friends.

Igor Makarov (hockey player of FC CSKA) became the husband of Kudryavtseva in 2013. This time, the elect is younger than Lera for 16 years!

Kudryavtseva Valeria was able to prove to everyone that she can remain young and attractive, to continue to win the hearts of the "anxious youths". And plastic surgeries help her with it perfectly!

Valery Kudryavtsev son

Valeria Kudryavtseva: before and after plastic surgery

Career and personal life presenter sharply distinguishable "before" and "after" plastics. Valeria Kudryavtseva was able to flicker on television more often, start romance with young guys, and look great!

A detailed examination of Lera's photo before and after plastics can be safely stated that she used biogel injections or other means to smooth out wrinkles, including nasolabial folds.It is also clearly seen that in her youth, Valeriy Kudryavtseva was not endowed with such full lips, so it is worth assuming that she artificially increased them.

On the pages of men's magazines Lera often appears in a frank manner. The bust of the TV presenter has been increased, and this is proved by photos taken at different time intervals.

Complement the image of a diva artificial eyelashes and tattoo eyebrow. Thanks to them, the gaze of the woman became crafty, alluring and sexy. It is because of this view that Leroux is often compared to the world famous Kim Kardashian, who, like Kudryavtseva, loves plastic surgery.

Valeria Kudryavtseva before and after plastic surgery

No matter how many operations Lera Kudryavtseva did, they went to her good, unlike many of the fair sex who can not stop and create from themselves some strange creatures that only resemble women from afar. Valerie should pay tribute: in her years, she just looks amazing!

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