"Turquoise Katun" - rest on the mountain Altai

"Turquoise Katun" is not just a geographicalname, and a promising investment project, which appeared a few years ago in the economy of the Altai Territory. Let's take a closer look at what lies behind this toponym.

From the history of the region

The Altai region by happy coincidencecircumstances today is one of the most environmentally safe territories of the Russian Federation. Plans for the development of hydropower, the construction of power stations and reservoirs on the Katun existed throughout the entire period of Soviet history, but before their concrete implementation, the matter never came to pass. "Turquoise Katun" remained clean and uncomplicated man-made waste. In addition to a happy coincidence, for this purity one should also thank the public opinion, which always objected to the plans of any kind of construction on the Katun. And over time came the realization of the fact that in addition to the hydropower potential, there is also a recreational one. After all, the nature of the Altai Mountains not only is not inferior in its expressiveness to the Swiss, but also surpasses it. Only a reasonable and correct approach to its use is required.turquoise

Investment project "Turquoise Katun", Mountainous Altai

The first step in the system development of recreationalresources of the Altai Territory has already been made. The special economic zone "Turquoise Katun" was established on February 3, 2007 in the Altai Territory by a special resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. The status of a special zone with a low level of taxation is important for attracting investments in the construction and improvement of the technical infrastructure of the tourism industry. The aim of the project is the development of ecological, health, sport and water tourism in the region. But to build in the Altai Territory should not only tourist bases. "Turquoise Katun" as an investment project implies a comprehensive approach to the development of tourism, which includes many significant components - from the construction of a modern road network to the information and advertising support of the Altai direction of tourism in the media. The status of the special economic zone "Turquoise Katun" will be available until 2055. Favorable taxation has already produced more than a tangible economic effect. It is expressed in the figure of 9 billion rubles - this amount was able to attract investment in the project.turquoise reel rest

Geography and ecology

The special economic zone is located on the leftshore of the Katun, near the Red Rock mountain. Its total area is 3326 hectares. The camps of "Turquoise Katun" are located in one of the most beautiful places of the Altai Mountains. Katun in the lower reaches breaks its course among the massive mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks. Mountain slopes covered with dense relic forests, wide steep ledges, descend to the river and form a picturesque valley. Forest tracts in the area of ​​the Turquoise Katun have a mixed character with a predominance of coniferous trees. This place, among other things, is also known for the fact that the famous Tavdin caves are located here. In the framework of the infrastructure project on the development of the recreational zone on the shore of the Katun, an artificial bay was created. On its shore is located a significant part of tourist facilities.rest on a turquoise reel

Rafting on the mountain river and extreme attractions

Calm and measured rest on the "Turquoise"Katun "does not suit everyone, but the thrill seekers did not make the wrong address when they chose the direction to the Altai Mountains, there are many opportunities to get a dose of adrenaline, the most popular of them being the river rafting on kayaks or inflatable rafts called" rafts. "Katun in the lower course gradually loses its impetuous head and becomes accessible to medium-level rafters.All the same, the Mangerokhsky rapids are a very serious obstacle that requires respect. Ava on Katun on their own, in the absence of sufficient level of sports training.Raft rafting, or rafting, is carried out under the guidance of qualified instructors.Among other extreme entertainment in the area of ​​the tourist complex, jumping on the bungee and overcoming the obstacle course in the so-called rope park on the bank of the Katun.camping turquoise

Speleological tourism

"Turquoise Katun", the rest on which suggestsacquaintance with many of the most interesting natural attractions of the Altai Mountains, among other things, provides a rare opportunity to immerse in the geological depths of the earth. The unique karst Tavdin caves attract lovers of speleological tourism not only from Russia, but also from many countries of the world. An array of a large number of caves stretched for several kilometers along the coast of the Katun among steep cliffs and cliffs. Most of them have horizontal entrances and are easily accessible for those who do not have the special training of the public. Some entrances to the caves are equipped with wooden stairs and turnstiles. You can get inside only according to the tickets you've bought. However, no one interferes with entering the cave free of charge on any of several entrances located nearby. base turquoise

Skiing destinations

Some tourist centers "Turquoise Katun"function all the year round. Alpine skiing is widely popular in the whole civilized world. But beyond the Urals and in Siberia, it is in the making. In the Altai Mountains, the natural conditions for its development are close to ideal. By the number of mountain slopes potentially suitable for equipment of downhill skiing tracks, and the expressiveness of the surrounding landscape, "Turquoise Katun" competes on an equal footing with Switzerland. Currently, in the area of ​​the tourist complex is equipped so far only two full-fledged ski slopes. It is planned to work in the direction of their improvement and equipment with special ski lifts.turquoise

Several reasons for traveling to Altai

Arguments for spending your vacationin the Altai Mountains, there are many. They have under themselves the most different justifications, from economic to aesthetic inclusive. First of all, the Altai region is much more affordable in terms of transportation for a significant number of Russian citizens. The trip here does not require a visa and for many residents of the near abroad. The level of prices for accommodation and services of tourist service infrastructure is at an acceptable level, even for those who are forced to save. But at many tourist sites of "Turquoise Katun" there are also apartments that correspond to the majority of criteria for the premium class. And the nature of the Altai Mountains should at least once in my life be seen with my own eyes.

How to get to the "Turquoise Katun"

Distance separating the capital of the Altai Territorythe city of Barnaul from the tourist complex "Turquoise Katun", is 270 kilometers. The historical Chuisky tract, which is designated on modern maps as the federal highway M52, leads to it. You can also reach the Chuysky tract by rail, with a transfer in the city of Biysk. The distance from it to "Turquoise Katun" is 130 kilometers.

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