Tips how to cut a typewriter man

Perhaps, not every man visitshairdresser, preferring to carry out all the procedures at home on their own. Well, or with the help of his wife, for example. In turn, girls are wondering about how to trim a man with a machine so that he likes it, and most to taste it was necessary. There are a few simple tips that will help with this problem.

how to trim a man with a machine

How to trim a man with a typewriter. General rules

First of all, understand with what exactlythe tool will have to be used. Look, what regimes are available on the typewriter, what attachments. Be sure to ensure that the tool head is well lubricated with special oil. Otherwise, the machine will tear your hair, and not cut it. That clearly does not have to taste to your client.

Remember: the original length of the hair plays a huge role. As well as the desired result. In advance, discuss and the final length of the haircut and bangs (or its complete absence), and then, whether transitions are meant in the hairstyle, or whether it will be "under one nozzle". All these key points will save significant time in the process, as well as the nerves after the haircuts. So, before you trim a man with a machine, discuss all the questions of interest.

how to cut a man with a typewriter at home

If he has long hair

No hairdresser electric toolnot able to cut a very long length. Therefore, if your man was visited by the idea of ​​radically changing his hair, prepare a scissors for the beginning. They must be sharp. Buy for this professional tool, by the way, does not necessarily, because in the end, hair will be sheared off the machine. However, the sharpness of the scissors should not cause doubts, so as not to tear and not to pull the hair.

how to trim a man with a machineLightly drizzle the hair with water, comb themcomb with middle teeth. Scissors take away the length so that it can be "seized" by the biggest nozzle of the machine. Do not touch the bang, it's best to shear at the last minute. If you are wondering how to cut a man's car at home, then you can peep through the technology in the cabin or you can look at the training materials for beginner male masters. This is in the extreme case, if you are not really sure of your own abilities. But, most likely, it will not be needed, since nothing complicated in this process is present.

After the length is removed, you can proceedcutting with the help of attachments. Pay attention to where and what will be used. It is better to start from the back of the head and move to the top of the head, as this is the simplest zone that allows you to fill your hand. Cut must be from the bottom up. Do not ignore the top of the head. Cut her against the direction of hair growth, so as not to miss anything.

Haircut of temples

When excess hair is removed from the back, proceed to theto the sides. Whiskey usually cut with a smaller nozzle, gently passing the area behind the ears. Take care not to leave unnecessary hair. Let it be necessary to once again hold a machine, but the haircut will come out even. To ensure that the transitions between the nozzles are not so noticeable, hold the tool at a slight angle and not close to the head. After the temples immediately you can cut off excess hair on the back of the neck, if so conceived from the beginning. Be sure to brush off the brush of the hairs when changing attachments. First, it will extend the life of the instrument. Secondly, the haircut will be more smooth and smooth.

how to properly cut a man with a typewriter

Bang. How to cut it?

There are three options: do not touch at all, use scissors, use the same machine. If the first two are all more or less simple, then the latter needs to be understood. Asking how to trim a man's bangs with a typewriter, remember the golden rule: it's better to first use a large nozzle than to cut everything down to zero. Hold the tool at an angle of 45 degrees to make it more comfortable. If initially the bangs are too big, then remove the length with scissors, and then grasp the machine. Slide it gently and carefully, slightly thinning the bangs.

End of haircuts

Are you finished? Carefully look at the result. Is there no missing hair, is not it sticking out? If not, then remove the nozzle and without it make the edging, leveling the haircut. How to trim a man with a machine if there is not enough skill? Follow this simple instruction. You will succeed. If this is your first haircut, then ask how a man was sheared in the salon before that, when they started, than they finished. Be careful. The tool without a nozzle is sharp and can be cut. For example, the ear. Or the skin behind the to cut a bang with a man

To know how to properly cut a manmachine, it is enough to try it once. The most important thing is to choose a good tool. So, for example, thick hair can not be cut off by a machine with a small capacity. But such adaptations are irreplaceable at a hairstyle of children, whose hairs still thin and easy. Too powerful machines are better left for professionals in their field. Even the most budget-friendly clipper does a good job at home. And justifies the cost to yourself in just a few months with regular use.

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