The scourge of modern times - knee arthritis

Arthritis of the knee is a disease that is slow, but inexorably progressive. Even in the initial stage, it is able to deliver severe pain, limit motor ability. And over time, the disease leads a person to disability. Therefore, you need to know the symptoms of this disease in order to diagnose it in time and begin to heal.

arthritis of the knee

Arthritis of the knee, symptoms

Acute arthritis of the knee often begins unexpectedly and is characterized by severe pain. The chronic form does not, for the time being, cause so much pain, which allows it to quietly settle in the patient's body. But the knee crunch is a symptom of both forms of arthritis.

Pain, nRipulencedeformation

At the initial stage, pain occurs periodically, usually after exertion on the legs. As the disease progresses, the knee hurts more and more and more, until the pain becomes permanent. At this stage, treatment becomes a necessity.It is not too late to use traditional methods of treatment, but it would be more correct to consult a specialist. Very often, arthritis of the knee at this stage is accompanied by pain combined with morning stiffness. Over time, the pain does not allow a person to move freely. The acute process is characterized by throbbing pain, and the knee becomes hot.causes of knee arthritisWhen inflammation of the joint swelling appears. It does not depend on the exchange of water in the body and does not pass on its own. Initially, the deformity is due to reflex muscle spasm (as a reaction to pain). Gradually, this situation is fixed, which leads to the occurrence of tendon-muscular contracture - a persistent fixation of the wrong position of the joint with a large limitation of mobility. Most often, arthritis of the knee causes the leg to remain in a half-bent position.

How to treat knee arthritis

By itself, the treatment process includes a complex of various techniques and lasts a long time. Perhaps the use of surgery, pharmacological, physiotherapy techniques, as well as traditional medicine.Given the severity of the disease, the general condition of the patient, the presence of other problems, the specialist will prescribe the optimal treatment. Usually selected conservative methods and exercise therapy. As a last resort, surgical intervention is used.

how to treat knee arthritis

Causes of Knee Arthritis

Subject to this disease most often the elderly. Contributes to the appearance of arthritis excessive fullness. Getting rid of extra pounds will not remove the problem that has already arisen, but the symptoms in this case are reduced. Genetic predisposition is noted, arthritis can occur in several relatives.

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