Biography of Pavel Mogilev

Pavel Mogilevets is one of the youngest players in the Russian national team. He managed to play for Zenit and for Rubin, where he is currently leased. Pavel seeks to become a good footballer and believes that he still has a lot to learn.

Childhood and family of Pavel Mogilev

Paul's hometown is Kingisepp. It was there that he began to play football. In the St. Petersburg sports football school "Change" he was in the age of ten.
As you know, Smena later turned out to be the Zenith Academy. So Mogilevets, beginning to engage in the "Change", has already graduated from the Academy of St. Petersburg famous club.

Beginning of Mogilev's career in football

The young professional footballer signed the first professional contract at the age of eighteen in 2011. His first team was the double of "Zenith", where Paul played in thirteen games and managed to score two goals. And the first, debut game was the match against Terek. On the field, a football player came out from the very first minutes.
Pavel Mogilevets began his career in St. Petersburg ZenithPavel Mogilevets began his career in St. Petersburg Zenith
It has been only a year, and in the 2012-2013 season, the young footballer from time to time began to get involved in the matches of the main team of Petrograd.

Pavel Mogilevets in Zenit

In 2013, Luciano Spalletti transferred the talented player from the double to the main Zenit. Mogilevets made his debut in the Premier League in May in the twenty-ninth round of the championship. Opponent on the field was the team "Volga". The coach released Pavel on the eighty-ninth minute, he replaced Konstantin Zyryanov, who handed him the captain's armband.
Debut in the Champions League took place on the twentieth of August of the same year. Zenit fought with Passos de Ferreira. Once again, the footballer entered the field only at the end of the game at the eightieth minute, succeeding Miguel Danny.

Transition Mogilev in "Ruby"

In February, it became known that Pavel moved to Rubin on loan. Zenit has a lot to do with this club. After all, in the same year three footballers came to Zenit from Rubin. This is due to the fact that Luciano Spalletti resigned, and Sergey Semak, the former captain of Rubin, temporarily occupied the post of coach.
The first big interview with Pavel Mogilevts
Once in Ruby, Mogilevets, one might say, came to court.It is rented for the season 2013-1014. In a new team for himself, the talented midfielder immediately went into two games, having managed to open an account of scored goals in the Premier League. It was a game with the "Volga". All ninety minutes, the athlete spent on the field as a supporting midfielder. It so happened that Mogilev’s debut in adult football took place just during the game with Volga, in a match with the same team, but already in Rubin, Pavel scored his debut goal.
The footballer is glad that he was invited to Rubin, as there he will receive valuable playing practice for himself. The head coach is interested in him, so the football player is given a chance to prove himself. Pavel believes that Rubin has an excellent team, as there are leaders in every line.
In Rubin, there are a lot of players now playing, who have been given a chance to remind of themselves again, they have something to prove, therefore they are laid out completely both in training and during matches. Their game is a game for a coach who trusts them. Experienced Rubin players tell newcomers and treat them like partners of their level.
Pavel Mogilevets: “I wouldn’t ask for my autograph”
It is known that the footballer was taken by the Kazan team for rent as a ransom. Mogilev has not yet thought about whether he wants to change the Northern capital to Kazan for a long time.Paul will decide for himself this question when it really arises.
According to many, football "Rubin" - boring, defensive. The young midfielder believes that the one who won is always better than the opponent, and since Rubin became the champion, it makes no sense to discuss the team. Nevertheless, the game against the Kazan team is not easy for many, in Rubin everything has been worked out to the last detail, this is a highly organized team.

Pavel Mogilevets in the Russian national team

Pavel was on the expanded list of the national team at the 2014 World Cup, which Fabio Capello had previously announced. The debut of Mogilev in the national team took place in May 2014. It was a friendly match with Slovakia. Initially, the young midfielder did not make the official bid for the World Cup in Brazil. After Roman Shirokov was injured, Paul took his place. A footballer remembers how four years ago he watched the last World Cup with friends and relatives and could not even imagine that in four years he would be among the footballers who were honored to become participants in the Brazilian championship.

The personal life of Pavel Mogilev

For a football player, Petersburg was and remains a favorite city. According to him, leaving somewhere for a long time, he always misses. English is not fluent in Paul, but his level is enough to understand the teams of trainers and recommendations of partners.
Football player Pavel Mogilevets is not married yetFootball player Pavel Mogilevets is not married yet
Among the favorite players of Mogilev are Xabi Alonso, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Iniesta. In his opinion, their advantages are in the ability to give almost any distance to any transmission. Since childhood, Pavel was rooting for Borussia in Dortmund. In dreams, he sees himself as a player of this team. His goal is to become a good footballer. The athlete is not married yet. It is known that his girlfriend lives in St. Petersburg and periodically flies to Pavel in Kazan.

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