The old woman and young.

There was such a thing, a couple of young youths were raped and killed (or rather the opposite) an elderly woman, it was on the street where my elderly grandmother lived. Literally in two houses.
And I was just on duty in the city and district (in the district - if in the modern ... or only in the city? But he was in charge of the district, the ROVD was shorter everywhere, and we had the GOVD).

Priszhayem, I smell the corpse of an elderly woman, I look around - the crown of a bubble lies on the floor ... then I did not fulfill what it was for. But ... witnesses saw how two boys jumped out of her window, it was during the day, then they fled and disappeared.
We found out to our channels who our suspects were - students of local vocational schools, who rented a room from her. What to do? It is necessary to hold them tough, murderers and rapists, the more we know where we ran - to the village, to the wealthy father.
But prevailed, at the head, to the same regards, diplomacy, he acted as a negotiator, arrived, Dad goes out, says - you will not shoot?
Eh .... we have already enclosed the hut, we thought, well, let's go out, and what can I do if he himself hands over his son and his accomplice?
And so we remained, without punishing the criminal on the spot ... They were condemned, as students, they were given not much, they left it a long time ago. So ... look over your shoulder.
PS ... asked about cologne - smeared the genitals of the old woman ... the corpse of the old woman before ... already dead.


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