The most "stupid" French king

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On May 22, 987, on the territory that at that time was called the West Frankish Queen, and then become France, King Louis V, the most unfortunate and stupid king of this part of the Carolingian Empire of Frankish, ended the life. Actually, the history of the Carolingian dynasty in France ended there.
In general, even the nickname of this king, and he remained in history as "Lazy", specifically hints that this king was not very involved. About him in the chronicles it remains that this ruler "did nothing".
But we must understand that Louis reigned at the age of 19 to 20, that is, he was not very adult. But on the other hand - at that time it was quite an age, considering how much the average person lived. But the experience of the young king, who has all the lands left - the city of Lahn and the surrounding area, of course, did not have. Especially if we recall that Paris, the capital of the Duke Ile de France Hugh Capet, was 140 kilometers away.
By the way, even though Louis remained in history as Lazy, during the year he ruled, he managed to start two wars, so that he really did not sit idle. But the history is written by the winners, and at that time Caroling was unable to cope with the mighty duke.
And then the king went hunting and died there. Fell from a horse, so hard, that a fever began, from which he set off for another world. Evil tongues, of course, said that the poison was to blame for everything, which was spiked on the orders of Hugo Capet, who was then elected king. But even now falling from a horse can lead to very unpleasant consequences. And already in the then unsanitary conditions - all the more.
By the way, after Hugo Kapet was elected king, he did his best to prevent the kings from being elected. True, for this the kings from the new dynasty had to - the Kapetings still had to crown their sons for a very long time during their lifetime, so that no one doubted who would rule further. But that's another story.

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