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Quite by chance I discovered the most popular Russian-language video on YouTube and tried to exchange information for its location in exchange for one hundred likes on FB). However, my friends did not succumb to this "extortion", and therefore I will not tell them what kind of movie. A little thought, I decided to find out if he really was the most viewed in Russian youtube and if I did not mislead my readers.
What is needed in order to find out this fact? Of course, search engines! - you say. However, neither Google nor Yandex gave a clear answer. Try it yourself to drive in search keywords and you will find that in addition to links to old information from incomprehensible websites and popular videos of the English-speaking youtube there is nothing there. There is nothing about Russian-language videos! But I have my own method of searching in youtube, so with the help of some simple tools, I found out in half an hour everything I wanted and show you my findings,of which, of course, then each blog and website will tell with a link to my blog)
First, I’ll show you videos that Russian-language sites mistakenly give out for the most popular ones. By the way, what do you usually look at youtube most often? I watch music videos, I love rock, because often on repeat I listen to the playlist with my favorite bands. Similarly, the rest of the hundreds of millions of youtube users do - listen / look at your favorite songs on replay. For this reason, there are always music videos in the top, both abroad and with us. And, judging by this very top, listen most often to pop music.
Among our performers there are a lot of those who scored more than 10 million views. I will not show all the polls, touch the most popular videos on individual channels.
The acclaimed at one time clip of the Biting Elbows group - 'Bad Motherfucker', which was estimated even abroad, scored 30.4 million views in two years. Probably you remember him, shot cool.
Behind him comes Sati Casanova and Arsenium - Until Dawn. 30.6 million views in a year and a half. In fact, there are several clips with more than 30 million views, Timati alone has five (!). But I selected this one as the most viewed on this channel.
Next comes Timati, whom I mentioned, who sings a duet with Leps. 34.3 million views in three years.
I can not ignore Timati and mention one more of his clip - Eggplant (Lada Sedan), which in just 2 months scored more than 30 million views. This clip is a record holder, no other has scored so many views in such a short time. I will not mention the other three videos of the Timati clip with the same number of views, you will easily find them on its channels.
Among Russian performers at the moment only two clips which have more than 40 million views. The first of them - Egor Creed - The Most Most - 40.4 million views per year. By the way, he is the ward of Timati (his producer).
The second clip, which is the most popular among Russian performers - MC Doni feat. Natalie - You are like that, in just half a year, you scored 47.6 million views. By the way, the singer is also produced by Timati. We can safely assume that Timati in youtube is the coolest Russian-language performer and producer.
But that is not all. Remember, a little higher, I said that "I will show you videos that Russian sites erroneously give out for the most popular ones"? So, on top of just such videos. Yes, more than 30 millionviews of everyone, yes, they can often be seen in the internet and even in the fake lists of the “most popular”, however, the audience that watches these clips on the replay is inferior to the other one, and at times.
And this audience is children. Yes, that's right, children also watch youtube and much more than all the others combined. There are a lot of channels with children's themes and cartoons on YouTube, and many parents are not soaring to download and show them through the media player, put their children in front of the computer, or give them a tablet so that they can watch their favorite cartoon characters. So cartoons gaining tens or even hundreds of millions of views.
Also I will not show all the polls, I will touch the most popular videos on individual channels.
Fixiki - Fixiphone. 33.7 million views in less than a year.
Robokar - cartoons about cars - New friend. 41 million in a year and a half.
Luntik All series. 44.7 million for the year.
Barboskiny Issue 1 - First place. 102.1 million in two years. Serious figure.
Well, the most popular cartoon in the internet is Masha and the Bear - Sweet Life. 327 million in two years! The figure is unattainable for many popular foreign groups, not to mention ours.On the cartoon channel 17 commercials heavyweights with more than 100 million views. If we make an honest rating of the most popular Russian-language commercials, then all the places in it will be taken by cartoons from this channel.
Separately, I could not fail to mention the video of one of the children's channels. It remains a mystery to me how he could score so many views. See for yourself and give the child who DO NOT like most?
Video about the loader (or excavator, or grader) and the pig on the beach. 56 million views in one year!
But I hid from you the very movie that scored the most views in YouTube. No, he scored less than Masha and the bear, but if we take into account the videos with people in the frame, he will be the most popular among them, leaving behind even the scandalous video with toys on the beach. I will show it in the event that this post gets to the top and more than one hundred commentators will be noted in it). You can consider it extortion)
You will simply be shocked by how HOW this video could earn SUCH views.

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