Death is something that no one else could have avoided. All living things sooner or later go to the next world, the only difference is in the circumstances. Many believe that the most terrible phenomenon is death itself. But the pages of human history tell us that the death throes can be much worse than the death itself. To convince you of this, we suggest reading a selection of the most terrible and painful deaths in history.

9 terrible deaths9 terrible deaths

The most painful human death in history

Death joram

There are many stories in the Bible not only about love and kindness, but also about justice, which is often cruel. One of these is the parable of Joram. According to legend, he was once the ruler of Judea and considered Beelzebub the main deity, which caused Yahweh’s anger. Joram was severely punished: he was struck by a strange disease, from which his flesh began to decompose from the inside. Before dying, the king suffered for 2 years.
Biblical Joram struck by an unknown diseaseBiblical Joram struck by an unknown disease

How was Herod punished

Another biblical horror story is dedicated to King Herod, who ruled Caesarea of ​​Palestine. The name of Herod is well known to everyone who read the New Testament - it was he who, having learned about the imminent birth of the true king of Judea, ordered the destruction of all the newborns of Bethlehem. Subsequently, he organized the persecution of the first Christians, executed John the Baptist and the Apostle James. In the Bible, the cause of the death of Herod is the eating of worms alive.
Herod Agrippa was eaten by worms - so says the legendHerod Agrippa was eaten by worms - so says the legend

The murder of Grigory Rasputin

Many close to the court treated the mysterious friend of Nicholas II with caution - it was rumored that Rasputin was an insidious sorcerer who associated with black magic. Less superstitious courtiers saw in him a dangerous political rival who had too much influence on the emperor.
On December 29, 1916, Prince Felix Yusupov invited Rasputin to dinner, during which he treated the guest with poisoned wine. The poison did not work, then the conspirators, the prince and his accomplice Vladimir Purishkevich, shot him in the back.
Crime sceneCrime scene
The murderers thought that Gregory was dead, and carried him out of the palace.But he suddenly not only gave signs of life, but also began to choke one of the conspirators. Then another bullet was fired at Rasputin, but after that he did not die, but tried to escape. He was caught up, beaten, after which he was still alive thrown into the icy waters of the Moika.
Dead Gregory RasputinDead Gregory Rasputin
In total, three wounds were found on the body of the emperor's favorite, all fatal: in the head, kidney, and liver.

61 day nightmare Hiro Syauti

In 1999, the Japanese Hiro Syauti received a huge dose of radiation, performing their duties at the plant, where they processed nuclear fuel. The next two months after the accident became a real nightmare for Hiro.
Hiro Syauti died from an extreme dose of radiationHiro Syauti died from an extreme dose of radiation
On the 45th day, the skin completely tears off the flesh of Syauti, after which the internal organs began to rapidly deteriorate. On the 59th day, his heart failed three times in a row. The doctors managed to pump it out before the 61st day arrived, which brought Syauti a long-awaited deliverance. Willy-nilly think about the legalization of euthanasia.

Deborah Gale Stone's Tragedy

Many are afraid of rides, and for good reason.Ignoring security rules often leads to disastrous consequences.
In 1974, American Disneyland pleased its visitors with new entertainment - the America Sings attraction. It was one of the first entertainment using animatronics, in other words, singing and dancing robots.
Deborah Stone and Disneyland's ill-fated attractionDeborah Stone and Disneyland's ill-fated attraction
The attraction created a sensation: from the first minutes of the working day until the park closed, dozens of people crowded around the robots. But the 18-year-old employee of Disneyland, Deborah Stone, was somehow frightened by these "electronics" - she could not explain the reason for her strange phobia, but every time she ran past them, she felt uneasy.
And as luck would have it, she was appointed the caretaker of this attraction! And before the start of the next performance, she was assigned to check the turning mechanism. The girl was stuck in the recess, and then the show began. The robots began to sing, the stage began to rotate, and the girl was rubbed into bloody pieces between the rotating part and the fixed concrete wall. While she was making inhuman screams of pain, visitors thought this was part of the show.

David Kirwan and the thermal springs

In 1981, David Kirwan with his side-friend and his dog walked through Yellowstone National Park. The purpose of the visit was typical - young people wanted to see the beauty of the thermal springs, which this beautiful reserve is famous for.
Everything went well until the pet, having broken off the leash, jumped into the water. David decided to save his friend's dog and went down to the pool, instantly realizing how stupid he had been.
Yellowstone sources are dangerousYellowstone sources are dangerous
A small remark: Yellowstone is at the same time one of the most beautiful and dangerous places on our planet. Prohibition signs are hung all over the park - the descent to natural pools may be the last thing a hapless guest of Yellowstone will do in his life. The fact is that in some sources of the park the water temperature can reach up to 121 degrees Celsius and have extremely high acidity.
Yellowstone Wildlife Tour
With difficulty, David got out of the water, receiving a burn of 90% of the body surface. When the owner of the dog, whose body never floated to the surface, took off his shoes from the scalded rescuer, the pieces of skin were torn off with it.The next day, David died from a painful shock.

Execution of Gyorgy Doji

Inquisition, war, disease left a terrible mark in the history of the Middle Ages. There were a lot of terrible deaths at that time, but the mention of one of them still makes blood flow in the veins. This is about the execution of Dyerd Doji.
Gyorgy Doge headed a peasant uprising in Hungary. It was quickly suppressed, after which his wounded leader was captured by the government. So that other peasants would no longer have the idea to rebel against the feudal lords, a cruel execution was invented for Gyorgy Doji.
The Execution of Dyerd Doji, engravingThe Execution of Dyerd Doji, engraving
The leader of the uprising wanted to become king of Hungary. To bring him not only physical pain, but also to ridicule hopes, Gyordy was seated on a metal throne with a hearth hidden inside, giving him a scepter and power, not inferior in temperature to the seat. They put a red-hot crown on the head of the uprising leader.
Then they brought into the hall Brother Dyerdy and those who together with him took part in the riot. The brother was publicly cut into pieces, and the like-minded rebel, suffering from a prolonged hunger strike, were forced to bite off the flesh of the still alive Doji in a circle.“Eat it whole and survive”, they promised. All those who refused to eat human flesh were killed. Consented to cannibalism too, but only after the Doge was eaten.

Torture of Dzyunku Furuta

Human cruelty to such people often knows no boundaries. And, unfortunately, the references to the terrible torture and murder are not only related to the Middle Ages.
In 1988, a 17-year-old Japanese woman Dzyunku Furuta was kidnapped by a group of minor sadists: Hiroshi Miyano, Dze Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe. 44 days they kept the girl in captivity in the house of one of the gang members.
Dzyunku Furuta held 44 days in captivity by sadistsDzyunku Furuta held 44 days in captivity by sadists
Miyano’s parents were big-buds in the Japanese Yakuza mafia, so the young man had no trouble scaring the girl and his own friends. Under the threat of death, she called her parents and said that she was alright so that the police would not be looking for her.
On the very first day of her imprisonment, she was repeatedly raped, forced to devour insects and drink urine, stuck smoldering cigarettes into her flesh and set the girl on fire with a cigarette lighter.
On the eleventh day, her limbs were broken and hung from the ceiling, using the girl's body as a punching bag.She tried to run away, but the escape failed, for which her feet were poured with ignition fluid and set on fire. Then Furuta was tortured by inserting a broken bottle into the anus.
On the twentieth day, firecrackers were stuck into the girl, and then red-hot needles.
A month of detention passed, and the bored rapists came up with new ways of torture. The unhappy Japanese woman was poured hot wax on her face, wasted her breasts with needles, squeezed her nipples in a vice, and at the same time thrust a light bulb inside the girl.
Hiroshi Miyano and Nobuharu MinatoHiroshi Miyano and Nobuharu Minato
On the forty-fourth day, Dzyunku Furuta died of painful shock after two hours of torture with fire. The next day, the teenagers cemented the girl’s body in a barrel and threw it at a construction site.
The police managed to find the corpse and the killers. But the punishment did not correspond to the crime - the malefactors were sentenced to imprisonment for 4 to 17 years, depending on the degree of guilt. Under the law protecting the rights of minors, their names were not publicly disclosed. Hiroshi Miyano, the leader of a sadistic gang, was released in 2007.

Fateful Christmas

On Christmas Eve 2002, the 25-year-old bartender Doyle decided to celebrate the holiday with his friend Michael Wright and his girlfriend. In the heat of the alcohol, it seemed to Wright that Doyle was sticking with his girlfriend and beating the poor man.He broke the legs of the bartender and threw him into the open hatch. The distance to the bottom was about 5.5 meters.
Wright wanted to scare Doyle, but did not suspect that the bottom of the sewer was flooded with boiling water from a broken pipe. The bartender fell into boiling water with a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, and injuries did not allow him to get out. He was still alive when help arrived, but neither the firemen nor the doctors had risked going downstairs.
The man boiled alive in the hatch.The man boiled alive in the hatch.
Opening the body of the guy, doctors noted that he looked like a cooked lobster chef - the internal organs were boiled, and the skin went off the bones. The worst thing is that while his body was boiled alive, Doyle remained conscious.

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