The most mysterious places on planet Earth

There are many mysterious places on Earth that no one knows about until now. Various myths and legends are associated with them, abnormal phenomena are frequent there. Such mysterious places of the planet are created not only by man, but also by nature. Archaeologists and other scientists argue, trying to explain some of the findings, but they cannot give a sensible answer to a lot of questions. The same applies to natural phenomena - anomalous and mysterious places defy explanation. One can only guess what these objects were created for and what purpose their authors pursued. What corners of the globe are considered the most mysterious places on the planet?

Bermuda and Moleb triangles

One of the most mysterious is the Bermuda Triangle, but as it turns out, this is far from the only place where people disappear.

In the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle, there is some force that can cause disruptions in the operation of navigation instruments. Tsunamis are often born in this area.It is here that the mysterious disappearances of people and technology are frequent. So, in 1945, five military aircraft disappeared from the radar, as if they were dissolved in the air.

It turns out that on the territory of Russia, on the border of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Perm Territory, there is another triangle - Molebsky. At the end of the last century several groups of tourists disappeared in this place. They were followed by a group of scientists. She managed to find out that in the area of ​​the triangle there are unexplained phenomena, strange glowing was observed.

prayer triangle

Dyatlov Pass

In 1959, an event occurred that still remains a mystery. A group of ten students went to the mountain Kholat-Syakhyl, translated from the Mansiysk "The mountain of suicide bombers." In mid-February, the group was supposed to return, but fate decided to dispose of otherwise. Rescuers aimed at searching for the Dyatlov group were able to find only mutilated bodies. Until now, no one knows the exact cause of death of students and can not say what exactly happened in this place. This story was imposed a secrecy by the government, which is still not removed. Since then, the place where they found the body, began to call the pass Dyatlova and he joined the list of the most mysterious places on the planet.

The island of Envainetenet, located in Kenya, also fell into the list of mysterious corners of the Earth. Here, in an incomprehensible way, people disappear. A police record dated 1936 states that a group of ethnographers disappeared on the island. There are also records of how the locals disappeared. These cases are inexplicable - people just disappeared, leaving home, food, all personal belongings.

Dyatlov Pass

Death Valley

Among the mysterious places of the planet is Death Valley, which got its name in 1930. She was called so because of the strange story that happened in ancient times. The local hunters missed several dogs and went in search of them. They found them dead. The animals lay as if their breathing stopped abruptly. There were no plants near the dogs, only bare land and the corpses of other dead animals and birds. After this story, many expeditions were sent to the valley, but not all of them ended successfully. Since then, in this place, under strange circumstances, more than a hundred people have died.

Devil's Cemetery, or the Glade of Death

Among the most mysterious places on Earth is the Devil's Cemetery, which is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.Various stories are connected with this place: it is rumored that the anomalous zone was the result of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Initially, a hole appeared in the ground, and later animals began to die on this very spot, and in such quantities that the whole glade was covered with bones.

Quite a lot of research scientists have been to the Devil's Cemetery. They all described this object in the same way. Of course, it was possible to write off everything that happens here to gas emitted from the bowels of the earth, but something incredible is happening in this place. Approaching the clearing, people noted that all navigation devices begin to behave strangely, and the compass needle completely changes direction. According to some information, in one of the most terrible and mysterious places on the planet Earth more than a hundred people died.

hell graveyard

Dell of black bamboo

In the south of China is a valley where people disappear. It is called the Hollow of Black Bamboo, it is considered to be one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Terrible things happen in this place - people disappear without a trace, and their bodies cannot be found. Accidents often happen here. In 1950, for example, the plane crashed.No technical problems were found, he did not receive any distress reports from the crew. In the same year, according to statistics, about a hundred people went missing. A few years later, the valley swallowed a whole group of geologists.

Black Bam Dam

In 1966, military cartographers engaged in the correction of terrain maps disappeared here. Ten years later, a group of foresters disappeared into the dell. And this is not the last case of the mysterious disappearance of people.

Devil's Tower

One of the most interesting and mysterious places on the planet is the Devil's Tower - a rock in the USA, Wyoming. This amazing natural formation with the correct form, consisting of columns with sharp corners. According to some data, this formation is more than 200 million years old.

The size of the object is several times larger than the pyramid of Cheops. From the side, the rock resembles a man-made structure. Because of its impressive size and regular shape, it attracts the attention of many scientists, and local residents claim that Satan himself created the rock.

devil's tower

Cahokia mounds

Caokia, or Cahokia, is an ancient Indian city, the ruins of which are located near Illinois.It shows how the ancient civilizations lived: a complex structure, architectural features prove that one and a half thousand years ago the Earth was inhabited by highly developed civilizations. The ancient city was on the list of the most mysterious places on the planet, a photo of it shows how developed civilization was. There is a network of terraces, mounds, a huge solar calendar and other amazing pieces of architecture. Until now, scientists are wondering why 40,000 people left this place and which tribes of Indians are direct descendants of those who once lived here.

Cahokia mounds are a favorite place for tourists: people come here trying to solve the mystery of the ancient people.

Cahokia mounds

Patom crater

In 1949, among scientists, the news of finding a strange object thundered. For many years, scientists avoided this topic without even trying to explain its origin. And only in 1971 a few photos were taken from a helicopter of this strange phenomenon.

Patom crater - the most mysterious place of the planet. Externally similar to the lunar crater. Its height is 40 meters, and the depth of the ridge is 86 m, the base is 180 m.

The crater is a cone-shaped hill consisting of crushed limestone. At the very top is a funnel of unknown origin.Some scientists suggest that it was formed due to the fall of a meteorite, while others believe that it has a volcanic origin. On the crater itself grows several hundred trees.

If you look down on the crater, you might think that this is a volcano, although they did not appear on the territory of the Irkutsk region and Yakutia for millions of years. And this crater is quite fresh. It is located on a hillside overgrown with larch trees. There are no trees on the walls and inside the formation. According to some information, the age of the anomaly is no more than 200 years.

Another mystery of this object is that there is a semi-circular fifteen-meter dome in the center of the depression. In the volcanic craters this should not be.

Patoma crater

Locals call this place “the nest of fire eagles,” but it is unknown why. There are no such anomalies in the world, which is why it is considered the most mysterious place on the planet. Patom crater, according to some scientists, is the site of nuclear testing, as this place is located away from prying eyes.


According to the Mexican aborigines, this place is the center of the intersection of the real and otherworldly worlds.It is here that incredible events occur that are difficult to understand for modern man.

Chavinda is interested in many treasure hunters. Although so far no treasures have been found there. Searchers blame their failures on otherworldly forces.


One of the most mysterious and mysterious places on the planet can be called Newgrange, which is located in Ireland. He is considered the legacy of the Druids. This structure is more than five thousand years old. Scientists believe that the corridors located inside the room are a grave, but for whom it was built is still unknown.

Scientists can not understand how the ancient people could build such a perfect structure that could stand for many millennia. Moreover, the design not only retained its appearance, but also remained waterproof.

newgrange in ireland

The Pyramids of Yonaguni

In Japan, near the island of Yonaguni, mysterious underwater pyramids were discovered. They cause a lot of controversy among modern scientists. It is not yet possible to understand whether the construction is a phenomenon or whether the pyramids were built by man.

In the course of numerous studies, scientists were able to establish the approximate age of objects - they are more than 10 thousand years old.If you can prove that the buildings were erected by an unknown civilization, you will have to rewrite the entire history of mankind.

The Pyramids of Yonaguni

Nazca geoglyphs

In Peru, there is a rocky desert, which is rightly called one of the mysterious places of the planet. The photos of the Nazca geoglyphs made from the air are truly amazing: images of birds, animals and people, many geometric figures and straight lines intersecting at different angles and diverging in all directions - the surface of the plateau is literally striated by them ... And the mysterious drawings occupy vast areas.

Nazca desert

Historians, archaeologists and other scientists of the world can not explain their origin. What is it - the heritage of ancient civilizations, traces of the activities of guests from space? But what exactly did the authors of these drawings want to express and to whom they were intended? According to some ufologists, huge images are landmarks for extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes that this kind of lunar calendars. In any case, this is not a fad of nature, the origin of the Nazca geoglyphs is clearly not natural. If this is the work of an ancient civilization that once lived on the territory of modern Peru, we can only envy its capabilities, because it was highly developed.

Giants Trail

Among the 200 mysterious and mysterious places of the planet Earth, the Path of Giants located in Northern Ireland is distinguished. It consists of about 40,000 basalt formations in the form of columns, resembling steps.

Some believe that these formations are similar to those that form the Devil's Tower. If you look at these two objects from above, it may seem that these are not rocky formations at all, but stumps from giant trees.

Giants Trail is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, this place is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world.

Giants Trail

Gosek circle

In Germany, an unusual structure was discovered, called the Gosek range. It was discovered by chance at the end of the last century while flying around the area on an airplane.

The original design view was restored only after complete reconstruction. Scientists believe that the circle used for the calendar, as well as for astronomical observations. This circle proves that our ancestors also studied space and watched the time.

Gosek circle


The 10 mysterious places on the planet include the monuments of Moai, which are located on Easter Island.This object is known to the whole world for its huge monuments-statues located throughout the island. It is believed that each figure was created by an ancient civilization in the crater of the local volcano Rano Raraku. On the island, found about a thousand of these sculptures, most of them went under the water.

moai statues

Today, many of the statues are returned to the platforms. They stand as guards, facing the ocean, reminding guests of the island of the power and level of development of the ancient people.


On the territory of Mauritania in the largest desert of the world is Rishat, or the Eye of the Sahara. This is a unique natural phenomenon of the Proterozoic period. The object is visible from space because of its huge size - up to 50 km in diameter. The structure has several ellipsoidal rings formed by sedimentary rocks approximately 500 million years ago.

Ricat in Mauritania

Crater Darwaza

The place in Turkmenistan is referred to the most terrible, mysterious places of the planet, which the local population calls “Gates to Hell”. It is located in the Karakum desert, located near Darvaz. Externally, the crater resembles the entrance to hell. In fact, geological surveys were carried out at this place.In the process, a group of scientists came across a gas that almost caused the death of a large number of people.

Scientists have decided to set it on fire, suggesting that it will burn for about five days, but the gas crater is still burning.

gas crater


All people on the planet know about this place. It attracts with its mystery, mystical beginning, legends.

Stonehenge is a megalithic structure with a diameter of about one hundred meters, located on the Salisbury Plain. In this object, the stones are arranged in a circle and surrounded by an earthen wall and a moat. In the center is the altar, made of sandstone.

Until now, scientists have not been able to determine exactly what this structure was erected for and how the ancient people used it. But there are suggestions that magic rituals were held here or it was an ancient observatory.

Famous Stonehenge


On the border of three countries - Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela - there is an unusual place - Mount Roraima. Its peak is not a peak, but a magnificent plateau of more than 30 square kilometers. The top is shrouded in a light haze, clouds. On the plateau itself is a picturesque piece of wildlife, with waterfalls and unique plants. Probably, just like this, A. K. Doyle represented his lost world.

mountain rorayma

The Indians say that Roraima is the trunk of a giant tree that spawned all the vegetables and fruits on the planet. Maybe this is one of those trees that were once on Earth and are now found in the form of rock formations. Scientists still have much to learn about our planet, to solve a large number of secrets, although many of them will remain a real mystery forever.

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