The most interesting museums of Moscow

In Moscow, there are only 445 museums, most of them, guests and residents of the capital, most likely, have already visited. But there are those that are not national treasure and are designed for a narrow circle of visitors. In this article we consider the most interesting museums in Moscow.

Museum of Animation

Tales are the first children's literature, and cartoons are the first acquaintance of the little ones with the world of cinema. See how they are created, the child is just as curious as you are on the set of your favorite TV series, and also to communicate with the famous director. To get on the set and see the masters of cinema with the eyes of an ordinary person is extremely difficult. And your child is more lucky, especially if you live in the capital. So, considering the museums of Moscow that are interesting for children, we can single out this one dedicated to animation!interesting museums of Moscow

It is located in the House of Culture in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Here is an incredible number of exhibits that relate to the history of animation and animation.The main part of the exhibits were created in the heyday of the Soyuzmultfilm studio, so your children will see here all their favorite heroes of Soviet cartoons. Although the kids in this place will not be particularly interesting, since the excursions and expositions are designed for schoolchildren. So, if you are looking for interesting museums in Moscow for teenagers, then this will be the best option.

Cold war museum

The most interesting museums of Moscow

An area of ​​7000 m², depth - 65 m, underground chilling air and massive metal walls - yes, this is the largest underground bunker in the world located in the very center of the capital!

In addition to excursions, including viewing exposure with a variety of special effects, here you can play laser-tag and airsoft on the already developed scenarios. The amazing atmosphere of the post-apocalypse during their stay in the museum leaves no one.

Museum "Ice Age"

children's museums of Moscow

Studying the most interesting museums in Moscow, it is worth noting this one. Its exposition was created from paleontological collections that were collected in expeditions in Chukotka, northeast Yakutia, the Southern Urals and Altai.

Here are the skeletons of the cave bear, woolly rhino, horse, bison and mammoth.Fragments of the skins of bison and mammoth, the skull of a cave lion, the leg of a horse with leather, hoof and hair - all this can be seen in the museum, as well as touched!

Water museum

Moscow interesting museums for young people

It is located on the territory of the former Main Pumping Sewage Station, which was designed by M. K. Geppener in 1898. The station building is a monument of industrial architecture.

Walking through the halls, you can learn about the history of the creation of the first aqueducts of the Kremlin, to get acquainted with how the centralized systems of sewage and water supply of the capital developed. In total, 2 floors are open: on 1 — the history of sewage and water supply systems of Moscow since ancient times, on the second — what you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask — about the functioning of today's water supply systems of the city.

Vodka History Museum

interesting museums of Moscow for teenagers

Looking for interesting museums in Moscow for a walk, it is impossible not to single out this one. It, located in the Izmailovo Kremlin, contains a fascinating exhibition of five hundred unique exhibits. Among them, the first vodka, which appeared in ancient Russia, as well as modern, sold today in Russia.

Different labels, bottles, tastes that you can not find in any other museum of the world - this is all presented here.In addition, you can go to the "Traktir", which is stylized as a restaurant of the late nineteenth century.

Mosfilm Museum

interesting unusual museums of Moscow

Arriving in the capital, many guests want to visit the most interesting, unusual museums of Moscow. Among them is the Mosfilm Museum.

The program of the excursion in it is as follows: visiting the shooting pavilion, then the museum of retro cars, in which there is a Mercedes of Stirlitz, a Buick of Pu I, and a Volga from Three Poplars on Plyushchikha, Beware of the Car and the Diamond Hand. Then comes a visit to the workshop for creating beards, mustaches and wigs, as well as a review of camera equipment.

Museum "Russian boots"

Considering the most interesting museums of Moscow, we should note that this is the only place in the capital where there is an opportunity to learn about felt boots, as well as to realize their significance. Here are all sorts of models: the 19th century, and modern design. In addition, there are workshops, all sorts of creative competitions. In this case, teenagers are always happy to photograph themselves in a felt hat and painted felt boots.


interesting museums of Moscow

"Experimental" is a real youth research center.If your child is interested in the natural sciences, then this museum will be the best choice for him!

Not all interesting museums in Moscow for young people can boast that their exhibits are allowed to touch. But the "Experimental" just provides this opportunity. Its exposition has about 300 anatomical interactive exhibits, optical illusions and puzzles. The exposition covers various sections of school subjects and areas of science: mechanics, molecular physics, magnetism and electricity, acoustics, optics and anatomy. At the same time, the “lessons” of this museum have absolutely nothing to do with standard schoolwork. In this place it will be interesting even for adults!

Museum of Soviet Gaming Machines

The most interesting museums of Moscow

Not all interesting museums in Moscow return their visitors to their happy and carefree childhood, during the period when there was so much of the fascinating: the characters of the magazine Murzilka, as well as their favorite cartoon characters, ice cream "Lakomka" and the Olympic Bear. On excursions, visitors will be told that slot machines were invented in the middle of the XIX century in America.

And also that our grandmothers, grandfathers and parents saw them for the first time in 1971, after they were in the Gorky Park. Gorky opened the World Exhibition of slot machines and attractions. One and a half month full house and long queues! People were able to see the most real machines: with birds, cowboys, colored lights and music. Four years later, the first domestic devices appeared. Here you can see interesting samples of promotional products of the Soviet Union: the amazing booklets attached to the machines, which were made in an unusual futuristic manner, while promising incredible feelings in everyday life.

Russian Toy Museum

children's museums of Moscow

Describing interesting museums in Moscow, it is worth saying that children will be able to appreciate this one. About 1500 toys from 15 regions of Russia are represented here. All of them are located on open podiums, therefore, are available to children. Everyone can touch and even play with her.

Children during the tour using folk toys create stories and tales and immediately tell them to adults and their peers. In addition, the museum offers all kinds of excursion programs: lessons, travel, classes and thematic events. All tours are taking into account the age of the children's audience.It also hosts programs that are devoted to various calendar holidays: New Year, Maslenitsa, and so on.

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