The Most Expensive Destroyed by the Little Bandits

It is no secret that raising children costs money, but sometimes little scoundrels manage to clean us faster than a robber with a car - and deprive us of something materially valuable.
You can be a parent who remembers the soul-twisting moment when your child flushed the ring down the toilet.
You yourself may have been a child who just played and somehow burned the country house. In the end, children are simply mercilessly curious, and even when they destroy thousand-dollar property, it is difficult to be angry with them for it.
The network recently asked about the most expensive thing that children have ever destroyed, the answers - pure gold. And if you have a similar story, share. I'll start with myself, yes.
Once I missed silver spoons. Old, family, great-grandmothers. It turned out that my boy dragged them into the courtyard, because he and his friends ate ice cream, and they, like raised children, were embarrassed to eat briquettes with their hands, someone carried the ice cream bowls, and my son - antique silver. Adieu set
Further not less sad stories of other parents.
When I was a child, my mother lost a diamond engagement ring. Ten years later, while cleaning the garage sale, we found that the ring was stuck in the toilet of the Barbie house.
There was a 90-liter salt water aquarium with $ 3k of valuable corals and fish ... I went to work on the night shift, and my son started to study with a hammer, but my husband did not notice, and
everything was dead in the morning, and the house smelled fine when I came home from work.
My eye.
When she was six months old, she sat on my lap, playing with some kind of toy. She was suddenly very happy and waved her arms. Her nail got deep in the eye.
Three operations, I still see only without this eye.
And needless to say, I will not tell her about it until she grows up, and even then, only if she asks.
A television. Apparently, the scissors on the screen worked, which makes his image much better — in a fantastic haze of scratches.
My baby broke 60in TV, Samsung, 2 Galaxy phones (s5 and s6), a fridge, my wife's nose, and a toilet. This kid doesn't seem to stop there.
I just came home, having received astigmatic special order lenses - the stock of a year probably costs about $ 800.My year is slacking now in the toilet. Thank you daughter
My sister's son destroyed her silicone chest. As a maximum of 3 or 4 days after she received it, a 3-year-old boy jumped on her chest. The seams opened, the prosthesis was damaged, serious scars.
Phone in the oven, I was the first to understand what was happening when I felt the smell.
When I was a teenager, I stole a bottle of wine from home, the wine turned out to be incredibly rare, old, expensive vintage, the father shores, as his grandfather gave when he graduated from university, and his grandfather received it from his father, so it was also sentimental value . I never got about this. We drank from a bottle in the woods like a swill, without delving into the taste.
When I was a kid, I took a hammer and broke the TV screen to get into the land of Harry Potter. But he didn’t get what he wanted.
My father came to the new car, and put it in the yard in the country. My brother and I took a sharp stone and scribbled our names on the doors. When I, sticking my tongue out of zeal, worked on the hood, we were caught by my father.
Do you have stories of children's pranks? Share. I told mine.

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