The most dangerous disease of adults

Most likely, you are sick of this disease, if you have turned 30, 35 or 40 years old, and you have achieved something life. You may not notice its course, or you may pick up individual symptoms, but you will not understand what the matter is. This terrible disease of adults and self-sufficient is called
"loss of vital energy".
In his youth, the reserve of forces is still so great that we practically do not notice this leak. Each new business causes curiosity, each day promises new discoveries. However, by about the age of 30-35, life gradually becomes so routine and orderly that I want to howl. In the depths of my soul, I still want to leave everything and wave somewhere in Sochi, make new acquaintances, break the vicious circle, but dreams remain dreams.
You know what I do when daily chores cause nausea, everything annoys her husband, from the color of his underpants to the brand of cigarettes, and the same routes make him depressed? I immediately look for a way to go to the blog tour, to the forum, to any event where you can get new impressions and emotions,to meet new people. And when I return, the reality of the gray and dull again becomes colorful. But I'm a blogger. And what about the rest?
For representatives of business and business people in general, there are also a lot of interesting options to relax body and soul. Ideally, when you can still make acquaintance with useful people, and learn something useful. I will tell you more about one of them, including our bloggers, PR people, writers, businessmen and other representatives of the creative and business world, including them. Maybe he will come in handy.
The forum will be held in the posh city of Sochi, at the very beginning of spring (from March 3 to March 5) at the AZIMUT Hotel Sochi.

The company will meet the most positive things: writers and producers, businessmen and coaches - everyone who is interested in achievements and personal growth.

All of them waiting for 30 hours of training, which include a lot of useful skills - from proper breathing to the ability to resolve conflicts. In short, 3 busy days. About the fact that someone there might happen three more saturated nights, I generally keep quiet.
Participation in the forum costs from 7 thousand to 8 thousand rubles per day (but you can also arrange a vip-rate, including the presentation of you and your company on the forum).
Keep in mind: when submitting multiple applications give good discounts.

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