The minimum wage in Russia since January 1, 2018

From January 1, 2018, a significant increase in wage will occur. In the near future, emphasize in the government. However, experts will not mind their tax deductions.

Wage from january 1, 2018

Next year, the wage rate will reach 85% of the subsistence minimum, stress in the government. And will approach the mark of 9.5 thousand rubles. This measure will improve the well-being of the poorest categories of citizens. At the same time, the federal budget will not incur significant losses.

Russian rubles

According to the law of the state, it will increase the amount of 25 billion rubles. Regional budgets will spend much more - about 56 billion rubles. In addition, business representatives will be forced to increase by 44 billion rubles.

Up to the “minimum” next year is connected with the upcoming elections, experts say. Natalia Zubarevich, a graduate student of Moscow State University, said. At the same time, regional budgets are waiting for new tests.

Uneasy increase

It’s a positive effect on your budget. In addition, it is possible to reduce the budget deficit. If you’re not in the least However, it’s not clear that it’s worthwhile.

According to experts, it can not increase from the federal budget. It is a new challenge for local authorities. In addition, the entrepreneurs will face negative consequences.

Russian rubles

Despite the fact that the problem of the poor will remain unresolved. It would be a negative impact on economic growth rates. Including the shadow economy.

The amount of compensation is subject to the individual wages. This measure will mitigate the minimum wage from January 1, 2018.

Next year, the federal level. In this case, local authorities will take into account the existing financial capabilities.

Regional features

The wise. This will take you into account. In addition, local authorities can take into account regional specifics by applying factors for hotel areas. However, it will not be possible to prevent any regions from using multiple factors.

Leadership in the minimum wage in 2018 will remain for Moscow. The minimum wage in this year is 17,651 rubles. Next year, it’s 20 thousand rubles. Prepared for the situation in the Russian Federation:

Region Wage, rub.
Moscow region 16 000
St. Petersburg 18 000
Leningrad region 12500 (state employees - 9489)
Sverdlovsk region 10000
Republic of Bashkortostan 10,500 (state employees - 9489)
Republic of Tatarstan 9800 (state employees - 9489)
Krasnodar region, Rostov region, Samara region 9489

Increasing the living wage is a positive trend. However, it’s not a problem.

Protracted fight against poverty

It is a reduction in the budget. Already in 2019, it can be carried out. However, this trend remains limited.

It will be up to 2018. According to experts, it will be a question. The basis of sustainable development of the manufacturing industry, This will create a high salary.

There is a significant factor in the domestic economy. Also, it can be a new growth driver.

One of the problems of limited competition. State-owned companies dominate the economy, which leads to a decrease in productivity. The world economy will continue to increase.

It will not be a problem. However, the domestic budget remained vulnerable to new fluctuations in the oil market. As a result, a further increase in wage remains at risk.

Russian rubles

The next level will be a significant level of volatility. It can be used to limit the financial situation. Oil export revenues will increase the budget deficit. It is a financial problem.

This is a sign that the government wants to take it. In 2018, the minimum wage will reach 9.5 thousand rubles. It is the time to use multiplying factors.

He will not be able to make any changes. It will be a matter of calculating the amount of money that you’ll be making.

Experts say. Officials for a new economic model.

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