The main holidays of Muslims

Annual traditional celebrations on the occasion of the memories of the Muslim world are increasingly attracting the attention of ordinary people who want to touch the history, feel the experiences that accompany special days on the Muslim calendar. The most ancient rituals and what precedes them, as well as the peculiarities of holding these days, will be discussed today.

Muslim holidays

Major Muslim Holidays

Islamic culture has dozens of different religious holidays, which are of great importance for the Muslim people, but some of them become not just holidays, but the most important events of the year.

  • Kurban-bairam is a great Muslim holiday, considered to be the main annual tradition, literally means “sacrifice holiday”, held 10 days after Uraza-Bairam.
  • Uraza Bayram - marked the 1st of Chaval. Refers to the main holidays of Islam. Muslims are instructed to rest on this day. The holiday lasts three days, sums up the monthly fasting month of Ramadan.
  • Laylat al-frame - celebrated on the night of the twenty-seventh day of the month of Ramadan. According to beliefs, on this night, the prophet Muhammad received the holy scripture of the Muslims - the Koran - as a gift from Allah. On this night, Muslims hold worship, it is customary to read a prayer while being in mosques. Because according to the beliefs on this night, Allah decides the fate of every Muslim, taking into account his desires, which he expresses to Allah in prayers.
  • Ashura is a holiday dedicated to the memory of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Mavlud - a holiday commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Miraj - according to belief, on this day there was a journey of the prophet Muhammad on the fantastic animal Burak. The path went from Mecca to Jerusalem. Where he climbed the sacred stairs for a conversation with Allah in heaven. This holiday is celebrated on the 27th of the 7th month of the Muslim lunar calendar (the month of Rajab).

The most important holidays of Muslims are usually allocated a day off.

A holiday for Muslims is also considered every Friday. Working on Friday is considered sinful, so pious believers spend it in mosques for prayer.

Muslim holiday uraza bayram

Rites and traditions

The main rituals and traditions of the Islamic world are usually attributed to actions that are inextricably linked with liturgical holidays.They have clear recommendations, and some of them are binding.

  • Circumcision of the foreskin is a ritual prescribed for the performance of the Muslim holy tradition - the Sunnah. Initially, it originated with a hygienic purpose, since in infancy, when the foreskin is tightly closed, inflammatory diseases often occur under the condition of high climatic temperatures. At the moment, circumcision is carried out in infancy, and the rite is traditional for Muslims and is inextricably linked with religious beliefs.
  • Namaz - Muslim prayer, held daily five times a day. The first is read before sunrise, the fifth - at sunset. In the holy month of Ramadan, mandatory additional prayer is held after the fasting day. Religious Muslims on any day, regardless of the month, may conduct several additional prayers. Namaz is held regardless of the location of the believer, the noon prayer on Friday according to the ceremony should be read in the mosque.
  • Hajj is a pilgrimage to the sites of the activities of the Prophet Mohammed (to Mecca, Medina).By established rules is not mandatory, but must remain a goal for every conscious adult Muslim.
  • Charity is an obligatory rite for every Muslim believer; according to belief, charity frees from sin and is a contribution to life after death.
  • Reading the Qur'an is considered meritorious among Muslims. The Koran, as a holy book, should be kept in the house of every Muslim as a tribute to traditions and history. Morning in Muslim countries begins with reading the Koran on the radio, if the holders of the scriptures do not know how to read the Koran.

great holiday of muslims


The main and most stringent fasting for Muslims is held in the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar - the month of Ramadan.

In this month, every Muslim, who is allowed a state of health, refuses water, food, carnal pleasures for the whole day. Older people and people with poor health may refuse to fast, but instead of this every fasting day must feed the poor. Travelers are exempted from fasting, but they fill every fasting day at the earliest opportunity, observing its rules next month for exactly as many days as a Muslim missed on the way. Fasting every sexually mature Muslim.

The meaning of fasting is to strengthen the faith by separating oneself from carnal desires.

congratulation of muslims on the holiday

Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr

Holidays of Muslims carry the meaning and history. Uraza Bayram is one of the most important holidays, it is celebrated on the 1st of Shaval, it consists in breaking its fasting after fasting in the month of Ramadan.

The holiday of Muslims Uraza-Bayram lasts 4 days and begins with cleaning the house, in the courtyard and in all rooms. After the house is decorated, all members of the family are washed and dressed in clean clothes. In families with income it is customary to make clothes for both the home and for each family member. Money for alms is also prepared for the holiday, since by tradition every Muslim must prepare for the holiday. On the night before the holiday, various traditional Muslim treats are prepared. In the morning, it is customary to eat something sweet on Uraza Bayram. On the day of the holiday, the children spread sweets to their relatives, receive their treats in return, and a kind of exchange of Muslim dishes takes place. On this day, taken to be friendly.

The prayer is held in the mosque, before the prayer, the wealthy Muslims make a special donation for each of their family members and servants.

After the prayer, people go to the cemetery to commemorate the deceased relatives.

The city hosts celebrations and fairs.

In the post-fast period, Muslims often gut their geese, and distribute part of the meat to the poor.

most important holidays of muslims

Great Muslim holiday

The most important holiday of Muslims Kurban-bairam is a part of the important Muslim rite - the Hajj. Muslims celebrate the holiday near Mecca on the 10th day of the 12th month according to the Muslim lunar calendar. During the holiday, the mercy of Allah is remembered and the need to obey his will, regardless of their desires. For those who cannot make the pilgrimage to Mecca, the final part of the feast - the sacrifice - is held at the location of the believer.

The main holiday of Muslims begins with the morning prayer, which is held in Mecca, after the prayer they go home, and then they can again gather in small groups to chant Allah. After the choir song in the mosque, the imam conducts a sermon, after which the believers go to the cemetery to pray for the souls of the dead. After going to the cemetery, Muslims prepare for the rite of sacrifice.

The whole process of sacrifice and preparation for it promises forgiveness of Muslims.their sins, the attribution of good deeds, the creation of angels who will pray for them until the day of the loan. It takes into account how many steps the Muslim took, how many paid for the sacrificial animal, how many drops of blood were shed.

A sheep, a cow, a cow or a camel who has reached a certain age is chosen for the sacrifice on a holiday. The sacrificial animal should not have visible defects, it is customary to choose animals with a large amount of fat, well-fed, healthy in appearance.

Sacrifice is performed after a festive prayer.

How to congratulate a Muslim on a holiday

Traditional dishes for Muslim holidays

Sweets, dried fruits, biscuits - mandatory dishes for such a holiday.

A special niche is occupied by dishes from the meat of sacrificial animals:

  • Dishes from the liver and heart - are prepared on the first day.
  • Soup from the head and legs - on the second day of the holiday.
  • Fried, stew, as a side dish choose rice and beans.
  • Soup from bones and fried ribs - dishes for the 3-4th days of the holiday.

Festive dishes are usually treated to relatives, friends, neighbors, the poor.

Features of the prayer (prayer)

  • Before namaz, a prerequisite is an ablution (tahara).
  • It is worth concentrating on prayer in order to follow all its rules exactly. Wrong prayer is invalid.
  • In the content of the prayer are words praising Allah, the humiliation of man before Allah, the believer expresses his admiration for God.
  • It is believed that only sincere prayer comes to Allah.

Muslims celebrate the holiday

The main traditions of the holidays

  • Festive prayer held in the mosque.
  • Holiday dinner.
  • Alms as a tribute to the poor. He is a benefactor of a Muslim believer.
  • A special tradition is sacrifice on Muslim holidays, especially such as Kurban-bayram.

Charity as a tribute to your future

The main thing in giving alms is the thoughts with which you accompany her. Charity is given not to atone for sins and not as a tribute to traditions, but as an aid to one's neighbor. Charity is given to the indigent on major holidays, at the birth of children, as a sign of engagement and wedding. A virtuous Muslim gives alms when a person needs her. And only to the needy.

Relationship between Muslims during the holidays

Congratulation of a Muslim on a holiday begins with a joint prayer, cordial attitude. Sharing sweets and homemade treats.How to congratulate a Muslim on a holiday, everyone who has to do with this faith knows that it is important that these congratulations are sincere, even if in words.

Many are interested in the question of how Muslims behave, what are their traditions. In fact, their traditions are very interesting and deserve attention. Congratulations of Muslims on the holiday - the moment is not less unusual.

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