The drug "Corinfar." Indications for use

Corinfar medicine is included in the category of blockers. The drug has a pronounced hypotensive and antianginal effect. The active ingredient is nifedipine - a synthetic derivative of dihydropyridine. The mechanism of action of the drug is determined by the ability to slow the penetration of calcium ions into the cells of the smooth muscles of the heart and blood vessels. A decrease in the concentration in the cells of the myocardium contributes to a decrease in contractile activity, expansion of the coronary and peripheral vessels. The drug "Corinfar", the indications for use of which include coronary artery disease, shows efficacy by reducing the need for oxygen in the myocardium due to a decrease in the mechanical activity of the heart. By expanding the vessels of the peripheral system, microcirculation is enhanced. Hypotensive effect is caused by a decrease in peripheral resistance.corinfar during pregnancyThe drug has a moderate diuretic effect with increasing intensity of sodium excretion. As a result, the volume of circulating blood decreases.Among other things, the tool "Corinfar", the indications for use of which are quite extensive, has a pronounced organoprotective effect. So, for the drug characteristic cardioprotective effect, which is caused by a simultaneous decrease in pressure and the total resistance of peripheral vessels. This causes a decrease in myocardial oxygen demand and afterload. Against the background of treatment, an improvement in diastolic function is noted. Nephroprotective activity is manifested in connection with the elimination of spasms in the vessels of the kidneys, increased renal blood flow.

The drug "Corinfar." Indications for useCorinfar under the tongue

The drug is prescribed for different pathologies of the cardiovascular system. The drug is recommended for CHD, including Prinzmetal angina, stress and other forms. The medicine "Corinfar", indications for use of which include increased blood pressure, essential hypertension, should be prescribed only by a specialist.

Dosing regimen

The drug is prescribed to adults 1-2 tablets two or three times a day at regular intervals. The medicine "Corinfar" is usually not placed under the tongue.Tablets are swallowed with water in sufficient quantities. Do not chop the drug. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor taking into account the course of the pathology.

Adverse reactionscorinfar indications

The drug "Corinfar" can provoke dyspeptic symptoms, headache, blood flow to the head, upset stool, abdominal discomfort. In some cases, there is a violation in the outflow of bile, a sharp decrease in pressure, hepatitis, swelling of the extremities, heart attack. Sometimes leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia, paresthesia, visual disturbances, myalgia are noted. In some cases, the development of gynecomastia has been noted, taking place after stopping the treatment.

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The drug Corinfar. Indications for use 69

The drug Corinfar. Indications for use 5

The drug Corinfar. Indications for use 24

The drug Corinfar. Indications for use 9

The drug Corinfar. Indications for use 9